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Only he is a Marxist who extends the recognition of the class struggle to the recognition of the dictatorship of the proletariat. This is the touchstone on which the real understanding and recognition of Marxism is to be tested.--- V. I. Lenin

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No 1594 27th May 2021
Masses everywhere cheer Palestinian resilience and a new level of fightback against Zionist child-slaughter blitzing, bringing this fascist collective “punishment” up short. Ceasefire a gigantic victory for the dispossessed downtrodden of Gaza and the West Bank despite huge cost in lives and bereavement, and destruction of already inhumanly degraded infrastructure and prison-camp living conditions under Zionist siege. All proletarian sensibility will celebrate too despite the limitations of non-Marxist Islamic leadership. Demented “Greater Israel” reactionary wing of Zionism now forced to the historical limit with “kill the Arabs” racist street lynch mobs and “wipe Gaza off the map” demands, both the sickest conceivable inversion of capitalism’s horrifying pre-WW2 “final solution” scapegoating of Jews, Gypsies, and communists. Withholding Covid vaccine and bombing hospitals already genocidal. Fearful Washington calls a halt, not out of humanity and “rule of law” “principles”, but concerned mass street revolutionary turmoil be triggered in tinder-box Egypt and the 300 million strong Arab world, all the Middle East and throughout the anti-imperialist Third World (ie all of it). Rapidly deepening crisis means the ruling class is too late. Spread of “jihadism” and “terrorism” across Africa, and the Middle East is the pre-shock of great revolutionary earthquakes to topple this vile world monopoly capitalist system, the only answer to the specific tyranny against dispossessed Palestinians as well as general plunge into world-warmongering Catastrophe. But Leninist perspectives and leadership need building, exposing useless class collaboration and fake-”leftism”.
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No 1593 30th April 2021
The British wing of crisis-wracked international bourgeois imperialism is more and more a loser, a weakest link mired in sleaze and corruption. Its Union Jack posturing is “world beating” only in Covid incompetence and callousness and facing a desperate economic future against sharper competition. Despite bluster and boasts about “post-pandemic upturns” the future is one of slump and war with far greater austerity and repression for workers. Anarchic anti-crackdown riots, and feminist turmoil, are a long way from the revolution needed to end the system as it plunges into war but a sign of trouble – the Irish riots are the opposite, just a sour sulk by once-triumphalist Orange colonialism long beaten by the Irish national-liberation, now on the last stretch of full re-unification (undermining rotten jingoism still holding back the British working class). Leninism needed
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No 1592 3rd April 2021
Fake-“left” capitulation to the international hate campaign against the Myanmar generals for resisting the “democracy” skulduggery and counter-revolutionary turmoil that the West has provoked, is a further sign of complete opportunism, ignorance and treachery. The Empire and its stooges have been whipping up stunt after stunt to undermine and sabotage even the tamest of anti-imperialist remnants in Belarus, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen and Africa as well as preparing the world for all-out war as its credit-dollar economy heads ever closer towards the edge of the greatest ever Slump-Catastrophe in history. Ratcheting up demented Goebbels lie campaigns is now continuous to stampede petty bourgeois public opinion behind war plans with lurid BIG LIES about non-existent “Uighur genocide”, and “war on terror” scapegoating. The stinking war mess of the last 20 years, carried out by “democracy” killing millions, is the real tyranny. Whatever the shortcomings in Myanmar it is defeat for Western counter-revolution that matters, opening the road for Leninist revolution. Find issue here
No 1591 5th March 2021
The West’s latest “colour revolution” attempt to overturn the Myanmar nationalist government for resisting Western dominance, and the demented “Uighur genocide” lies against the Chinese workers state are both desperate stunts to distract attention from Western warmongering degeneracy.The ever more lurid BIG LIES want to cover up the sick and degenerate slaughter and torture of hundreds of thousands – millions – imposed by capitalism itself as it heads for the rocks of the greatest slump Catastrophe in history. Half a dozen countries already destroyed from Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya to Yemen only the prelude to its World War “solution”. But the gross hypocrisy of UN moralising condemnations is reaching the limit with stunts like the Russia Navalny protests exposed as Nazi fascism, shaming the duped petty bourgeois “liberals” and fake-“lefts” who still swallow the “freedom and democracy” fraud and its anti-communism instead of contemptuously exposing it. Build Leninist science Find issue here
No 1590 12th February 2021
Temporary Bidenist pullback from an attempted US Nazi coup is no “restoration of normality” but a further sign of fearful panic by a world ruling class stuck in the headlights of the greatest ever economic and political collapse in history, unable to go forwards or back. And that is before the full scale of its Catastrophic breakdown has been manifest in world bank failure, dollar implosion and the anarchic chaos it will bring, forcing a still confused working class everywhere to confront the need for revolution. The ruling class is being forced to turn to open dictatorship but that will demolish all the “democracy” illusions still persisting, fed by fake-“left” revisionism and Trot anti-Leninist confusion. Bidenism’s half of the ruling class has cold feet on going down the Nazi path, but attempts to print yet more dollars cannot spin matters out for long – nor can ever more demented stunts against workers states like China and other anti-imperialism prevent workers seeing that collective society is the way forwards. Leninism needed
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No 1589 20th January 2021
If Bidenite “democracy” garbage staggers an allotted 4 years, it changes nothing about the fascist path the US empire is set upon. International belligerence and internal repression inevitable. Democrats no different to neocons anyway – just serving a different set of billionaire masters; second they are hostage to the more overtly Nazi Republicanism now showing its full racist class-war colours and plotting constantly to sabotage any hint of “liberal” concession. A real coup attempt would follow the Capitol “beer hall putsch” floundering (unsupported by the bourgeois majority at this point). All ruling class trapped by capitalist Catastrophe with no choice but warmongering if it is to survive devastating disintegration of world monopoly capitalist system (due any second when a decade+ of insane credit creation implodes). Democrat craven support for departing Pompeo’s hysterical anti-China Goebbels big lie hatred (Covid, Uighurs, Hong Kong) sets the tone. Fake-“left” lack of Leninism a fatal flaw
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No 1588 January 2021
Out-negotiated by Europe and incapable on the pandemic, the incompetence and incoherence of blustering Tories reflects the panic and fearfulness of a ruling class no longer able to rule – its confidence shot to pieces by the ever deepening monopoly capitalist crisis and its competitive weakness as inter-imperialist trade war deepens. All that keeps it in place is the craven grovelling of the class-collaborating Labourites who vote to support the government when they could bring it down on issue after issue; Trotskyite anti-communism; and revisionist capitulation to “British” jingoism. Toppling the Tories would raise class war revolutionary perspectives that none of the “left” really want to contemplate despite their posturing pretences about Marxism. None of them see the humiliation that the Irish national-liberation struggle adds to the Brexiteers’ defeat and its revolutionary significance too. None draw the workers state lessons from the virus. Meanwhile Grenfell proves that reformism is useless. Build Leninism
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No 1587 15th December 2020
Flag-waving “British Empire” gunboat Brexit posturing over fishing rights and non-existent “achievements” in the Covid pandemic would be laughable if the Catastrophe-driven turn to inter-imperialist hostility was not such a deadly threat. Hollow as they are, the pretences reflect ruling class desperation and paralysis, driven by the greatest crisis collapse in all history dragging the whole world into barbaric conflict. The vicious warcrime chaos which has already destroyed half a dozen countries in the Middle East, is warming the world up for total World War Three destruction. Slump collapse hidden by Covid lockdown is pushing workers ever closer to stomach-churning desperation making it impossible to live the old way any more, but still the fake-”left” clings on to “democracy” and “pacifism” instead of explaining the need for worldwide revolutionary class war to end the degeneracy, grotesque inequality and tyranny for good. Build Leninism
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No 1586 27th November 2020
Deluded cheers that US “democracy has been saved” because Trump’s coup might be on hold underline mind-numbing brainrot effect revisionism has given the world working class, long abandoning any sense of inexorable total breakdown brought by capitalist crisis and the revolutionary necessity that imposes on the working class everywhere to survive and move forwards. The very fact preparations and plans have been set in motion at all and with serious intent, potentially backed by 70 million sour, poisoned and alienated minds is the story – the ruling class ready to tear up all “democracy” if necessary to suppress growing working class revolt, (and even using a twisted version of democracy to do it - just as Hitler did). A split bourgeoisie hesitates out of weakness but Catastrophe will not loosen its grip on a ruling class that has no other choice but to plunge the world into conflict and world war to escape. Biden serves the billionaires as does Trump while platitudes disarm the working class
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No 1585 4th November 2020
Continued Covid callousness, incompetence, corruption and lockdown confusion reflects the total unsuitability of the “free-market” capitalist system for modern human existence in stark contrast to the disciplined collective responses of the workers states, saving lives and already restoring economic activity. But far worse is in store from a monopoly capitalist order that is heading for the rocks as the contradictions of production for profit drag the world into the greatest Catastrophic crisis breakdown in history heading for deepening trade war, fascist scapegoating hatreds and jingoism. Spontaneous revolt being triggered everywhere missing only vital Leninist revolutionary understanding
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No 1584 11th October 2020
US empire plunge towards slump and fascist civil war turmoil continues, whether “God” keeps Trump alive or lets the Covid virus get him. Gigantic objective contradictions built into the rapacious and greed ridden monopoly capitalist system are driving its Catastrophic failure into frenzied jingoism, chauvinist hatreds and war conflict everywhere. Bankrupt imperialism and its “free market” has no way out of the greatest economic disaster in all history except to step up international hatred, and whoever is notionally in charge, Trumpite or Democrat it is headed only for World War Three international devastation. Covid chaos underlines the incompetence and callous indifference of the corrupt “private enterprise” system in start contrast to the disciplined collective efficiency and humanity of China, Cuba and other workers states. But continuing revisionist influences from Beijing and Havana hamper a vital return to Leninist revolutionary leadership which alone can unite the wave of revolt to end this vile system
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No 1583 25th September 2020
Desperate crisis drives ruling class ever closer to open fascism as Trumpism whips up racist vigilantism to civil war levels in a frenzy of fearful hatreds and chauvinist belligerence, and prepares to steal the presidential election. British contempt for international law and Brexit jingoism similar. This new Nazism uses “democracy” delusions, just as Hitler did, to push through the open dictatorship and terrorising needed to suppress domestic revolt as Catastrophic economic collapse unfolds. The huge slump disaster not “caused by Covid” but brewing for decades, the inevitable result of the contradictions of this stinking, unfair, exploitative and degenerate profit system, heading once more for World War. The only way out is the class war overturn of capitalism to build socialism but vital revolutionary understanding remains held back by middle-class “freedom and democracy” delusions and hostility to communism, swallowing all the fascist CIA diversion stunts against China, Belarus, Venezuela, Cuba etc
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No 1580 28th May 2020
Demented anti-China campaign the most elaborate Western disinformation diversion yet for the incompetence, failure and breakdown collapse of the imperialist world order. Not only is hate campaigning poured out over non-existent “genocide” of Uighurs in Xinjiang, “repression” in Hong Kong and “spying” by Huawei a heap of festering garbage but also the most grotesque HYPOCRISY by a capitalist system of world domination and tyrannous exploitation that was built and continues on NOTHING BUT genocide and repression. Sick willingness of Labourite scum not only to back this campaign but outdo its poison underlines the counter-revolutionary role its rampant opportunism and class collaboration plays. The fake-“left” still insisting Labour entryism or “critical support” is a way forwards (and just as bilious against Beijing) also thoroughly exposed. But so is “anti-Labour” Stalinism which encouraged the Brexit jingoism this fits with, and which refuses to declare China a workers state. Leninism needed Find issue here
No 1579 13th July 2020
Capitalism’s slide into ever more overt fascism starts to dawn on fake-“left” and liberalism as the economic meltdown of the system and plunge into trade war rapidly deepens into the total Catastrophe that Marxism alone has consistently warned the working class was unavoidable while the profit making system continues. Fake-“lefts” still avoid the conclusion the working class needs, that revolutionary class war to overturn capitalism and build socialism is the only way out from the greatest breakdown and descent into barbaric chaos and war in all history. Just the opposite, their opportunism still ties workers back to the lie of “parliamentary democracy”, mostly still propping up reactionary Labour and “official” trade unionism (or backing “alternatives" like the new Galloway chauvinist party). Escalation by Keir Starmer of gross “left anti-semitism” lie underlies the dirty counter-revolutionary reality of Labourism but grovelling to it also exposes the fraud of Corbynism and the fake-“left”. Leninism needed
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No 1578 24th June 2020
The revolutionary spirit in Black Lives protests has shaken an imperialist ruling class already in disarray as the capitalist crisis Catastrophe (triggered but not caused by Covid) heads for a cliff edge of breakdown and turmoil never before seen in history. Racist repression and lynch-slaughter deserve mass fury and contempt. But single-issue sloganising fails to develop the revolutionary perspectives needed to take on the monopoly capitalist order which generates and uses such division and societal antagonism and which is increasingly heading for open fascist repression, particularly in the States. Heading genuine upheavals into PC channels just toppling statues and demanding reforms is at best misleading and worst, counter-revolutionary. Anti-racist protest needs to understand the world anti-imperialist movement labelled “jihadism” as driven by the same contradictions. Anti-communism is the main enemy and Western Goebbels hostility to workers states like China needs challenging. Leninism needs building
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No 1577 6th June 2020
Stunning US (and world) uprising over George Floyd murder driven by more than righteous rage at discrimination and race-oppression: worldwide hatred and anger at imperialist tyranny has helped produce this moment through defeats and setback for the barbarous and out-of-time domination and crisis-Catastrophe warmongering of the bankrupt Empire. But though the ruling class is reeling, and Trumpite fascism temporarily humiliated, the grotesque wealth and power of the minority will not only stay on top but become more brutally repressive. Keeping revolt within bounds of single issue politics like anti-racist reformism dooms the downtrodden to disappointment and is ultimately an obstacle to the only way forwards, total class war to end the profit system that generates antagonism, envy, difference, and hatred while dragging the world to war and destruction. Anti-communism against China and condemnation of Third World revolt needs challenging. Deep revolutionary perspectives need building
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No 1576 15th May 2020
Rising Covid death toll reflects the degenerate callousness of a ruling class driven by the vicious and cutthroat imperatives of capitalist trade war. Trumpite perversity deliberately let the virus run rampant in order not to lose ground in the now desperate battle to stay the “top dog” imperialist power – stooge British imperialism the same game but under lying pretences of “safeguarding the NHS” while selling it off. Simultaneously the virus provides a perfect excuse to cover capitalist responsibility for the gigantic Slump crash now unrolling – ready to collapse long before any pandemic began and a far bigger Catastrophe, demanding revolutionary answers. Casually accepted body counts contrast sharply with the efficiency and humanity of the Chinese workers state showing the way in controlling the pandemic and reestablishing normal life - a lesson in collective society advance against the chaos of bourgeois individualism and “freedom” lies. But Beijing revisionism still falls short of the Leninism needed
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No 1575 24th April 2020
Trumpite belittling of Covid pandemic goes far beyond stupidity. Instead it is the most disgusting expression of the cynicism and sickness of a desperate imperialist system ready to do anything, however ruthless or depraved, to wriggle and squirm its way out of the gigantic Catastrophe its private profit system has brought the world to. Despite a real enough shattering impact the deadly virus is not the CAUSE of world financial and economic collapse which was coming anyway, would have imploded anyway and will inflict far greater agony on the world than ten viruses, through Slump unemployment, starvation and the World War Three which is imperialism’s only “way out”. Mankind’s way out must be the total overturn of this foetid and rotten society of callous class exploitation and indifference. China’s brilliant example shows what collective society organised in a workers state can achieve, streets ahead of capitalism. But Beijing still hampered by revisionist retreat from class war revolution - & the fake-“left” more so
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No 1574 3rd April 2020
The West’s Covid floundering reflects far more than incompetence and unpreparedness by a system which has stripped away health and welfare for a decade of austerity. From initial “herd immunity” plans ruling class cynicism has been to the fore, letting the virus run to “cull” poor and “surplus” population and now using pandemic to intensify trade war. Huge credit bailout a weapon for richer nations to drive others down, keeping monopolies intact while rivals are bankrupted. Far worse to come as underlying Catastrophe of capitalism’s crisis emerges from behind pretence the virus is to blame. Covid impact severe but only a trigger for imminent economic breakdown, the inevitable extension of 2008’s global collapse. Oncoming Slump far worse than 1930s and so too capital’s World War “solution”. Only revolution to create workers states can change anything. China’s collective victory over the virus good but hampered by Beijing’s revisionist weakness. Leninism vital
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No 1573 21st March 2020
Bourgeois propaganda pretends Corona crisis is transient, “all over” this year. It is a TOTAL LIE. Money pumping and credit swamping is a desperate response to the triggered CATASTROPHE of capitalist crisis caused by the contradictions inherent in a system of production for private profit starting long before the virus. Bailing out is to rescue private business just as the banks were rescued at ordinary peoples’ expense, with just enough for some workers to lull the public (with fake-“left” help) to prevent revolt. Far worse coming as inflation lets rip from insane credit creation. Economic meltdown has festered for decades, since 2008 global crash especially. This simply the next phase. Pandemic impact severe but containable by organised and planned socialism as China shows in contrast to the chaos, indifference and class callousness of rotten capitalist individualist society where “every man for himself” rules. Socialist revolution is urgently needed with Leninist leadership
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No 1572 28th February 2020
Corona virus might be the trigger for capitalist economic meltdown but it’s not the cause
+ Fake-“left” Trot and crypto-Trot biliousness excels itself against the latest dramatic successes for the Irish republican struggle, whose long, dogged and successful battle for national-liberation grows ever closer to formal completion, after 20+ years of steady cross-border merging. Sinn Féin weakness in Marxist science is real and a coming difficulty as capitalist crisis deepens and heads for catastrophe but it is not the point in understanding the blow to imperialism and colonist intransigence from Dublin, Stormont and the gains in the British election
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No 1571 18th February 2020
The fascist and racist reality of the capitalist international “order” sliding into trade war hostility, belligerence and degeneracy becomes clearer every passing day. But STILL the fake -“left” clings on to useless “democracy” and social-pacifist delusions, refusing to give the working class a scrap of understanding about the intractability of the rapidly deepening crisis, heading back to utter catastrophe and war (WWIII). Instead of building vital revolutionary perspectives they try to revive the corpse of “official trade unionism” and Labourite treachery, all saturated in the flag-waving jingoism that is the key symptom of capitalist breakdown and conflict, preparing the world for the hot war culmination of bitter trade conflict. Brexit “leftism” plays this tune and so too the more limited Scottish and Welsh nationalisms. But the Irish national-liberation struggle is another matter altogether, striking a blow against moribund British imperialism, as reconfirmed by the latest elections
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No 1570 28th January 2020
Trump pullback from Iran blitzing threats– despite injured US troops – shows underlying fearfulness of his fascist bluster. But petty bourgeois pacifist relief is misplaced; the US must continue its Empire bullying and warmongering if it is to maintain its arm-twisting intimidation of rising challenges from Third World revolt AND ever more intense imperialist rivalry, the only means its bankrupt economy has to keep on the sweetlife and power of world domination. The moribund US cannot afford war and the humiliations already suffered in Iraq, Afghanistan Yemen etc but cannot afford not to go down this path of Nazi intimidation either if it is to stay topdog and ride out the oncoming Great Catastrophe, only temporarily deferred from 2008 by QE money printing. Trade war must reach to-the-death levels as monopoly rivalries try to survive desperate Slump far worse than the 1930s. Such crisis understanding must underpin all working class politics, exposing the hopeless reformism of the fake-“left”. Leninist revolutionary theory needed
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No 1569 8th January 2020
Trump’s barbaric drone killing provocation against Iran far more than just asserting imperialist power and revenge for past humiliation. This is another notch in non-stop war provocations preparing the world for the all-out world war to come driven by the ever deepening crisis catastrophe of monopoly capitalism, and the cutthroat trade war conflicts of a system facing total collapse and disaster. Real target is Europe and other capitalist competition wiping out US dominance and economic supremacy, hence their hesitations. Fake-“left” capitulation to the “war on terror” nonsense of the past two decades helps Washington get away with its latest barbarity – and Iran’s alliances with the US to “fight ISIS” played into its hands. Leninist cadre party clarity ever more vital Find issue here
No 1568 17th December 2019
Stitched-up dirty-dealing defeat for Corbynism underlines the permanent elective dictatorship which is the reality of the fraudulent capitalist “parliamentary democracy” racket – imposed with as much vile skulduggery and twisted lying as necessary to stop even the tamest of fake-”left” challenges like this. But the Tory triumph will be short lived - with hopes in renewed reformism dashed, the left surge which forced this last throw of the Labour racket will have to start thinking more deeply about the need for revolutionary understanding and leadership, for the only possible way out of oncoming slump collapse, cutthroat trade competition and the international warmongering it is plunging towards ie overturn of this stinking Slump system. Working class scepticism about Corbyn will find no answers in the Brexit chauvinism which has been whipped up, and which partly filled the vacuum in leadership - just the opposite, it plays into the hands of the antagonism and aggression the ruling class wants for its warmongering “solution” - solvable only by building Leninist theory and leadership
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No 1567 7th December 2019
General election “choices” for the working class are a complete fraud on all sides. World economic catastrophe and the NATO split hints of coming inter-imperialist war are the real questions - totally ignored by the bourgeois parties and only answered by revolutionary politics to end this system. Voting for the Tories to “get Brexit done” is like turkeys voting for Christmas giving the ruling class another “democratic” stick to beat workers with more slump austerity. But Labour’s “hope” message is even worse, a hopeLESS floundering nonsense trying to fool workers that there is a future within capitalism. The relentless crisis demands class war to overturn this system – Labour’s spending fantasies disarm workers and invite Allende style Pinochet coups, as just seen once more in Bolivia. Leninist understanding needed
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No 1566 15th November 2019
Election racket a giant fraud - only revolutionary overthrow of capitalism can stop austerity and plunge to war --- An analysis of the election is held over until the next issue politics. PLUS
The brutal right wing military coup against Bolivia’s Evo Morales’ left nationalist reformism delivers yet another lesson in the dire continuing impact of revisionism and the retreat from Lenin’s revolutionary perspectives. Only the firmest dictatorship of the proletariat can give workers the defence against non-stop counter-revolutionary skulduggery but the fake - “left” of all shades continues to feed illusions in “democratic paths” and “peace struggle” pacifism. The Bolivarian so-called “revolution” has now been subverted and toppled across Latin America, with what remains in Venezuela under permanent strangling siege but still the revisionists refuse to correct their misleading “trust in democracy” advice. The same delusions leave China open to Hong Kong disruption
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No 1565 26th October 2019
Pro-and anti-Brexit continues to hoodwink workers, each pretending a “better way forwards” but covering up the giant capitalist crisis tearing away everyone’s future. There is no way forwards at all while its system lasts. Already it slides ever further into austerity, hardship and redoubled exploitation for the majority (in Europe or out). Full devastation from QE delayed Crash has yet to hit bringing “economic nuclear winter”. But international bosses and bankers are warning of just that - utter Catastrophe as credit meltdown returns. Ruling class plans are for huge conflicts to come as escalating trade war turns to all out hate and hostility -– WW3 – the real purpose behind “America First” and whipped up chauvinism and Little Englanderism. Only revolution is the answer; no fanciful speculation but already bursting out across the world in riots and turmoil as well as anti-imperialist “terrorism” and “insurgency”. But spontaneous outburst, sometimes backward, desperately needs clear scientific Marxist leadership. That means building the Leninist Party
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No 1564 10th October 2019
Ruling class dirty dealing on Brexit, tearing up parliamentary “nicieties”, and vicious world wide repression deliver new lessons in the fraud of “bourgeois democracy”. But the fake-“left” clings to “voting” pretences even as the capitalist system heads ever closer to the greatest collapse in all history, and international belligerence and hostility reaches fever pitch. Boris bluster and manipulation, and Trumpite off-the-wall aggressive isolationism are both modernised forms of fascist degeneration to which the only answer is revolutionary class war, not “left pressure”. Brexit battles are a giant trap, a diversion feeding chauvinism and hatred (on both sides) that capitalism needs for all out warmongering. Rebellion from Haiti and Colombia, to Iraq and Indonesia, is shaking capitalism signalling readiness of the world masses to challenge the stinking tyranny of imperialist exploitation. Their brutal repression exposes the lying pretences of the Hong Kong “revolt”, a counter-revolution but Chinese revisionism still hesitates to impose firm workers state authority. It (and the world) lack Leninist grasp of crisis and class war
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No 1563 5th September 2019
So will “left Brexiters” like Proletarian now vote for Boris Johnson and his ultra-reactionary crew of shysters, spivs and constitutional coup-mongers – or even the fascist Farage??? Or will they hide their “Leave” advice like the SWP Trots, shamed by the deadly chauvinism and jingoism they have helped stir up??? Will the left “Remainers” meanwhile now join Liberals and “left” Tories to form a “national government”??? Across the board the onrushing crisis of the capitalist system is exposing the 50 shades of fake-“left” for their class collaborating stupidities and total opportunism, taking sides on a purely ruling class issue and misleading the working class, punting out illusions in “democracy” and “left pressure” and avoiding the crucial question of revolutionary class war, and its central aspect the need to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat. Revisionist retreat from revolutionary perspectives still undermining world understanding and helping imperialism’s dirty provocations like the Hong Kong anti-China “protests”. Leninism critical
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No 1562 August 20th 2019
Hong Kong airport thuggery and near murderous violent challenge to China’s workers’ socialist state shows the true counter-revolutionary character of the CIA/MI6 inspired so-called “pro-democracy” protests, just like the Legislative Council rampage before it. Imperialism will never stop seeking to incite chaos and lawlessness to undermine and over-throw working class rule. Chinese leadership defiance of imperialist diktat is a welcome sign of its growing strength and confidence. Firm proletarian dictatorship discipline is needed to defend workers’ states. Hair-rasing bourgeois reports on the coming capitalist Slump collapse shame all revisionism and the fake-”lefts” who still refuse to give a revolutionary perspective on the crisis. Fascist Tory “law and order” posturing is a sign of how desperate the bourgeoisie is becoming in the face of incipient revolutionary turmoil. “Above-the-law” ruling class corruption, decadence and degeneracy are inherent in capitalism, as is nonstop criminal warmongering tyranny. Only socialist revolution can create the conditions for ending poverty give meaning to alienated humanity.
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No 1561 9th August 2017
New Boris crew imposed without any say on the 99% is a collection of scoundrels, political thugs, self-seekers and charlatans, using dirtiest tricks of vote rigging, propaganda, nationalist jingoism, censorship and judicial bullying to force the non-stop crisis onto the austerity hammered mass of ordinary people. In other words it is business as usual for bourgeois “democracy”, but also a signal of its desperation as the hurricane devastation of world economic collapse gets ever closer. This modern fascism is tailending the Mussolini strut from Trump’s White House, preparing repression for the spontaneous class war revolt to come as the greatest ever Slump disaster unfolds – trying to head workers into jingoist war mode. Fake-”left” of all shades exposed, those “backing Brexit” feeding the chauvinism and backwardness, but equally the useless Remainers. None spell out the Catastrophe oncoming and the need for revolutionary Leninism. Most fall for the “freedom” lies pumped out by the violent Hong Kong counter-revolution stunts
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No 1560 19th July 2019
Tory Brexit Boris coup, to line up with racist nazi-Trump for the coming world crisis turmoil, shows a ruling class in terminal panic. Near civil war bitterness reflects desperation in a capitalist order staring at the greatest Catastrophe in history and inevitable revolt upheavals it knows workers will be driven to for sheer survival. But fake-“left” still says nothing about real revolutionary understanding to educate and lead the class war that alone can stop the plunge into WW3, monopoly capitalism’s only crisis “solution”, being deliberately fostered in the Gulf and elsewhere. It continues with the same anti-communist “democracy” delusions and petty PC single issue moralising that leaves it floundering. It is not only unable to counter the monstrous “left anti-Semitism” CIA/Zionist lies conspiracy to silence all opposition to the nazi-landtheft occupation of Palestine, – and to anti-imperialism in general –but actively colludes with this psychotic upside-down hate and censorship propaganda. Nor does it defend workers states and call out counter-revolutionary stunts like the CIA/MI6 Hong Kong “protests”. Leninism vital
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No 1559 26th June 2019
Trump’s boasted economic “success” is that of Nazism, an unstable spurt built on the bullying, intimidation and trade war cheating of the rest of the world, armsrace escalation and suppression of the working class and Third World masses. But it can only backfire as America First tramples across the great pretences of “democracy” “ freedom” and the “rule of law” everywhere, and above all the Middle East. The century long pretence an “international order” is being torn up because the crisis collapse has not been overcome but will implode even more catastrophically shortly as QE money printing effects give out. Saudi mafia thuggery and Zionist ultra-reaction is not only blind-eyed but encouraged and inflamed by Washington. Torture and gruesome horrors are accepted in order to foster the warmongering atmosphere needed to stampede the world towards world war, once more the only solution to Depression and economic breakdown. British media swamping with Tory “leader debate” another aspect of tearing up “democracy”. Build Leninism
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No 1558 11th June 2019
Trump bluster certainly is a modern expression of fascism – that is the condition of all capitalism as it heads inexorably into the greatest crisis Catastrophe in all history. US belligerence against everyone is the expression of total failure, increasingly outcompeted by China, Japan and Europe and bankrupt. But it is still the greatest military and finance power in the world, and ready to use every dirty method it can to stay on top, including all the way to nuclear devastation if it has to (and is able to). Fake-“left” quibbling on definitions reflects continued complacency and misleading delusions in “democracy” but so does “Stop the Nazis” shallowness which cannot see fascism for what it is, capitalism in crisis. Only toppling the whole system by consciously led class war revolutionary struggle to take over factories (such as Bridgend and Scunthorpe) but all the rest of the economy too can stop the plunge towards World War III. Feeding Brexit illusions all the way to “national socialism” as the CBGB-ML only aids capitalism. Build Leninism
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No 1557 1st June 2019
Euro-election indifference shows the “will of the people” is mostly two-fingers to parliamentary “democracy” and its lying mountebank politicians who will do nothing to get this capitalist austerity system off their back. Rejecting the chance for a “second referendum on Brexit” is a healthy sign but to go forwards the vacuum in politics needs to be filled in the only way that can change anything, by building revolutionary political understanding for all-out class war to bring down the whole stinking collapsing armsrace capitalist order. That means overcoming the great distrust of “theory” and tackling the non-stop deluges of chauvinist jingoism dragging the world to war to cover up the gigantic Catastrophe of the whole monopoly capitalist system. Trump trade-war in all directions is a new fascism bullying the world to pay for bankruptcy of US imperialism, and heading for world war three. Great fight needed for understanding, and exposing endless fake-“left” posturing and above all anti-communism like the renewed Goebbels lies around Tian an Men, the correct Chinese suppression of counter-revolution. Build Leninism
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No 1556 25th May 2019
Brexit frenzy (on both sides) is a deadly trap for the working class, helping only whip up chauvinism and scapegoating for the slide into international trade war and ultimate all-out shooting conflict. The point is made by Donald Trump’s vicious bullying of Iran, being set up as the next target for siege strangulation or nuclear obliteration, after half the Middle East has already been destroyed by the nonsensical “war on terror” excuse for imperialist blitzkrieg. This fascist bluster and bullying shows the relentless slide towards devastation and brutal destruction is unstoppable, because it is the only “answer” capitalism has to its paralysingly unsolvable and incurable Slump collapse, caused by “overproduction” exactly as Marx analysed. All “left “ failure to explain all this reflects hopeless opportunism verging on treachery, most of all from groups advocating “support” for the fascist demagogue Nigel Farage in an echo of past “national socialism”, but also from pie-in-sky remainers. Only revolution can change anything. Build Leninism
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No 1555 8th May 2017
Dirty dealing Guaidó fascist coup attempt against Caracas’ Bolivarian “revolution” and spread of jihadist terrorism to Africa and Sri Lanka make a mockery of continuing revisionist denunciations of “terrorism” and advocacy of the “parliamentary” path. Both result from capitalism’s desperate plunge into crisis and its Nazi warmongering “solution” trampling over all “democratic niceties” as it prepares for inter-imperialist WW3. Revisionist class war prevarication and fake-“left” moral “condemnation” of Third World attempts to fight back expose their petty bourgeois fear of revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat it needs to establish. Islamist ideology offers no future as such but hatred of Western imperialist tyranny will turn eventually to more rational mass class war understanding as hinted by the Arab Spring – tragically also denounced by revisionist stupidity. Weakness and paralysis of capitalist system grows daily despite its vicious blitzing. Repression and censorship shows its fear of Marxist-Leninist leadership
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No 1554 13th April 2019
Fake-“left” “identity politics” posturing and single-issue reformism such as feminism, LGBT rights and anti-racism, to cover retreat from revolution, are once more exposed by triumphalist seizure of Julian Assange by US imperialism via arse-licking British stoogery. Swedish “rape” charges almost certainly a “honey trap” but anyway remain sanctimonious nonsense playing into hands of barbaric reaction; such narrow minded PC moralising loses sight of the wider realities of capitalist oppression which is the sole cause and generator of inequality, including double oppression of women, “minorities” (world majorities in fact), etc and now plays a reactionary role. Wikileaks exposés are significant blows against imperialism; shutting it down aids all reaction including female oppression etc. Arrest also exposes dire revisionist illusions in steady “left” progress in Latin America, failing to warn of endless US subversion and bribery which turned Ecuador bourgeois president, the misnamed Lenín Moreno. Build real Leninism
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No 1553 29March 2019
Brexit continues to divert workers’ attention from the only issue that really matters, oncoming Catastrophic breakdown of the world capitalist system. Neither Leave nor Remain will change anything as hurricane Slump disaster hits, wiping out lives and livelihoods, whether Britain is subject to European bosses’ rules or exploitation by US “free market” combines (even more rapacious). Chauvinism and “democracy” illusions are a deadly trap unchallenged by the “lefts”. Ruling class Brexit paralysis reflects their panic over which side to take as trade war deepens between the US, Europe and Japan blocs, heading for WW3. Has-been Britain must desperately cling to one side or the other - but which? Deadly stakes underlined by fascist turn of US imperialism now tearing up any pretence at all of “international rule of law”, backing the foul Zionist genocidal occupation’s “right” to occupy Golan and soon all Palestine. Fake-“left” continues “condemn terror” treachery denouncing the growing world revolt. Leninism needs building
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No 1552 13th March 2019
Demented “left anti-semitism” BIG LIE propaganda and political sabotage, and the victimisation of “ISIS bride” Shamima Begum are two aspects of an increasingly fascist face of slump-ridden imperialism, whipping up populist scapegoating, chauvinism, vigilantism and irrationality to drag public opinion behind its deliberate slide towards total world war. Hatred of the barbaric Zionist occupation of Palestine, and growing “terrorist” and jihadist upheavals have the same cause – tyrannical rule of monopoly capitalism and its blitzing and butchery, the only answer it has to intractable Catastrophic breakdown of the profit making system. Only a Marxist perspective beginning with this economic and political collapse and the need for defeat of imperialism’s disaster and destruction can make sense of Middle East and Third World upheaval – not by condemning the crudity of desperate struggles but by battling for rebuilt revolutionary Leninist understanding to overcome their shortfalls and sometimes self-defeating backwardness.
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No 1551 24th February 2019
US Mexico wall “emergency” really about tearing up legal and constitutional restraints for American “democracy” to step on domestic resistance to escalating US isolationist belligerence and trade war. Trumpite path increasingly resembles the ascent of Hitler’s Nazis, elected by democratic mechanisms then used to impose draconian dictatorship. This is no “maverick” course but the inevitable path of bourgeois monopoly capitalist rule, as it faces rapidly deepening crisis, soon to return again as the full Catastrophic meltdown of 2008, held back only by subsequent swamping credit “creation” through valueless QE and tax cuts. Dollar collapse or similar cannot be held off much longer. But fascism shows disastrous weakness, tearing up the democratic façade which is capitalism’s most effective tool to fool the masses. Its illusions, tragically maintained by revisionist “leftism” and Trotskyist anti-communism still hold back the revolutionary struggle, hampering the Venezuelan masses for example threatened by bloody US invasion
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No 1550 6th February 2019
Trumpism’s fascist Venezuela coup stunt around snivelling Quisling Juan Guaidó exposes not just the heap of steaming dung promulgated by Western media and the political mainstream and their lying fraud of “democracy”, but the dire failings of the fake-“left” all shades. From revisionism’s peaceful parliamentary progress delusions to eulogies for Chávez’ and his anti-theory Trot sponsored “21st century socialism”, across the board they have held back crucial revolutionary understanding of the need for proletarian dictatorship as the core question for ending capitalism and establishing the vital planned socialist future. Without it the Bolivarian “revolution” is nothing but reformism, open to endless CIA skulduggery, sabotage and violence as events are tragically demonstrating. Let Caracas fight but let it fight by a turn to firm Leninist theory to avoid becoming another sadly necessary historical lesson in clearing away the bureaucratic dead wood complacency of Stalin-engendered revisionism, as was liquidation of the USSR. Rebuild Leninism
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No 1549 24th January 2019
World chaos and crisis deepen relentlessly, teetering on the edge of worse Catastrophe than 2008. Until a revolutionary perspective is rebuilt, the working class cannot seriously challenge relentlessly growing grotesque inequality, poverty, repression and insecurity destroying lives, livelihoods and potential. Only complete overthrow of the ruling class seizing all factory, farm and finance property into common ownership is now the answer to vicious reaction, grotesque greed, environmental destruction and waste, threatening the entire human race, and the even worse World War to come as “competition” turns more and more cutthroat. Trump’s federal shutdown and Brexit illustrate both paralysed infighting of the ruling class and failure of the fake-“left” (50 shades of “red”) to give the working class anything but opportunism, leaving them prey to jingoism and fascist reaction. Brexit diverts and distract workers from the only real task facing them, revolutionary ending of the whole system. Leninist party vitally needs building
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No 1548 14th January 2019
Trump federal shutdown builds chauvinism and jingoistic hatred, to mobilise all-out international aggression which is capitalism's only way out of its Catastrophic breakdown and collapse. Syria troop withdrawal part of the same agenda, abandoning the post-war police role for the floundering US leaving rival imperialist powers to fend for themselves, as fraudulent post-war "democratic international community" consensus breaks down. Giant shift also reflects capitalist weakness and fearfulness, in unprecedented ruling class splits and paralysis, terrified by the implications. All out conflict between imperialist powers themselves due as capitalism's crisis faces greater collapse than the 1930s and its inevitable end in trade war and then shooting war. Stock Exchange turmoil and sales falls all signal imminent return of 2008 global meltdown, only temporarily put off by QE money printing. Massacres and mafia-style killings the true degenerate face of "freedom and democracy" but "left" still fails to give workers a revolutionary lead
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No 1547 19th December 2018
French gilet jaunes upheaval and Brexit paralysis both symptoms of revolutionary turmoil spreading to capitalist heartland as crisis inexorably deepens towards Slump catastrophe. Vital ingredient missing is the revolutionary perspective and the Leninist leadership to build it – instead the fake- “left” continues to wallow in defeatism, anti--Sovietism, reactionary condemnation of “violence” and aiding capitalist “war on terror” excuses for endless blitzing. Rejection of theory and rejection of polemic to sort out critical current and past issues holds back working class. Cunning ruling class, more aware of need for theory than the opportunist “lefts” themselves, encourages anarchist and “leaderless” movements . Growing turmoil will leave all “revolutionary” pretenders and class collaborators high and dry, exposed like the floundering Corbynites, now refusing to seize chance after chance to bring down the government. They do not want power, knowing unsolvable crisis collapse will expose all their lies about “ending austerity by reversing the cuts” - or by Brexit. British capitalism one of the weakest links.
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No 1546 8th December 2018
Brexit humiliation and bitter recriminations signal the total paralysis of a ruling class being squeezed to oblivion by the relentless pressures of world trade conflict, growing international war tension and increasing world revolt like the Paris riots. But fake-“lefts” mislead the working class by taking sides, when staying in Europe or leaving it are bothdisastrous. Smug Euro complacency and backward import control and anti-foreigner scapegoating all need fighting. But moralising “welcome all migrants” sanctimonious anti-racism is no answer to wage stagnation fears, service cuts and housing shortage. Workers need a perspective of the capitalist system in catastrophic crisis collapse with revolutionary class war the only way forwards, to overturn the ruling class and seize all the banks, factories farms and fisheries. First step is to build the revolutionary party to develop and train workers with Leninist science. Reactionary nationalists need countering but so too the false posturing of the fake-”left” – TUC, Labourites, Trots and Stalinists.
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No 1545 10th November 2018
Brazil’s openly fascist new president and ever cruder vote rigged manipulation and trampling of US election by Trumpite crudeness underline the plunge of imperialism towards open dictatorship and repression. But still the fake-“left” clings to “left-pressure” and “No to War” pacifism, leaving the working class prey to delusions in “democracy” and idiotically denying the plunge into fascism. Nazism is not something special but the face of capitalist imperialism itself once it has to tear up the pretence of “freedom” and turn to war and domestic suppression of explosively growing class pressure, driven to desperation by Catastrophic economic collapse. Fake-“left” failure to put revolutionary perspectives at the heart of all analysis exposed by Brazil and Trumpism. So too is “single-issue” PC reformism (LGBT, feminism etc) playing into hands of the reaction. “Left” capitulation to the lying Zionist “left racist anti-semitism” propaganda after Pittsburgh shooting tragedy reflects more PC cravenness and retreat. Leninism urgently needs building
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No 1544 25th October 2018
Psychopathic murder in Istanbul is the face of all capitalist domination, not just degenerate feudal stooges in Riyadh. Nor is vicious war on Yemen by the Saudis a mistake or local bad policy. It is deliberate counter-revolutionary barbarity by Washington, extending the “war on terror” begun against Iraq and Afghanistan and continued in the repression of the Arab Spring by Sisi’s coup in Cairo and the Western manipulated destruction of Libya and Syria. Turkey’s deliberate prodding is an expression of growing mass anti-imperialist sentiment pushing the bourgeois nationalist Erdogan into conflict with the West. Washington flounders as it tries to balance Saudi and Zionist thuggery with the Nato “ally” in Turkey. But anti-imperialist revolt keeps growing, now shaking off some of its religious sectarianism in Iraq. It needs Leninist science but will not get that from craven fake-“left” condemning of “jihadism”. Find issue here
No 1543 5th October 2018
Tory Brexit recriminations and vicious infighting show a ruling class paralysed by panic at the oncoming world crisis and far from the risible “golden uplands” of Theresa May. Britain, almost the weakest link among the major powers will be ground between the imperialist blocs as trade war deepens – and further austerity and slump is the only outcome. It needs sweeping away and a new socialist society building. But vital revolutionary understanding for the class war needed to end this degenerate Slump and war system will not come from “revived left” Labour under Corbynism; just the opposite the momentum is already flagging as capitulation and retreat pile one on the other. The Liverpool conference told the ruling class that it can trust the class-collaborators to run their system just as they have always done, with “left principles” like support for Palestine stabbed in the back and “patriotic loyalty” reasserted around ludicrous MI6 anti-Russian stunt hysteria and hy pocrisy. Leninism ever more needed
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No 1542 20th Sep 2018
World economic stagnation, poverty “austerity” and vicious trade war just the beginning of Slump and War disaster for the whole world from failed out of time capitalism. Far worse to come once temporary “upturn” (!) from endless money printing runs out. It is due soon as panicky sections of bourgeois analysis and petty bourgeois class-collaboration frantically warn. The only path out is capitalist World War degeneracy (already well underway in the Middle East etc) or revolutionary overturn of the entire stinking greed ridden system to allow planned socialism to be built. But the “left” leadership for the working class refuses to grasp the nettle of revolutionary necessity imposed by Catastrophic crisis, still floundering behind bankrupt “democracy” illusions and “left” pressure leaving a giant vacuum as “old politics” collapses into chauvinism and xenophobia and fascism poised to fill the gap. Latin America coups and violence shows the consequence of this slippery fake-“left” misleadership. Museum-Stalinist revisionism covers its mistakes with sophistry instead of polemic fight for Leninism
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No 1541 5th September 2018
Anti-Myanmar “warcrime” accusations are sickest hypocrisy yet from a world imperialist system now imposing non-stop deliberate violence, massacre and war from Palestine and Yemen, to the destruction and slaughter in Ukraine, endless war in Afghanistan, deliberate civil war provoked in Syria and the daily disruption and killing in the Congo. But UN report on Saudi crimes is buried away, covered over by lying hysteria against Rangoon (deliberately released one day earlier) and the artificial “left anti-semitism” furore raised to defend Nazi-Jewish occupation of Palestine. The West could not care less about the Rohingya people except as emotional fodder to whip up demonising hate and self-righteous middle class moralising to keep brutal warmongering going, dragging public opinion behind much greater conflicts and destruction to come, as capitalist catastrophic collapse heads for inter-imperialist hot war. Trump’s trade war US belligerence the place to look for the causes – Leninist revolutionary theory for the answers
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No 1540 22nd August 2018
Corbynite Palestine apostasy in the teeth of demented CIA/Zionist “left anti-Semitism” lie campaign is the most craven retreat yet – underlining the treachery and opportunism of ALL Labourism for all time. The wave of “left” support floating the Corbyn boat has to make up its mind; stick with duplicity and class collaborating cravenness - and a continued plunge into capitalist crisis – or break free to build anti-capitalist revolutionary politics, the only path out of Catastrophic breakdown of the profit system into desperate trade war and all-out shooting war. But needed sharp challenge to Zionist double-think BIG LIE propaganda and censorship not coming from the fake-“left”, all in thrall to Political Correctness retreat from revolution and cowering before demented Jewish “racism” propaganda gobshyte and its cover-up of the 1948 landtheft colonial seizure of Palestinian's land. Zionist aggression now a forward weapon for imperialist crisis bullying. The fight merges with the fight to end all capitalism demanding Leninist science leadership
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No 1539 24th July 2018
Trump’s belligerent rampage through Europe and trade war escalations on China reflect the desperation and bankruptcy of American topdog imperialism, forced into open fascist crudity and xenophobic scapegoating to try and bully the world into paying for the great crisis collapse of monopoly capitalism. His “maverick” aggression is needed because two decades of New American Century “establishment” war bullying have failed to restore US dominance, instead stirring “jihadist” and “terrorist” revolt everywhere, – not revolution yet but the sign of mass discontent, as even more was the mass street rebellion of the Cairo Arab Spring, suppressed only by restored Washington fascist stoogery and the further destruction in Iraq, Syria and Yemen (themselves stirring even more Third World hatred). Now the deepest contradictions of all, between the major capitalist powers are sharpened as the relentless cutthroat trade war, for crisis-hammered markets, deepens – with conditions ripening for unstoppable inter-imperialist world war. Only revolutionary overturn of all capitalism can change it
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No 1538 13th July 2018
Anti-Trump march leaflet -- "Catastrophic failure of the capitalist world system, not the bluster and crudeness of Donald Trump, should be the focus of the protestors and demonstrators during his visit to London."
Letter: Fake-“left” fails to tackle grotesque CIA/Zionist propaganda on “left anti-semitism” - swallowing the nonsense that hostility to the Jewish freemasonry is caused by racism instead of its support for the unjustified colonial landtheft of “Israel”
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No 1537 29th June 2018
New torture revelations and ever more callous brutality against Mexican migrants and Roma scapegoats confirm deepening fascist degeneracy of this monopoly capitalist system. Not “Nazi takeover” but fundamental nature of capitalism itself showing its dictatorship face is the issue as it slides into the greatest crisis collapse of all time. Trumpite trade war belligerence a prelude to all-out inter-imperialist war, end point of the Catastrophic failure revealed in 2008 and returning soon as QE fails and the dollar disintegrates. Brexit and other chauvinism is preparing the atmosphere, along with the Middle East war devastation acclimatising the world to non-stop destruction. As need for revolutionary class-war to end capitalism grows clearer, the fake-“left” retreats into craven entryist Labourism or hopeless social-pacifist revisionism. Socialist Fight Trots typical, flinging poisonous provocations and lies against Leninist clarity to cover their tracks, sneering at “catastrophism”.
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No 1536 8th June 2018
Washington trade war aggression is next phase of descent into world war begun 20 years ago with blitzing of Serbia, then Iraq and Afghanistan. It can only get far worse as monopoly capitalism’s crisis relentlessly heads into the greatest Catastrophic breakdown in all history with QE failing and dollar collapse due. Backward chauvinism and hatred of foreigners now deliberately stirred up using every propaganda trick in the book from Brexit scapegoating to “bogeyman” anti-Russian panics to endless “terrorism” scares and stunts. Trumpite belligerence is no aberration or “loose cannon” but the deliberate face of fascist aggression wanted and needed by a collapsing imperialist ruling class which has only brute force “might is right” intimidation left to suppress the world and make it pay for the intractable failure of the private profit system. Laughable CIA-Zionist anti-semitism stunt fails to head off growing hostility to vicious Jewish occupation of Palestine at the forefront of imperialist war threats. Defeat for the Zionists and all imperialism needed on road to revolution and Leninism with it.
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No 1535 18th May 2018
Zionland 70th timing for “fashionable” transfer of US embassy to occupied Jerusalem an obvious encouragement for gruesome butchery of besieged and unarmed Gaza Palestinians by the artificial Nazi-Jewish “state of Israel”. But this provocation goes deeper, egging on an unholy Zionist alliance with corrupt and degenerate feudal Saudis to whip up regional conflict and destruction against Iran. That in turn just part of world intimidation and bullying by US led imperialism ramping up the World War atmosphere it needs as the only way out of total breakdown and collapse. But the turn to ever more aggression and intimidatory bluster teaches the world even more about the fascist reality of Western “freedom and democracy” while simultaneously splitting world bourgeoisie, riven with panic from Catastrophic crisis collapse and the world revolt it is inevitably generating. Europe - US conflict escalates around the trade war. Palestinian heroic sacrifice exposes Goebbels “anti-semitism” propaganda. Revolutionary theory vital to explain and lead
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No 1534 2nd May 2018
Tory Windrush turmoil reflects ruling class fear as the monopoly capitalist crisis plunges, facing the greatest ever collapse despite “upturn” pretence. Jumpiness over setting off internal upheaval overrides crude racist callousness but hypocritical pretence to “see justice done” only underlines the overall poisonous scapegoating being whipped up. Brexit Little Englander chauvinism remains the plan to divert attention from Catastrophe and stir hatred for oncoming hostilities as unstoppable international trade war slide towards World War Three, already destroying country after country with horrifying blitzing like Yemen. Similar fearfulness revealed in “limited” missile strike on Syria despite belligerent bluster and “chemical attack” lies. But capitalism must still whip up war because it has no other way out. Zionism increasingly a spearhead for imperialist aggression. Fake-“left” capitulates to Jewish freemasonry “left anti-semitism“ Goebbels inversion of reality - too scared of lying “racism” claims to call out this Nazi-campaign. Leninism needed
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No 1533 13th April 2018
Western “concern” over chemical war is a massive Goebbels LIE, built on fake-news pretences and even setup as Russia claims. Ditto the bogus Skripal spy stunt. Whatever the truth about the Douma in Syria’s sectarian civil war (itself set going by CIA-Zionist provocation and hidden sniper intervention), imperialist theatrical “outrage” is a monstrous fraud. Grandstanding hypocritical pretences have one purpose only, to escalate the belligerent atmosphere and stampede public opinion behind warmongering to come. It is Catastrophic crisis collapse of monopoly capitalism which alone is driving the world towards World War Three as the inter-imperialist cutthroat trade war conflict deepens and austerity impositions are ratcheted up on the working class. Explosive anti-Western turmoil in the Third World, (jihadist and nostalgic workers state) soon to be joined by upheaval in the imperialist heartlands as unstoppable crisis austerity intensifies and global credit collapse returns. Fake - “left” and revisionism still does nothing to develop such perspectives and the class war Leninist revolutionary understanding to overthrow capital
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No 1532 31st March 2018
The world plunges ever closer to inter-imperialist conflict and war as “austerity” grip tightens further on the poor and exploited. Even soup kitchens, homelessness, service cuts, zero-hours and NHS collapse are nothing compared to the degradation the ruling class must impose as Catastrophic crisis continues (after Mickey Mouse QE false credit runs its course). Ludicrous provocations like the joke “Russian nerve gas” accusations preparing a chauvinist fear and frenzy for world war to come. Horrors already imposed on the Middle East killing millions still just a starter for imperialist belligerence, which has no solution but war for its greatest ever systemic failure. But the fake-“left” still refuses to talk revolution and drags workers back behind parliamentary “democracy” and Labour frauds. Leninism needed
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No 1531 16th March 2018
Russian “spy murder” accusations a gigantic fascist stunt by failing British ruling class, whipping up chauvinist hatred to distract from disintegrating economy in teeth of the greatest ever capitalist Catastrophe. Any facts drowned out by Reichstag fire level of false melodrama, a demented BIG LIE, magnified by a stinking capitalist press colluding with the farcical racket. Russia targeted for past socialist form despite idiot Putin nationalism and anti-communism. But main purpose is to distract from Brexit paralysis, further austerity, stinking arms industry sales to Saudi Arabian genocidal warmaking and long-planned escalation of Britain’s vile chemical warfare facilities at Porton Down coincidentally (??) 8 miles away. Labourite capitulation to obvious Goebbels rubbish exposes treachery of the entire parliamentary racket including grovelling Corbynism. “Left” Trot Labour entryism exposed for tailending opportunist failure to give any revolutionary perspective and dangerously misleading workers. Leninist theory urgently needed
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No 1530 6th March 2018
“Big beast” Tory Brexit swipes, the hung election in Italy, Germany’s desperate arm-twisted “grand coalition” and endless anti-Trump investigations all indicate a split and divided ruling class throughout the capitalist world. All are paralysed by the enormity of oncoming crisis collapse, the Catastrophe that began in 2008 and has unrolled ever since, fended off only by demented money printing QE. But Trump’s US trade war moves show international conflict and aggression has only just begun, heading for all-out war that the capitalist order has been warming up with its ludicrous “war on terror” since Afghanistan and Iraq (and Serbia before). Brexit chauvinism fits international scapegoating and belligerence but terrifies the British ruling class, - presiding over one of the weakest links in the imperialist ranks - splitting it down the middle. The intractable Irish border issue underlines their defeated weakness. Complacent Remainers and “welcome immigrants” posturing just as useless, failing to develop revolutionary theory. Leninism needs building
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No 1529 20th February 2018
Trots and rightwing tabloids play the same game, boosting Corbyn’s Labour revival, dragging workers back into democracy illusions just when the capitalist crisis is teetering on the edge of the greatest Catastrophe in history (deferred, not ended by post-2008 meltdown money printing). Tepid paid-for “re-nationalisation” hopeless to counter austerity savagery but the real issue with more Labourism is theoretical disarming of workers leaving them vulnerable to open violence and fascist coups being prepared by the ruling class for oncoming collapses. Complacent “couldn’t happen here” undermined Allende’s Chile too, just before Pinochet’s torture coup butchery. Remaining “left” revisionists and museum-Stalinists hopeless too, failing to raise need for revolutionary understanding to be built now, and continuing to refuse polemic and discussion. Brexit diversion remains unchallenged by all of them. North Korea nuclear defiance and Olympic diplomacy blows to imperialism good despite Pyongyang revisionism
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No 1528 2nd February 2018
Capitalist press led "exposés", celebrity witch-hunts, evidence-free scapegoating and "moral" grandstanding reveal the reactionary outcome of the latest "new feminism" and its man-blaming diversions from the class war realities of capitalism's breakdown. Campaigns for women bosses and Tory BBC journalists underlines its middle class character. Like "old" feminism, the real impact of this super-reformism is to divert attention from capitalism's war depravities and Catastrophic economic breakdown and from the only possible way in which the gross inequalities, injustice and repression of capitalist society can be solved - through communist revolution. Sexism, female double-exploitation and rape are all huge blots on human existence but are constantly created by and RE-generated by capitalism itself just as racism, homophobic persecution and environmental degradation. All can be solved only by ending this system. Elevation of single-issue reform above Marxist revolutionary perspectives is part of the problem helping capitalist divide and rule and feeding anti-communism. Leninism is needed
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No 1527 19th January 2018
Middle-class exposés and mockery of Trumpism reflect weakness of imperialism’s desperate turn to Hitler-like fascist bluster and crude intimidation. But petty-bourgeois dismay at oncoming fascist reality imposed by crisis-ridden imperialism neither offers a fight against it nor even grasp the depths to which the Catastrophe is driving all capitalism. Liberalism, reformist leftism and the fake-“left” all avoid the revolutionary implications even as US ‘topdog’ warmongering belligerence increases and domestic repression is stepped up. Ruling class fears pressure cooker turmoil building as Slump deprivation and depredations on the working class drive the poorest into the ground even in the richest countries, including the US. Petty bourgeois complacency still clings to “upturn” notions even as NHS crisis, Grenfell fire horrors, Carillion collapse and racked up rail and utility prices screw everyone. Even if Trumpite crudity fails there is no stopping the warmongering path that capitalism is set upon. Feminist self-righteousness, and other single-issues are a diversion and distraction from needed revolutionary overturn
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No 1526 2nd January 2018
American UN contempt for Middle East outrage over handing Jerusalem to Zionist aggression; US backing for cynical Saudi civilian bomb slaughter and starvation of millions in Yemen; and escalation of killer-siege sanctions on North Korea’s workers state for daring to build nuclear defence (like everyone else) all point to a crisis wracked imperialist system out of control and threatening the world with 3rd world war devastation. Fake-“left” Trotskyism and revisionism ever more craven failing to build the only possible answer to this fascist degeneracy and instability, – revolutionary theory for overturn of capitalism. Instead Beijing votes with the US and the “lefts” capitulate to the stinking Goebbels Zionist lies that calling for an end to landtheft “Israel” is a “new kind of anti-semitism”. Leninist perspectives needed now
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No1525 10th December 2017
Fake-“left” still fails to grasp or explain world imperialist plunge towards the greatest Catastrophe in history and the increasingly obvious open Nazism of its chauvinism and “anti-terrorist” warmongering. Declaring Trump a “nasty person” is simply hopeless as a perspective for the working class which needs to understand the full crisis collapse of the monopoly capitalism, turning to fascist warmongering across the board by its very nature. Nor do they draw out the vital revolutionary implications. Monstrous hypocrisy of the blood curdling US bluster against the North Korean workers state for presuming to defend itself with justified nuclear weaponry is underlined by the White House overt backing for the long nuclear armed Zionist landtheft occupation of Palestine, its Jerusalem embassy move sanctifying the most aggressive illegal ongoing settlements. But whole Western backed creation of “Israel” is a monstrous nazi-colonialist monstrosity which needs overturning by revolutionary war - as does all imperialism. Fake-”left” cowed by Jewish freemasonry “anti-semitism” sophistry. Leninism needs to be built
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No 1524 24th November 2017
“End austerity” pleading by petty bourgeois liberals and fake-“left” still leaves workers tied to hopes in capitalist renewal and bourgeois democracy just when the endless stagnation, ruling class splits and continuing war horrors say the exact opposite. Far worse Slump cuts are on the way as QE credit too implodes and war belligerence intensifies. Only finishing the entire festering capitalist order to build communism can stop now constant slide to breakdown and Slump. Saudi Arabia “reform” desperation and belligerent lashing out symptomatic of collapse eating away all capitalism, driving vicious destructive warmongering.
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No 1523 4th November 2017
Let governments (and all parliamentary fraud) topple through sleaze and degeneracy, the more the merrier and November 5th too. But feminist hysteria and nonsense about a “crisis of masculinity” are PCist obscurantism blocking understanding of the real cause of chaos, incompetence and disintegration. That is the gigantic looming capitalist Catastrophe which far from being solved by Quantitative Easing, has been made one hundred times worse and about to implode with devastating consequences. Feminist posturing blocks this understanding with its shallow reverse sexism and scapegoating, underlain with its real character, poisonous anti-communism. It is completely counter-revolutionary whatever “celebrations” it joins for the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. So too is the desperate posturing around Brexit or breakaway petty bourgeois nationalism like Catalonia, just as suddenly and febrilely erupting as a giant diversion. What the world needs now is to build revolutionary understanding to overturn the entire degenerate, unequal armsrace system. Build Leninism
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No 1522 14th October 2017
Trade war antagonism and austerity stagnation, deepening constantly as capitalist crisis unfolds, drives now constant eruption of nationalism and conflict such as Catalonia. Declaring these simply “struggles for freedom and self-determination” is academic moralising which misses their significance as symptoms of the plunge towards Slump and world war breakdown. Simplistic “democracy” illusions aid their use by capitalism to distract and diverts workers’ attention and feeds chauvinism being whipped up everywhere (as with Brexit). Many national struggles like Ireland are progressive but because defeating imperialist oppression and opening a road to the proletarian revolution that alone can solve mankind’s problems. Others are reactionary gimmicks. Concrete analysis needed with Leninist theoretical grasp
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No 1521 2nd Ocotber 2017
“Oh Jeremy” Labour conference gush as manipulative & treacherous as Blairism before it, avoiding and evading the unstoppable capitalist crisis collapse and dragging workers back behind the parliamentary democracy fraud, - it leaves workers disarmed and set up for an Allende style coup if any of its tame reformism should go too far (unlikely). Agenda manipulation and censorship shut down critical debate on key questions like the Brexit diversion, international warmongering and anti-imperialist resistance like the Palestinian struggle. Workers need to hear that neither staying inside or out of Europe can solve their problems which are caused by worldwide capitalist Catastrophic collapse only endable by revolution. Bombardier shock tariffs show cutthroat trade war savagery pushing everything towards world war already destroying country after country in the Middle East. Pro-Zionist crap about “left anti-Semitism” not just cowardly but sinister. Leninism must be built
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No 1520 17th September 2017
Alongside capitulations to the “war on terror” the fake- "left" helps feed imperialist war-fever stampeding, latest around the hapless Rohingya people in Myanmar, swallowing wholesale monstrous imperialist BIG LIE hypocritical ”concern for human rights” etc and Goebbels lies about “genocide” in world media campaign. The monopoly capitalist system, facing Catastrophic failure and on a 20 year path to world war, could not care less about these poor victims or any other of a hundred or more desperate and harried national peoples and causes – many far greater and long lasting, from the Palestinians and the Kurds, to the Aborigines and Native Americans. Its record is endless callous suppression and even deliberate genocidal persecution throughout history and into modern times. The real purpose here stands alongside demonisation and bullying of workers state North Korea - against China too and escalating international bellicosity to escape crisis. New details show the deliberate way the Rwanda slaughter was provoked as part of imperialist skulduggery and manoeuvring in central Africa. Leninism is vital
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No 1519 7th September 2017
Demented US war bluster against North Korean workers state grows ever stronger as Catastrophic crisis deepens but imperialism’s capacity to bully and intimidate the world is more and more hampered too by its desperation – blitzing North Korea raises unknown questions of Russia and China responses and South Korean collapse + Marxism does not "condemn" terrorism.
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No 1518 15 August 2017
Bloodcurdling nuclear threats against North Korea workers state’s right to defend itself and invasion plans to obliterate Venezuela’s socialist reformism no mere Trumpite bluster; nor is the Nazi populism, being stirred up. Both are the deadly reality of imperialism heading for crisis collapse. However uncertain Trump’s nascent Nazism it has already demonstrated its fascist barbarity slaughtering 40,000 innocent civilians who "got in the way" in Mosul as the Iraqi Sunni anti-imperialist anti-occupation ISIS resistance was pulverised. Fake-"left" capitulation to the nonsensical “war on terror” helps this fascist barbarity instead of calling for the defeat of imperialist onslaught. War the only answer this greed ridden private profit system has for Catastrophic failure and it is coming despite the complacency of all the "left". Their vaunting of the "Bolivarian Revolution" "democratic path" for 15 years played into the hands of capitalism too, another side of total failure to make clear that only the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism is now possible as the way to stop World War Three. Leninist polemical theory building vital
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No 1517 1st August 2017
Trump White House turmoil reflects ruling class splits and weakness, caused by unsolvability of the monopoly capitalist crisis about to crash worse then ever. But steady militarisation prepares the ground for even more fascist warmongering, the only answer capitalism has for its desperate failure and paralysis. Aggressive bluster against tiny North Korea’s justified self-defence nuclear arms, against Venezuela and continuing gross slaughter in the Middle East all part of US “topdog” imperialist failure to get the world back into line for continuing domination and exploitation. New details of the horrific crudeness, city obliteration, summary execution and civilian slaughtering savagery to suppress the Iraqi anti-occupation fight, further expose the hollowness and lies of Western “freedom and democracy” and will lead to greater Third World hatred and revolt. Utter bankruptcy of the fake-“left” of all shades more exposed by events, and especially its collusion with the “war on terror” excuses for WW3. Re-building Leninist revolutionary theory vital
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No 1516 17th July 2017
Foulest yet Western Nazi war-crime savageries completely flattening Mosul in Iraq (and Raqqa too) have nothing to do with “stopping terrorist evil” but are part of the same deliberate war drive begun with bombing Serbia, Afghanistan, the WMD Big Lie Iraq War destruction in 2003 and continuing ever since. This is unrolling of World War III, crisis-wracked imperialism’s only way out of Slump Catastrophe. Bizarre and brutal jihadism is a response to endless oppression and colonialist exploitation tyranny, an attempt to fight back and multiplied a thousand fold by the blitzkrieging and torture imposed, and now used as an excuse for the destruction caused and generated by capitalism itself. Fake-“left” capitulation to the “condemn all terrorism” mantra – using ever more convoluted anti-Marxist sophistry – plays into the hands of the imperialist warmongering and helps feed the chauvinist “kill them all” atmosphere needed by this degenerate and historically bankrupt profit system. Religious barminess is no answer either – the world needs to polemically rebuild Leninist revolutionary perspectives
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No 1515 30th June 2017
Crude bribery of DUP to keep the Tory losers in power underlines the desperation and fearfulness of the ruling class in the teeth of the greatest capitalist Catastrophe ever, with economic disaster unrolling since 2008 and about to hit the buffers worse than before. Backpedaling on austerity a sign of their weakness. Grenfell tower fire horrors underline ruling class incompetence and indifference while also revealing working class stirring towards revolt. Bringing down this Tory arrogance and profiteering a first step but Labourism however “left”-posing (not very) is a disaster too, tying the working class back to parliament and disarming understanding, leaving them open to counter-revolutionary coup moves the ruling class is already plotting (and even hinting at on TV). Brexit chauvinism and “war on terror” hate frenzy feed the fascist atmosphere being whipped up, with the “left” cravenly going along with it in one way or another, tailending Labour reformism and “condemning terror”. Western warmongering wipes out city after city in Iraq, Yemen, Somalia etc and is stepping up war provocations, its only “solution”. Leninist understanding is needed more urgently than ever
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No 1514 16th June 2017
Tory election collapse useful but Corbynista revolt can solve nothing about the devastating onrush of monopoly capitalist Catastrophe, hurtling the world towards the greatest Slump collapse in history. Economic boost plans and spending within capitalism are no different to unworkable “No to Austerity” propositions of Syriza in Greece and other “left” populism – in other words useless. The crisis is unsolvable except by total ending and overturn of the bankrupt and warmongering capitalist system. Labourite illusions in “parliament” completely disarm the working class, feeding illusions in hoodwinking “democratic change” just when the ruling class is preparing draconian moves towards censorship, repression and ultimately coups and escalating its Nazi “anti-terror” Middle East civilian slaughter to prepare the world for oncoming World War. Revolutionary movements needed, built with deepest study and polemical development of Marxist and Leninist theory, beginning with historical lessons like Allende-ism and examining all the questions of the great communist and workers state achievements and revisionist failings and exposing fake-“left” and anti-communism.
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No 1513 1st June 2017
Capitalist blitzkrieg and torture long imposed on the Middle East, plus its “exterminate, exterminate” response to the jihadist rebellion caused, is alone responsible for pain and grief of the Manchester bombing. Blaming suicide desperation of the alienated masses of the world who want imperialist domination off their backs is total cynicism by a barbaric system that is using the “war on terror” as an excuse and justification for the bullying warmongering it is creating itself. The capitulation to this “condemnation” by the liberals and fake-“left” is the real cowardice. Blairite and liberal shouting down of the idea British foreign policy is to blame is as fascist minded as UKIP nationalist hate campaigning, but tepid “No to War” social pacifism undermines itself by also declaring jihadists an “abomination” instead of tackling why this terrorism is occurring at all, explaining the world is being dragged deliberately to international hostility and vicious scapegoating so capitalism can evade responsibility for its intractable and unsolvable crisis collapse. If jihadism is the “wrong way” then revolutionaries need to offer better leadership and understanding not denunciation. Leninism needed
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No 1512 18th May 2017
Sullen stooge Blairites still sabotage Corbynism but “leftist” manifesto falls hopelessly short anyway. Anti-Tory voting useful but not one jot of faith in Labourism whose warmed over reformism ignores capitalist crisis breakdown and falsely pretends it can be reversed. Great 2008 collapse not ended; capitalist society ever more festering under Tory “austerity” while the fatcats enriched. Once QE false-credit runs out a hurricane of economic disaster will return wiping out all reform tinkering anyway. Workers will soon face full savagery of Slump disaster with open capitalist dictatorship to impose it. Revolutionary struggle to end this system is the only way forwards but Corbynism and all fake-“left”ism disarm with continuing “democracy” illusions. Left capitulation all round on “Brexit” – for and against - is also disastrous, playing into ruling class hands, and distracting from the real question of the crisis and revolution to end it. Little Englander protectionism backward, only feeding fascist nastiness needed for crisis warmongering but “welcome all migrants” is a useless response to real working class fears for jobs and services. Violent capitalist subversion in Venezuela and Latin America underlines need for proletarian dictatorship, but entire “left” still refuse to draw the lessons of Allende coup onwards. Leninism needed Find issue here
No 1511 8th May 2017
Workers should defeat and bring down the Tories’ un-”democratic” electoral coup being stampeded by frenzied xenophobic hate campaigns and sinister behind-the-scenes database computer trickery, and chicanery. But tactical voting against them only, with absolutely no faith or trust in parliament or bourgeois “democracy”, and least of all in craven, supine “left” Labourites, reformist Greens, chauvinist-fascist UKIP or “pro-Europe” groupings; all are anti-communist and say nothing about capitalism’s Great Catastrophe, economic breakdown and plunge to international trade-war and outright shooting war, nor that it is stoppable only by revolutionary overturn. Compromising uselessness of Corbynism & opportunism of the Trot fake-“left” riding behind is as inspiring as a bucket of cold sick, – and total contemptuous lazy incompetence of PC opportunist Dianne Abbott reflects bankruptcy of all reformism which doesn’t even want to win. French election result solves nothing either. Leninist theory and party needs to be built
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No 1510 21st April 2017
Syria blitzing, MOAB “super” bomb slaughter and North Korea blustering threats underline the demented slide towards world war the capitalist system needs to “escape” its Great Catastrophe of economic collapse. These blustering fascist provocations can only increase as the crisis re-emerges and deeper Slump is imposed. Working class leadership needs to wake up to the urgency of this deadly crisis and the need to build a revolutionary movement. But the vital debate and polemics to establish a world perspective remain suppressed by posturing PCism and fake-”left” self-righteousness. Jewish Zionist world conspiracy plays on this petty bourgeois single issue moralising, using accusations of “racism” to suppress all revolutionary opposition by declaring it “anti-Semitic”. Leninism must be built
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No 1509 8th April 2017
Reactionary Gibraltar war threats reveal crisis warmongering hate purpose of Brexit – but nervous disowning by the mainstream shows weakness and nervousness of the ruling class as the Great Catastrophe rolls on. Brexit (all sides) no solution for workers and a deliberate diversion. Only building a revolutionary movement fighting for a world perspective to lead class war to take power can change anything. Chauvinist poison encouraged by Leavers (and not remotely challenged by Remain moralising about “racism”) goes hand in hand with demented “war on terror” scapegoating, fearmongering and hate campaigns. Jihadism - however barmy - is part of world revolt against imperialism - “left” condemnation is craven capitulation. Irish national liberation continues forwards but Leninism needed
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No 1508 21st May 2017
Crocodile tears for “starving millions” in Africa and Middle East are grossest hypocrisy yet as US imperialism and proxies continue non-stop “war on terror” blitzkrieging and butchery, part of imperialist oppression which alone has caused the problems. Such horror and agony will rapidly increase as long as imperialism exists, dragging the world ever further into degenerate chaos as its heads for world war to escape its Great Catastrophe crisis. But “left” condemnation of “terrorism” simply plays into imperialist hands, feeding the scapegoating and chauvinist atmosphere its needs to stampede war hatred. Their hopeless confusion and deep-down hostility to revolution (despite claims of “Marxism”) fails to see the giant “jihadist” turmoil as part of worldwide anti-imperialism alongside the toppling of South Korea’s president, Ukrainian anti-Nazi Kiev resistance and fermenting rebellion in Europe and America. Triumphant Sinn Féin republican election victory in (yet)occupied zone of Ireland confirms unstoppable unification progress further exposing universal fake- “left” defeatism. Leninism needed
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No 1507 28th February 2017
Fake-“left” anti-Trump outrage over PCist single issues like feminism still fails to grasp or warn the working class of the deadly slide of the capitalist crisis towards devastating Slump, trade war collapses and ultimate all-out world war. The response of the “lefts” is not serious and certainly not “revolutionary”. Despite posturing about “Marxism” they avoid the critical questions and the ever growing need for debate and polemic to sort out an agreed and scientifically established revolutionary understanding – the only possible truth against capitalism’s endless “fake-news” (which includes Trumpism too and its lying pretence to expose lies and the establishment) . Fake-”left” continued condemnation of Third World revolt and jihadism no better than Second International “fatherland” betrayals in the First World War failing to ask where is “terrorism” coming from and why, and helping sustain the monstrous extension of the Iraq war pulverising Mosul, and Yemen barbarity, all setting the mood for greater war devastation. Defeat for imperialism is the only valid call. Leninism is the great necessity.
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No 1506 10th February 2017
Trump bellicosity, bullying contempt for legal principle, and trampling “diplomacy” underlines desperation of ruling class facing the greatest breakdown collapse in all history. The 2008 Great Catastrophe returns any moment as artificial QE breathing space runs out. Imperialism must drag the world to war to escape its failure and culpability for (barely started) Depression savagery and has no time or money left for “reformist” niceties. Sections of ruling class fear rebellious turmoil that sharp realities of raw Slump and cutthroat trade war will bring as raw profiteering is reimposed and slide to World War accelerates. Near civil war splits emerging with philistine Nazism underline bourgeois fears. But trusting “the Constitution” is pointless as are all reformist and single-issue politics still played by the fake-“left” and its moralising posturing. Trump bigotry feeds on this hopeless petty bourgeois “left” play-acting which has never achieved anything and still refuses to confront the real issues of capitalist dictatorship and epochal breakdown and crisis (or even see them). Fake-“left” “British jobs” nationalism and Brexit support plays into hands of Trump, UKIP and European neo-fascism. So too does treacherous “left” “condemnation” of Third World rebellion and anti-imperialist “jihadism”, feeding the “kill them all” frenzy and Muslim scapegoating, one of capitalism’s main tools to stampede war. Leninist revolutionary science needed.
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No 1505 27th January 2017
Anti-Trump demonstrations good but feminist, gay rights and other single-issue politics are a hopeless response to the deepening fascist tone of imperialist crisis. Mostly they are completely reactionary, deliberately used by the fake-“left” to suppress and head-off the revolutionary politics that must be built and which they fear despite their posturing pretences to be Marxists. It is not “misogyny” and women’s rights and abortion that are central but the chauvinism and hate campaigning to stampede the drive of the entire world capitalist system towards Third World War. Trumpism’s bullying tone is fascist but declaring this different to the blitzing, torture and war destruction of Obama-ism is to foster illusions in “democracy” versus Nazism. But all imperialism is on the fascist path driven by the greatest economic and political crisis Catastrophe in all history and stoppable only by revolution. Demonising Islamic “terrorism” as a new evil puts “lefts” alongside Trump and feeds the xenophobia preparing world for war. Leninism crucial
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No 1504 12th January 2017
Bizarre CIA attack on Trump reveals profound fear and division within ruling class over future as the gigantic Great Catastrophe of monopoly capitalist crisis rolls towards total meltdown and war. Populist bigotry and bellicose trade war is another step to fascism, the open repressive form of the bourgeois dictatorship rule always calls the shots. But stripping away further now threadbare pretences of bourgeois democracy and reversing past reformist sops which keep the working class quiet is easier said than done and delivers major lessons in the reality of capitalism and its oncoming Slump collapse. Hysteria from the fake-“left” about fascism as some special “other” form of rule needing to be “stopped” sends all the wrong messages implying what went before is less objectionable and Obama-ism more progressive. Trumpism reflects failure and defeat of already fascist “shock and awe” imperialist onslaught, pushed back and defeated by Third World “jihadist” revolt, and relentless slide of economic disaster. All capitalism must go. Anti-communism is the working class’s biggest enemy. Leninism needed
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No 1503 23rd December 2016
Humiliating defeat for imperialism’s vicious sabotage-subversion Syria war further shows impotence and incompetence of two decades of “shock and awe” to re-assert once unquestioned world dominance, increasingly challenged by the Third World masses and undermined by the Great Catastrophe of unstoppable economic failure. Ending of Aleppo siege exposes glaring lies about “Syrian and Russian atrocities” and grotesque hypocrisy of “humanitarian concern” while the Yemen war horror and Mosul blitzkriegs continue. Fake-”left” of all kinds equally exposed swallowing capitalist Goebbels lies and in their “condemnation of terror”. Labourite willingness to feed foul warmongering is vile treachery, and so too is Trot entryism backing it up. But revisionist support for Damascus and its Putinite backers (instead of welcoming only imperialist defeat) is just as treacherous, lining Stalinists up with Russian gangster oligarchs, Trump anti-ISIS hate campaigning, the vile Egyptian Sisi dictatorship and even Duterte death squads. Their tangles underline need for polemical struggle for theory led by Leninist Party
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No 1502 8th December 2016
Dismay grows daily as Great capitalist Catastrophe pushes ruling class deeper towards degenerate fascistic populism and deliberately inflamed chauvinism and scapegoating – building the mood for the world war conflicts that are its only “way out” of epochal breakdown and collapse. But while the need to take on and end the depravity, incompetence and unfairness of capitalism grows glaringly more clear, the great blockage of anti-communism remains in place. Urgent and growing debate and discussion needed about workers states and their huge success, as well as dismal revisionist retreats, are avoided and blocked. Nothing sums up the failure and opportunism of the “left” better than their attitudes to the giant achievements of Fidel Castro and the brilliant revolutionary workers state built in Cuba; either sneering and damning it, (openly or by implication) or simply tailending everything it did. But Havana’s revisionist theoretical mistakes need challenging despite unconditional support for the workers state. Leninism must be built
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No 1501 27 November 2016
Donald Trump no “triumph of reaction” despite degenerate racist, fascist tone, but shows weakness of imperialism. Only failure and collapse of “liberalism” and the “left” gives it scope. Now more than ever the working class needs to hear revolutionary politics (Leninism) but all on offer is Political Correctness posturing and bolstering of “democracy” delusions. Workers turned away from hopeless “left pressure”, pacifism and class collaboration because they need to hear the entire capitalist system challenged. All “old politics” has failed and loathsome Trump racist nazism fills the vacuum with its ludicrous pretence of “challenging the establishment”. Equally UKIPers, Marine Le Pen and Alt Deutschland, Finnish nation, etc etc. Nazism is inevitable in capitalism’s decline into Slump and inter-imperialist Third World War, and part of it, not some special stage that can be stopped by “action on the street” (implying “democratic” imperialism is better) or with “anti-racist” campaigns. Only total overturn of capitalism can change things. “Left” anti-jihadism part of the problem playing into “war on terror” chauvinism and war fever alongside Trump. Leninist debate crucial
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No 1500 9th November 2016
Trump not the problem for the world – capitalist imperialism is, & unsolvable Catastrophic breakdown crisis, heading for war and destruction any which way. Reformist and “left” despair at US result comes from PC footling failure to take on the revolutionary questions – leaving the working class vulnerable to the fraudulent “anti-establishment” pretences of incipient fascism. The new Nazi tone is part of capitalism itself in crisis and cannot be stopped except by taking on capitalism and overthrowing it to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat. Fake-“left” condemnation of “terrorism” is part of the problem, lining it up with the imperialist “endless war” and the chauvinism being readied for the great conflicts to come. Trump trade war against Europe is the real war in preparation, as capitalism hits the buffers. Defeats for imperialist slaughter in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and elsewhere should be the call, not moralising - and urgent building of Leninist revolutionary consciousness by open polemics to re-examine all the questions of the past.
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