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Only he is a Marxist who extends the recognition of the class struggle to the recognition of the dictatorship of the proletariat. This is the touchstone on which the real understanding and recognition of Marxism is to be tested.--- V. I. Lenin

Perspectives 2002

No 1118 January 8th 2002


Under capitalism, all 'reform' demands ('left' or black nationalist) only add to cynicism and hypocrisy.

The conflicting and unresolvable arguments about how to improve race relations in Britain are themselves exactly a reflection of what caused the flight into ghettoisation, separate-faith schools isolation, and northern city riots in the first place.

The 'problems' about which no one can find a cure or agree, lie in the dissatisfaction with life itself under the inevitable class-hierarchy tensions of the winners v losers capitalist system.

On top of the jeering resentment of the very rich by the relatively poor majority because of the injustice, unfairness, and exploitation by which the extremes of wealth are accumulated and then preserved, there must be added the unavoidable sense in the non-white population that a lot of their difficulties some from discrimination.

And the racial prejudice is very real, too, and colossally hurtful, — clearly the overwhelmingly dominant issue as far as most non-whites are concerned.

But the black nationalist response to the outrage of race-discrimination, — trying to fight it as a single issue with a 'reform' solution based on putting 'moral' pressure on racists to get them to behave differently, or legal curbs to stop them acting prejudiced, is not only doomed to frustration for as long as capitalism lasts(which automatically endlessly breeds bitterness, envy, and tribalism in all races), but will be used by racists to further justify their resentment of 'difference'.

All 'reformist' 'solutions' to ALL Britain's social (and 'racial') problems will only have this aggravating effect in the end precisely because there can be NO 'solutions' under capitalism, the preservation of which is the sole real purpose for the very existence of 'reformism' in the first place, — the never-ending pretence that the unstoppable monopoly-imperialist accumulation pattern of the 'free market' can be legislated towards ever-increasing 'fairness' and 'justice' via 'democratic government'.

The silliest deception of all rests in the universal make-believe that the plain sad reality that capitalist society has presented the world with in 2001, — race-riots in cities, ghetto-isolation of ethnic minorities, withdrawal into single-faith schools in despair of social justice any other way, retreat into black-nationalist cultural postures out of self-protection instincts, etc, etc, are all the result of 'mistakes in policy which can now be put right by 'capitalist democracy'.

But quite obviously, envy, prejudice and fear, plus serious communal conflicts when things go seriously wrong in the economy, are exactly what capitalist society is capable of, and all that capitalism is capable of.

An even bleaker picture is presented by the historical record of 'capitalist democracy', and by its current 'world leadership' preoccupations.

The Western-backed genocide of the Palestinian nation in order to complete the handing over of the Palestinian homeland to the Western Zionist-imperialist leadership of world Jewry to build a 'national home' for the faith-linked freemasonry of some of the Western world's most powerful monopoly-capitalist banking and commercial dynasties is one of the most monstrous, sustained acts of official racism in all world history.

The West's 'liberals', 'democrats', and 'reformists' can swear hostility to 'racism' in society for all they are worth, but the very existence of the Western way of life is based on its world economic domination, which in turn is totally dependent on the USA's international military-control system for propping up armed stooges like the Zionists, and putting down any local Third World regimes which might challenge the Washington 'New World Order'.

This planet-wide network of ruthless blitzkrieg repression is unashamedly 100% racist, by the very definitions of the First World dominating the Third World, and by the utterly merciless brutality with which the master-races put down the Earth's unter-mensch.

Growing up for 7 generations or more with such a regular routine race-superiority/race-inferiority background to all history, how can the people of the Western imperialist countries not be steeped in prejudices, and assumptions, and hypocrisy of all kinds, concerning what real 'justice' there is on earth for the overwhelming majority (non-white) of mankind????

These fascist tyrannies against the Palestinian and Iraqi nations are happening in the West's name right now, as criminally murderous as any racist-atrocity injustices in all history.

How can there be anything other than complete disbelief, suspicion, and mistrust in all dealings between the majority ethnic populations of the world and the minority White master-race?????

But just as bad as the petty-bourgeois white 'reformist' delusions that the capitalist world can be changed to one which has perfect equality and justice, are the 'reformist' delusions of the black-nationalist middle-class who basically just want to climb on the bandwagon of Labour or other 'parliamentary' opportunism, and ape their 'party democracy' careerist colleagues in pretending that just one more inquiry, or just one more complete new legislative changer, etc, etc, will "transform race-relations in Britain", etc.

Under capitalism, and especially facing a long period of deepening world economic crisis which will see xenophobic warmongering-chauvinism become the main policy platform for every Western power to divert the unemployed masses at home from revolution (blaming 'abroad' for the slump economic difficulties and trade-war disasters), the lives of most of the population will never be far from turmoil, dire insecurity, or real suffering and a vengeful sense of grievance of one kind or another.

Brought up and educated in total brainwashed political and historical ignorance, how can all Western populations possibly avoid being whipped up by racist diversions thrown into the domestic bargain.???

The whole 'immigration' racket is a capitalist exploitation fraud to start with, and has been for hundreds of years, shipping vast numbers of people back and forth around the globe all for the sake of economic domination and exploitation. Slave trade & anti-Third World genocide (America, Australia, etc) were the tragic human suffering at the start of this bourgeois-imperialist racket; race-riots in slump-terrified Western lands will mark its conclusion

The USA points the way. It has experienced more dramatic 'civil-rights' and anti-slavery struggles and victories, and has had more outstanding integration triumphs at the top of public life, backed by as much 'political correctness' as can be imagined, as any country on earth. But the racial tensions in parts of America, and the expectations of future racial strife, are more violent and bleak than at any time in US history, — driven into that volatile condition by the insanely unrealistic propaganda for the American capitalist way of life which pretends that a fabulous life for all US citizens is guaranteed now for all time by the American 'New World Order'.

That lying hypocritical dream will not fall apart in the most appalling civil-war bloodshed (at some time in the future) just because US global domination is based on racist-fascist tyranny, as seen above, but much more because in the international economic collapse, the imperialist bourgeoisie can only try to pass off the burdens of slump and collapse onto the working class everywhere.

Tragically, class prejudices are likely to be indistinguishable from racist prejudices for a while for many of the victims of the world slump, and it will require a massive rebuilding of an international Marxist-communist revolutionary movement to rally all spontaneous outbursts and struggles into a class war to take power to build a workers state, universally.

'Reformists' of all kinds, — New Labour, Black Nationalist, Lib/dems, BNP, and dozens more to come, — will be the main obstacle, — still all trying to sell to the working class the idiotic dream that the totally unstable, divisive, unfair, and unjust capitalist exploitation system can somehow be 'reformed' into a much happier society by this or that series of changes, major or minor.

It is garbage. If a capitalist country's entire population was totally cloned like peas in a pod, they would still be bamboozled into taking it out on each other when things went wrong if they had been brought up in the brainwashed ignorance such as rules Western 'democracy' today, living a totally false economic existence based on worldwide racist exploitation and tyranny.

All American and other Western history once again proves it. Since the 19th century, every new wave of exploited immigrant labour has been systematically vilified with officially condoned racism, always ready to divide and rule the working class in case of slump and revolutionary necessity, — anti-Irish, anti-Jewish, anti-Polak, anti-Spic, anti-Spade, anti-Paki, anti-anything-that-goes.

Get rid of capitalism, and all need for such backward, lunatic, racist filth disappear.

The 'race-reform' lobby is not especially bad or stupid, but it is as misleading a fraud and diversion to the working class as any other reformist delusions. It disarms the working class from the crucial understanding that its historical destiny is to make the greatest revolutionary advance in the entire record of civilisation, to rid the world of class domination, by building the true democracy of workers states under the dictatorship of the proletariat.


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