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Only he is a Marxist who extends the recognition of the class struggle to the recognition of the dictatorship of the proletariat. This is the touchstone on which the real understanding and recognition of Marxism is to be tested.--- V. I. Lenin

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No 1636 30th November 2023
Mass world opinion reels from Zionist child-butchering genocide in Gaza, but still ignored are the real lessons of the imperialist Catastrophe of unstoppable economic and ecological collapse, as Marxism has always warned. Only revolutionary class war Leninist understanding can rescue whole world from even greater depravities than Palestine, as monopoly capitalism disintegrates into World War Three, the only solution the billionaire ruling class has to Slump. Gaza horrors – forced out by Hamas’ justified resistance – of a piece with failing Ukraine war provoked as a Slump diversion by US empire through CIA/Nato controlled Kiev & to destroy both Russia and EU trade war “threats”, plus half a dozen failed wars before, from Iraq & Afghanistan to Libya & Yemen. Fake-”left”ism and Labour opportunism are workers’ obstacle and enemy – Labour & the TUC opportunism now as fascist as the Tories, and much of the fake-”left” lined up with ruling class on Ukraine nazism. Mass Palestine march dismay on Gaza is a good sign but shallow Trot and Revisionist “Stop War” pacifism is only a cover for capitulation to Nato on Ukraine and useless posturing on Palestine. Every group has treacherously “condemned terror” since the 9/11 explosive WTO attack – all still feed chauvinism and delusions about “democracy” “free speech” and “peace in a multipolar world”. All such is disarming petty bourgeois garbage even as imperialism shows its true fascist bourgeois dictatorship face – from Argentina to the Netherlands, Braverman to Trump. Fight for Marxist-Leninist theory crucial
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No 1625 17th March 2023
Near propaganda silence on Ukraine, save usual “warcrime” psyops fabrications, indicates growing failure and trouble for imperialism’s nazi-NATO war provocation and World War Three plans to escape the economic and political Catastrophe inevitable in capitalism (further intensified by new bank collapses and renewed global finance implosion). BBC “tweeting row” indicates even the migrant scapegoating trick is faltering (for the moment) and petty bourgeois faith in the lie of “freedom and democracy” is being shaken. Twisted Jewish-Zionist “left anti-semitism” demonisation of rising anti-capitalist opinion also runs into the buffers with latest nazi-settler rampages showing the true reactionary nature of the artificial “Israel” landtheft colonisation of Palestine and the rising coherence of Third World rebellion. But the fake-“left” still comes nowhere near offering the working class the revolutionary perspectives needed to overcome crisis cataclysm – and most capitulate to imperialist war hatred and backward chauvinism. Leninism must be built
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No 1624 24th February 2023
US warmongering propaganda lies and fascist censorship grow more demented as its nazi-Nato war on Russia in Ukraine descends further into paralysis and corruption, unable to push back Moscow resistance despite massive arms supplies. Splits in the warmongers’ alliance now closer to surface despite Biden bluster as sanctions burden deepens on the European “allies”, and it becomes clearer Catastrophe hammered US imperialism’s main target is Europe itself, confirmed by new detail on US NordStream sabotage plot. Shaming social chauvinist and social-pacifist fake-“left” capitulation to the Western war lies exposes their treachery which keeps the working class fooled and diverted from grasp of capitalist collapse, hamstringing growing strike struggle against Slump cuts. Warmongering will add to the Slump burden as ruling class spends on “guns not butter”. Still the fake-“left” refuses to spell out the revolutionary necessities revealed by this sick warmongering, or make DEFEAT for Nato and its stooges the call (but no support for idiot Putin). Multi-polarity Stalinist “peace struggle” crap disarms workers
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No 1622 13th January 2023
Deepening of the winter strike wave is an excellent sign of determination and working class disgust at the arrogance and contempt of the ruling class as it tries to further impose its Slump Catastrophe on them. But workers’ fights remain vulnerable to setbacks and demoralisation until a revolutionary understanding is built, seeing all these battles as part of the giant struggle to overturn monopoly capitalism’s world war three and establish workers states, the crucial discipline for building socialism. That is impossible until the entire fake-“left” leadership’s kowtowing to bourgeois “democracy” is challenged and exposed along with its chauvinism and anti-communism. Most of all workers needs a clear international perspective, without which the degenerate siding of Labour, TUC and most fake-“leftism” with NATO’s warmongering against Russia and against world “terrorist” revolt will mislead and undermine the struggle. Leninism vital
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No 1621 20th December 2022
Workers’ strike determination against capitalist slump is excellent but until serious revolutionary politics are studied will only tread water at best in wages terms, while ever worsening austerity cuts drive general conditions into penury and despair. Fragmentation and separation of union actions by the opportunist and treacherous TUC is a major weakness, threatening defeat and demoralisation. But the real problem facing workers is lack of understanding of the Catastrophic crisis and the degeneracy of the capitalist order driving the world towards total war (WW3) in its desperation to escape it. The vital fight to overturn the decadent, corrupt and incompetent ruling class can get nowhere while the working class remains hoodwinked with lies about “freedom and democracy” and stampeded into jingoist hatred of others behind Nazi-NATO and the gross depravity of Kiev’s fascist nationalists rather than calling for their defeat. Labour and TUC repeat anti-communist lies and hatred of workers states making them the enemy of the working class too. But worldwide struggle is rising and capitalism is doomed.
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No 1620 30th November 2022
Workers’ anger at crisis & Slump grows daily, ever more ready to fight against it. So why does the TUC not call a full-on coordinated General Strike against this stinking corrupt, arrogant and incompetent ruling class, combining all the power of the working class instead of frittering away class strength in piecemeal mini-strike fragments?? Answer: because it instantly raises questions over WHAT HAPPENS NEXT – which means explaining the collapse and disintegration of the whole monopoly capitalist system into Slump and war, the revolutionary perspective which alone can now take the world forwards. But class collaborating anti-communist union leaders and the Labourite “political wing” are part of the system. They will never give the class the lead they need to overturn this system. Build Leninism, which will.Find issue here
No 1619 4th Novbember 2022
International inflationary breakdown and collapse deepens, destroying ever more lives and livelihoods while the monopoly capitalist ruling class pushes the world into destruction and turmoil with its sick and degenerate nazi-NATO war on Russia, the prelude to total World War Three. But despite paralysis and degeneracy of the outmoded bourgeois system – most obvious with the British ruling class, now the weakest link in the imperialist chain as governments collapse one after the other – the struggle to end this sick and vile exploitation system remains hamstrung and hampered by continuing anti-communism, illusions in reformist pressure and bourgeois democracy. Fake-“leftism” of all shades continues to mislead – treacherously backing the West and its Ukrainian nazi stooges, or outright supporting the philistine Putin without challenging his anti-communist stupidities. Defeat for NATO yes but no support for such a philistine. Huge debate needed to re-establish Marxist-Leninist theory for revolution
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No 1618 11th October 2022
Western pipeline and bridge sabotage makes clear the multiple agenda for the nazi-NATO run war in Ukraine. First is devastating Europe with sanctions and blitzing, to wipe out German-led European competition, long crippling US commerce and industry. Second dealing with Russia, its lesser competition and the potential for revived communism. Third, surrounding China for further war, and fourth, distracting working class attention from the universal Catastrophic failure of the monopoly capitalist system, long predating Ukraine and the CAUSE, not the RESULT of the war. It also is a deliberate distraction, heading off revolutionary fervour into chauvinist hatred. Above all, it is the next phase in WW III, building up since Serbia, Iraq, & Afghanistan – the only way out of crisis for the degenerate and vicious bourgeois ruling class. Grasping all that means understanding capitalism’s crisis, possible only with a Marxist perspective - the vital theory to lead revolutionary class war overturn, the only way out of disaster
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No 1617 23rd September 2022
In-your-face budget, bolstering the rich, and suppressing the poor and desperate, is a declaration of civil war by a British ruling class which is on the ropes in the international trade war and capitalism’s Catastrophic breakdown. Immediate plunge in the pound shows its hopeless incompetence. To fight back the working class needs a revolutionary perspective of class war, challenging the complacency and opportunism of class collaborating TUC leaders and treacherous Labourism. Acceptance by fake-“lefts” of the degenerate nazi-NATO war in Ukraine, propping up Zelensky’s anti-communist fascist scumbags, with demented Goebbels lies illustrates the sick opportunism and misleadership which holds workers back. Enough is Enough is not enough – Marxist-Leninst science is the need
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No 1616 9th September 2022
The insulting Tory “election” fraud and absurd “new broom” pretence does nothing to solve disastrous hurricane economic failures and political breakdown caused by incurable contradictions of the profit making capitalist system. The farcical hype further confirms the hoodwinking lie of capitalist “democracy” – always a cover for the outright dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and big monopoly interests and about to be imposed with open ruthlessness as the savagery of the Slump forces workers into a desperate fight for survival. As boycotts, riots and strikes erupt expect censorship, police repression and state civil war violence more vicious than during the miners strike. Labourite-TUC opportunism (including ‘militants’) still holding workers back from the revolutionary understanding that is vital to guide the coming struggle - disarming them with class collaboration illusions and anti-theory philistinism. Fake-“leftism” just as treacherous. The gross diversion of the “Ukraine war for freedom” continues to fool workers.
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No 1615 22nd August 2022
Tory ruling class paralysis in the face of raging inflation, disintegrating services and and growing proletarian unrest reflect an out-of-time bourgeois-capitalist system long ripe for overthrow. Much worse is to come as monopoly imperialism stampedes unstoppably towards catastrophic slump collapse. Reformist demands on the capitalist state (“left”, or Green) for nationalisations, “price freezes” or “a fair deal for workers” are are completely futile and head the workers away from the necessary revolutionary class-war fight to end capitalist chaos. Rolling defeats in Ukraine are welcome but they will not stop war. The US empire will need bigger warmongering diversions to distract from economic disaster and remain top-dog against its main imperialist rivals - just as Russia’s moves to defend the Donbass and stop NATO encirclement is used as a scapegoat now. Only proletarian class rule can solve the mounting disasters and build rational societies in harmony with human nature and the environment
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No 1614 8th August 2022
West’s war provocations grow increasingly frantic as the monopoly capitalist system hits the rocks of long brewing inflationary Catastrophe. Defeat for the deliberately engineered Ukraine war behind the Kiev Nazis stooges but run by the West through NATO is increasingly on the cards and will expose more and more black fascist lies which set this provocation going. But even if Russia continues its advances, it will not stop war but make it even more likely. Capitalism has no other way out of its epochal crisis breakdown than jingoistic war diversion and destruction, while ratcheting up domestic repression, censorship and open dictatorship to suppress inevitable social upheaval as workers are driven into total penury by monopoly profiteering. Glaring need for revolutionary understanding is still ignored or evaded by all fake-“left”s. Leninism vital to be built
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No 1613 25th July 2022
Vicious Tory joke-fraud leadership “election” reveals panicked bankruptcy of a clueless ruling class staring into the headlights of the greatest economic and political Catastrophe in history. No parliament can stop the typhoon of inflation coming. No way out of the “overproduction” contradictions paralysing the profit system except destruction of the “surplus”, using world war – usefully fooling and diverting mass attention too with racist scapegoating and jingoist hate-filled populism. Hence Brexit and hence non-stop war from Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to nazi-NATO war on Russia provoked by the West for just this purpose. Hence the Truss’s hollow Boris-clone brashness with ruling class media keeping Boris Johnson warmed up in case, ready to trample over more “democracy” delusions than already in 2019. Third World eruptions like Sri Lanka will be non-stop, harbingers of world revolution, the only solution. Leninist consciousness vital
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No 1612 9th July 2022
The PM is a liar, twister and mountebank scoundrel and has to go. But so is the rest of the Tory crew, all a nest of poisonous vipers, mendacious manipulators and corrupt frauds. They should be thrown out immediately not decide themselves the next shyster to serve the degenerate billionaire ruling class and its vicious exploitation now driving millions into penury and desperation. But there is no challenge because anti-strike Labour and the rest are shysters too, fronting an entirely fraudulent racket called “parliamentary democracy”, pretending to change things but just lulling the working class and keeping it from revolutionary politics, the only way to stop the Catastrophic collapse of capitalism into Slump and World War Three. The fake-“left” bolsters the whole racket feeding illusions in “freedom and democracy” the same lying mantra Boris uses to support the NATO backed Ukrainian Nazi war on Russia. Workers waving Kiev flags should ask why they are on the same side as the Tories. Build Leninism
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No 1611 17th June 2022
Defensive struggle for wages and living standards good but cannot stop the economic hurricane which Catastrophic collapse of capitalism is bringing, nor the warmongering disaster the US empire is imposing as a diversion and crisis “escape route”. Only REVOLUTION to end the sick profit system can save civilisation and take it forwards with planned socialism. Defeat for anti-communist TUC class-collaboration and fake-”leftism” vital. Leninism needs building
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No 1610 1st June 2022
Revolutionary theory more urgently needed to comprehend the crisis failure of imperialism and its shattering impact on ruling class confidence. Tories split and slump plans panicked but ruthless class war goes on. RMT fightback hampered by reformist class collaborating delusions. Only revolution can stop the Slump and war. NATO setbacks in Ukraine to be welcomed but no support for Putinism
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No 1600 22nd October 2021
Crocodile tears for an assassinated MP cannot restore the credibility of the parliamentary racket or the floundering British ruling class now one of the weakest of the imperialist powers as the whole capitalist system heads for the greatest Slump & world war disaster in history. New “crackdowns” cannot stop a rising tide of international hatred and resistance from the Third World which spills into domestic “terrorist outrages” now and then but is an unstoppable tide throughout Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Instead new “security repression” only adds to the discrediting of the democracy racket as the Tory twisters bend the rules even more to try and stay on top (and Labour lets them) . Fake- “left” once more washes its hands by blaming the terrorists for “causing” repression, an upside-down nonsense when it is crisis wracked capitalism driving the world into chaos and deserved rebellion. Crude revolt will become revolution but needs a scientific Leninist leadership to build the mass struggle not “left” frauds
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No 1609 12th May 2022
Distraction and destruction twin aims for ruling class’s NATO war on Moscow, lyingly presented as an attack by Russia but instigated by western installed Ukrainian fascists, stooges for Washington. Setbacks for the Kiev Nazis (so far) expose CIA lies about an “incompetent” Russian army and the sick and demented Western psyops and media campaign of Goebbels “warcrimes” accusations against Russia (while ignoring Kiev death-squad fanaticism and atrocities). Huge new NATO funding and interventions confirm the war’s reality as the next stage in the West’s desperate World War Three plans to escape capitalism’s terminal inflationary Catastrophe. Defeat for US Empire but no support for Moscow’s Bonapartist anti-communism. Leninist revolutionary theory vital need
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No 1608 22nd May 2022
Labour, reformist, Trot and revisionist counter-revolutionaries crawl even further up imperialism’s fundament swallowing ever sicker and more demented anti-Russian propaganda lies on Ukraine and its Kiev Nazi warmonger stooges. But the CIA-MI6 deliberate defeatist disinformation is looking sick itself as the Azov fascists are wiped out and the Russian campaign regroups. Partial defeat for the NATO belligerence which started the war and trained its fascist perpetrators will hamper the crisis driven aggression but not stop the imperialist drive towards World War Three made “necessary” to escape the cataclysmic breakdown of the profit making monopoly capitalist system. Only class war to overthrow the ever more degenerate imperialist order will end continuous war. Build Leninism.
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No 1607 6th April 2022
Imperialism’s black-is-white lies on Ukraine, supporting the losing Kiev Nazis, now reaching demented proportions. Total lies on non-existent Russian “war crimes” cover up Ukrainian atrocities and fascist terrorising. Western coaching and hyping of Kiev underlines its OWN fascist nature, the universal condition of bourgeois rule as its slides into insoluble Catastrophic economic breakdown. Bourgeois democracy has only ever been hidden capitalist DICTATORSHIP, now forced into the open, imposing censorship as it heads for world war (the real point of Ukraine). Trot, Labour and revisionist capitulation to hollow hypocritical “freedom and democracy” lies exposes opportunism and treachery of most of the fake-“left”. Defeat for the West but Stalinist defencist support for Russia one-sided and misleading too; Putin’s bonapartist balance with oligarch $billions offers no future for the working class. Leninism must be built
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No 1606 16th March 2022
Western Goebbels propaganda on the Ukraine war more lurid and hysterical in its LIES as the NATO provoked conflict heads to deserved disaster for the West. Kiev fascist stoogery is losing despite ever more ludicrous claims about “Russian incompetence“ and outright fabrications on “warcrimes and civilian targeting” (a gross hypocrisy as the West’s onslaughts continue on Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya the Sahel and starved Afghanistan). Public opinion less easily stampeded with sick brainwashing garbage if the fake-“left” did not capitulate to the psyops pressure, pretending Moscow to blame. The few “left” who get that right still cause mass confusion by supporting Putin’s idiot anti-Leninism. Only DEFEAT for the West but no credence in Moscow’s oligarch-pandering. Even worse is the failure to explain this war as part of capitalism’s terminal Catastrophe, its economic and political crisis pushing the whole world into inflationary Slump and World War, which only revolution will stop. Leninism must be built
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No 1605 1st March 2022
Not Putin but Western imperialist crisis the warmonger in Ukraine, forcing (belated) defence of the eastern provinces after 8 years’ murderous bombardment killing 14,000. Propping up Kiev’s Nazis has produced a deluge of sick and upside down propaganda more depraved than any yet seen, pumped out by a cynical and knowing media which will have to answer one day for gross lies and emotive reaction. Censorship and Internet shutdown show supposed defence of Western “freedom” and democracy to be a giant lie – and try telling the Palestinians, Chagos islanders, Yemenis and Afghanis about “self-determination”. Backward and idiotic Great Russian nationalism is no answer either to the great Catastrophe which demands revolutionary overthrow of a has-been capitalism. But defeat for the West by any means to open the way. Leninism vital Find issue here
No 1604 1st February 2022
Monopoly capitalist plunge into the greatest economic breakdown in history is the real basis for the demented warmongering threats against Russia – an aggression by the West using Goebbels lies and inversions to blame it on Putin. Defeat needed for West but without supporting Moscow’s oligarch restorationism. The same terminal Catastrophe underlies the sick and degenerate sleaze and degeneracy of the Tory government, paralysed by the scale of the onrushing disaster, caused by the intractable contradictions of the private profit system, and the necessity it imposes for far greater “austerity” to be imposed on the working class. No amount of humiliation will make the ruling class leave the stage – instead it is preparing ever more fascist-minded repression and censorship. Biden’s US reign more unpopular than ever while Trumpism warms up civil war moves to impose the Slump. Lalkar/Proletarian support for Putin’’s reactionary role suppressing revolt in Kazakhstan underlines the treacherous role of revisionism
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No 1603 7th January 2022
Sleaze, incompetence and croneyist callousness on Covid; inflation; and the further impositions of homelessness, foodbank and drug-crime chaos and penury are pushing the weak-link British ruling class towards open dictatorship (as Trumpism continues to do in the US). When even backward rural petty bourgeois Toryism melts down, the game is up potentially for the parliamentary racket, already threadbare from decades of declining working class votes and contempt for reformism and Labour treachery. Ruling class problems compounded by Brexit disaster, trapped by the victory of the Irish national struggle storming towards full reunification – undermining jingoism and scapegoating the bourgeoisie always turns to in crisis. No crisis is bigger than the Catastrophe now unfolding towards dollar collapse and the rising turmoil of world anti-imperialist struggle (labelled terrorism) or in left turns in Latin America. Cuba stands firm against “democracy” colour revolution stunt but revisionism still fails to spell out the need for proletarian dictatorship. Leninism vitally needed
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No 1602 9th December 2021
Tory floundering in lies and sleaze bluster shows a ruling class which is split and losing confidence as economic and political crisis rapidly deepens – and shows mass opinion increasingly dismayed and contemptuous of corruption, incompetence and profiteering as endless austerity drives the working class down into poverty, hunger, homelessness and despair. The collapse in “democracy” illusions will push the ruling class into ever more open repression, (fascism) stealthily stepping up censorship, surveillance and police state violence, tearing up the “democracy” pretence even further and confirming the Marxist understanding that it is, and has always been, a (hidden) dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Only revolutionary class war to replace it with a proletarian dictatorship and socialism can change things. Leninist theory crucial need
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No 1601 15th November 2021
Dismay and protest over gross sleaze corruption & against the eco-cynicism of profiteering world monopolies are useful stirrings of rebelliousness but a long way from the revolutionary perspectives urgently needed to take on and overturn this degenerate collapsing world bourgeois system. Far more immediate dangers have to be faced, as a desperate and crisis ridden ruling class winds up international jingoism and scapegoating in preparation for the Third World War which is its only “solution” to the deadly hurricane of Slump collapse caused by its intractable contradictions. Economic catastrophe and international war will threaten planet wide destruction long before global warming and pollution, deadly and planet threatening as those are. Until Marxist-Leninist science begins to be taken seriously as the way forwards, the billions will be diverted and hoodwinked by “democracy” and “freedom” lies, trapped forever in exploitation and humiliation and the horrors to come. Condemning “terrorism” or blaming China for global warming simply stampedes minds behind warmongering jingoism – also fostered by the fake-“lefts” like the Stalinist CPGB-ML. Build Leninism Find issue here
No 1600 22nd October 2021
Crocodile tears for an assassinated MP cannot restore the credibility of the parliamentary racket or the floundering British ruling class now one of the weakest of the imperialist powers as the whole capitalist system heads for the greatest Slump & world war disaster in history. New “crackdowns” cannot stop a rising tide of international hatred and resistance from the Third World which spills into domestic “terrorist outrages” now and then but is an unstoppable tide throughout Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Instead new “security repression” only adds to the discrediting of the democracy racket as the Tory twisters bend the rules even more to try and stay on top (and Labour lets them). Fake- “left” once more washes its hands by blaming the terrorists for “causing” repression, an upside-down nonsense when it is crisis wracked capitalism driving the world into chaos and deserved rebellion. Crude revolt will become revolution but needs a scientific Leninist leadership to build the mass struggle not “left” frauds
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No 1599 September 30th 2021
Stung diplomatic response from France (and Europe) to the deliberate insult and fast practice of the AUKUS arms deal and Anglo-Saxon anti-China alliance, signals a jump in the inter-imperialist conflict driven by cutthroat trade war. Such hostility, echoing pre-war tensions before World War I & II is rich confirmation of Leninist understanding of the Catastrophic nature of capitalist crisis and warnings of its plunge into World War III between capitalist rivals. Coming disaster will be on a far greater scale than the 20th century horrors as early shock-and-awe “warm-up” from Serbia to Syria via Afghanistan and Iraq has already indicated. But the treacherous Labourites at their conference pay no attention and neither do the fake-“Marxist” Trot entryists – and all of the “left” inside or out succumbs to flag-waving jingoism whipped-up by the ruling class for coming war. Leninism even more vital
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No 1598 4th September 2021
Much more to the American and Western stooge pullout from Afghanistan than simply ending a failed project. Certainly it is a defeat and as such has released a stream of admissions, atrocity revelations and headscratching questioning of neo-colonialism. But the significance of the disaster goes far beyond Kabul, and raises profound issues understandable only set in the Marxist-Leninist perspective of the greatest crisis collapse in all history, building up to the all-out World War that is the only end point for the inter-imperialist trade war contradictions steadily intensifying as the Catastrophe unfolds. For all its humiliation the bankrupt US Empire remains the most powerful force on earth. Kabul pullout is about re-orientation towards the coming conflicts, abandoning the costly pretences of “democracy” in favour of isolationist world bullying and brute suppression of all world resistance to its continuing domination. But “jihadism” and other turmoil (secular or Islamist) signal the non-stop revolt is underway. Find issue here

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