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No 1643 4th June 2024

Election farce an even more desperate diversion than usual for British ruling-class – weakest link in a bankrupt imperialist system heading for the greatest economic crash in history. Labour offers nothing but more Toryism backscratching all the same hedge fund and banking fatcats that have plundered the economy into a privatised social, economic and environmental disaster from the Post Office to the NHS. Worse still its anti-left “discipline” is on a path to outright fascist suppression and police state censorship and control already seen with the sick “left anti-semitism” lies to support disgusting Zionist butchery in Palestine and backing for the Nazi-Nato Kiev warmongering in Ukraine. Palestine already disastrous for imperialism with the Hamas revolt undefeated (despite the horrifying cost) and imperialist “democracy and freedom” hypocrisy and lies torn to shreds. But fake-“left” offers no alternatives, with “ceasefire” uselessness and Ukraine “balance”. Defeat for Zionism, defeat for NATO is the revolutionary call. Build Leninism

The bizarre suddenness of the Tory election call indicates a new level of panic in the British imperialist ruling class as unstoppable world economic crisis continues to unravel into the greatest Slump in all history.

The whole international capitalist order is teetering on the edge of utter Catastrophe as the endlessly credit inflated dollar reaches the point of total implosion – a collapse of the world trade currency with never-seen-before consequences for the entire framework of monopoly capitalist exploitation.

At the same time setbacks for its vicious Nato and nazi-Kiev diversionary war “solution” in Ukraine, and from the staggering tenacity of the Palestinian liberation war in Gaza against the psychotic Zionist/imperialist occupation-holocaust, are compounding the US Empire’s desperation (and of its stooges like Britain) as the sheer horror and depravity of its warmongering rule is more glaringly spotlit than ever before and public dismay and protest deepens continuously.

The obviously choreographed slipping into place of the pre-prepared Labourite bourgeois B-team ahead of schedule, to hold the line for a near paralysed and incapable Tory establishment, suggests the Catastrophic breakdown of the international monopoly capitalist system is unravelling even faster than thought.

Some bourgeois press commentary hints at just that:

There was an economic logic to Rishi Sunak’s election dash, a decision that defied earlier predictions of a vote in the autumn or even winter. The prime minister could see that hopes of a recovery were fading, and with them his chances of redemption as architect of future British prosperity.

Unemployment was going to continue rising. Inflation, after falling steadily over the past year, could bounce back in the autumn. And interest rates, which are a burden for mortgage payers and indebted businesses alike, looked like remaining stubbornly high.

This all meant an economy that had looked set a few months ago to be gathering strength without generating higher inflation – and with flat prices allowing the Bank of England to reduce the cost of borrowing – would be at best a neutral factor in the election, and at worst a stick for Labour to beat the government with. A vote-enhancing outcome was still possible, but the balance of risk had shifted – and not in Sunak’s favour.

Crucial to this outlook for the economy were less-than-sunny reports from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). They both predicted that, after a modest bounceback from last year’s recession, the momentum to drive growth would be lacking until at least next year.

The OECD was especially pessimistic: it poured buckets of cold water on Sunak’s aspirations by suggesting that annual growth this year would be just 0.4%. The IMF pitched in with a slightly higher increase of 0.7%.

Official figures published after these reports showed that in the first three months of the year the economy grew by 0.6%, but privately many economists thought this would be revised down at a later date, and that with the Conservatives still in charge, growth would not climb above 1% for 2024.

Some Tory strategists, keen on playing a longer game, focused their hopes on a bigger drop in inflation through the year than was expected by the major international forecasters.

..However, some forecasters sit firmly on the other side of the fence, arguing that inflation could return, as it has in the US.

One of the reasons Joe Biden has failed to benefit from an economic bounce can be found in the inflation figures that dropped earlier this year to almost 3% before rising back to 3.5% in March and staying at about that level in April.

The US central bank has made it clear that interest rates are on hold until there are clear signs of inflation dropping back consistently to 2%.

Sunak was also shocked by the IMF’s assessment of the public finances and its view that a £30bn gap had appeared between what the government expected to spend and its forecast revenues over the next five years.

The IMF said that, to stabilise debt by 2029-30, the government would need to increase borrowing, raise taxes or make savings equivalent to 1% of GDP – roughly £30bn.

“And the rest”, and much sooner it needs saying.

Even this gloom does not grasp anything like the scale and scope of the onrushing crisis driving the gobsmacking chaos in the world, from sickening genocide in Palestine to the NATO provoked war in Eastern Europe all backed by every reactionary going from Boris Johnson to Emmanuel Macron and “Joe” Biden. What is really underway is the ever-nearer collapse of dollar,

Disaster has been unfolding for decades as the EPSR has warned non-stop but most obviously so since the intractable contradictions in its profit making monopoly system led to the great Global Credit Meltdown in 2008-9, the mother of all crisis breakdowns and the culmination of dozens of “smaller” or regional collapses (Black Mondays; Mexican credit failure; Argentine bankruptcy (twice); Enron collapse; Asian currency disaster; Russian rouble implosion 1998; and the Long Term Capital Management bailout; Japanese stagnation for three decades; Third World debt disaster (Nigeria has just seen its currency halved in value!!) and much more).

Only bursts of insane dollar “printing”, have kept the capitalist world afloat (just about), particularly since the 2000 dotcom failure and then the great 2008-9 Global Bank failure, which brought the world to the edge of a “financial nuclear winter – within hours” as then Chancellor Alistair Darling described it later.

But it has still meant savage “austerity” (i.e. Slump) and a ticking time bomb of credit failure at the heart of the world financial system which will soon dwarf any Slump consequences so far seen.

Hand in hand is the desperate need for the ruling class to drag the world deeper into world war tyranny while imposing increasingly open dictatorial suppression domestically.

That is the only answer it has to this unsolvable crisis a) as diversion, blaming the austerity (i.e. Slump) problems caused by its own “free market” system onto “outside forces” like “unexpected” war in Ukraine, (which it deliberately provoked itself by years of $billions skulduggery and manipulation and which is the result of crisis not the cause, (even though now making things worse)); b) as a means of destroying the great oceans of ever-accumulating “surplus capital” which are the cause of crisis (as Marx explains – see page 6 box) and as well; c) to blitz and suppress all rising resistance to its tyranny (hugely increasing through the non-imperialist world and increasingly within it).

But things are not going well, public discontent is reaching near boiling point and the ruling class is split every which way over how go forwards, shattered by the unsolvability of its breakdown and terrified by the armageddon it is leading towards.

Reactionary Labour will change nothing.

The path is set and will not be stopped until the ruling class is stopped, defeated in its ever more disintegrating but vicious paralysed degeneracy and then overthrown by working class struggle, the revolutionary class war to end its system forever.

But an election fools the masses and distracts attention the ruling class hopes; that is why it allowed the whole “popular mandate” bourgeois democracy system to develop in the first place, pulling a veil over the real power in the land, the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, whose big money and the state forces that protect it, take all the significant decisions (as Lenin explains in State & Revolution).

The pretence of “a choice by voting” still aims to lull popular opinion, buying enough time to step up the hysterical war atmosphere which is being prepared by the ruling class in the background, as demonstrated by endless plummy-voiced unelected generals, constantly wheeled out on the forelock-tugging BBC to warn of a “war situation” (blamed on the bogeyman Putin but actually instigated by NATO buildup for decades).

But it is a sick joke.

All these candidates are burning-pants liars, spivvy frauds, slimy careerists and two-faced shysters who run, or want to run, the same system, international monopoly capitalism, and cannot escape its crisis contradictions, built into the very structure of the 800 year old production for profit class society.

Labour or Tory, “green”, fascist reformist or “left” reformist, or fake-“left” “real socialists”, can make all the promises they like about “restoring growth” and re-establishing “stability”, or resisting the cuts, or calling for ceasefires, or “pushing out the migrant” scapegoats to “save jobs” but they are all totally cynical lies, which they barely make an effort to stick to (and constantly “revise”).

The whole five week campaign now is a last ditch attempt to keep the population on the hop and thoughts away from the setbacks for the NATO warmongering in Ukraine and even more the disasters for imperialist control unfolding in both Gaza and the rest of the Middle East as the dogged resistance of the Palestinians drives monstrous Zionist-fascist occupation into the barely comprehensible depravity and appalling horror which has sent the entire world reeling.

By filling the airwaves with the pseudo-“debate” of the election, the world’s disasters can be kept off the screens by a compliant (and well-paid) media, all po-facedly playing the PR game of “interviews” and “campaign visits” and earnest debate about irrelevant and tinkering minor reforms and PC diversions.

They bury the crucial understanding that the world is heading into the greatest collapse of all time, exactly as Marxist science – alone against ranks of the shallow fake-“left” – has long been warning is an inevitable consequence of capitalism and especially the contradictions of its monopoly imperialist phase (see economics box, the Communist Manifesto, Capital, Lenin’s Imperialism and virtually all of the last 1600 issues of the EPSR) and has been obviously so since 2009.

It is unstoppable, intractable and unsolvable except by ending the whole capitalist system, possible only by class war revolution to establish workers states everywhere by overturning tyrannical bourgeois class rule and its stinking, arrogant, injustice, inequality and degeneracy, and taking all “its” property, finance, factories and farms into common ownership to build planned international socialism, on the path to the rational society of world communism.

Until these questions are faced up to nothing will change and certainly not through social-pacifist pleading or protest.

Warmongering cannot stop, nor be stopped, least of all in some new “multipolar balance” as the fake-“left” revisionist CPs’ anti-Marxist evasion of revolution still pretends (sadly echoed all the way to workers state centres like Beijing and Havana) leaving workers misled and complacent.

Capitalism is collapsing not “shifting its centre of gravity”.

Vicious trade war tariffs and taxes, finger pointing demonisations and scapegoating of “evil totalitarian states” with ludicrous hate propaganda and endless doses of psyops lies about “spies”, “disinformation”, “hacking attacks” and “foreign subversion” - as well as racist scapegoating against “migrants” and “communists” – are all part of the degeneration and will just worsen.

All this is now so crude that the intelligence agency planted stories, willingly reproduced by the bourgeois media, barely bother to pretend any more. So, in the latest barmy made-up demonisation of Russia (one of many) for allegedly “waging a war of sabotage by arson throughout Europe using paid agents” the liberal Guardian – a main instrument for every kind of anti-communist and pro-imperialist propaganda – simply says:

While there is no evidence (e.a) that any of these incidents across the continent are coordinated, security services believe (!!!!) they could be part of a systemic attempt by Moscow to destabilise the west, which has backed Ukraine.

This is Boy’s Own or Richard Hannay level propaganda, but so brainwashed is public opinion by anti-science anti-communism, it will seemingly swallow anything, including daily bogeyman bullshit about “sinister foreign Internet campaigns” or “disinformation” or “secret surveillance”, (from the Western countries that invented all that!!) against Russia, China, and other victims like Myanmar, Venezuela, Bolivia, Belarus, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Yemen’s Houthis, Georgia, etc etc.

All counter-information – ie facts – are blocked and suppressed by total absence of any defence or commentary by the “enemy” in the “impartial” (!!) mainstream media (or even just neutral reporting) and with outright censorship such as the closure of Russia Today (now RT) television and Internet, by the “free speech” loving West).

What a sick joke of grotesque hypocrisy it all is and much more so after the outright killing of over 100 journalists in Gaza and expulsion of al-Jazeera by Zionism, as well as persecution of anyone trying to cover the Ukraine events (see Socialist Review below) and of course the continuing baseless and potentially murderous imprisonment of war-crime revealing journalists like Julian Assange.

The Labourites are fully signed up to this sick agenda and any hint of opposition to it even from the pathetic (and itself opportunist) Labour “left”, has been ruthlessly purged by Starmerism, (candidates and even sitting MPs replaced by pro-Zionist mountebanks and careerists) to make sure it is even more of a Tory clone than the Thatcher-loving, warmongering Blairites managed and even more hollow.

Such throttling “discipline” is a step on the road to outright fascist “totalitarianism” (as the Labour Party spawned before in the 1930s Oswald Moseley Blackshirt period) which all the “Western democracies” are now well along (as numerous censorship, “anti-terrorist” and “online safety” control measures testify).

Little sympathy needs be spared for the likes of expelled Jeremy Corbyn or Diane Abbott however, all desperately still propping up the “democracy” fraud, and who cravenly capitulated to the monstrous lying “anti-semitism” campaign to suppress left anti-imperialism.

Abbott even withdrew from the tepid and ultimately useless No-to-War “ceasefire” social-pacifist campaign against Zionist Gaza butchery (along with much other Labour “left” opportunist careerism like John McDonnell etc).

As Lenin explained, it is in workers’ interests to use the parliamentary processes which the bourgeoisie is forced to go through with as part of its “democracy” bamboozling, but only in order to expose what a racket it is, and explain the need for revolutionary struggle.

So the working class might yet want to vote for Corbyn tactically but only as a means of kicking the Labourites, with zero support for his still continuing parliamentary illusions (or anyone else’s) and keeping revolutionary perspectives in mind.

However workers should simply steer well clear of the single-issue black nationalist posturing of Abbott, selling her soul to keep in the Labour Party and thereby aiding its vicious Zionist agenda and its dire in-your-face Union Jack chauvinism.

The flag waving alone should knock on the head “anything is better than the Tories” shallowness some of the more craven of “left” cling to.

Equally they should spurn the “vote left Labour” opportunism of many of “lefts” justifying this fatal opportunism using the hoary old nonsense of Labour being a “Bourgeois workers party” despite Starmerism’s grotesque grovelling to the “City” and “business friendliness”.

That may briefly have been a useful term in the early 1920s when Labour had not been tested by the working class but is long past usefulness now, and is just a cowardly excuse to for petty bourgeois treachery (see EPSR No1142 02-07-02 eg).

On every count Labour is completely reactionary, 100% behind the bourgeoisie and purely counter-revolutionary whether it repeats the Moseley theatricality or not (fascism being just a more extreme point on a continuous spectrum of capitalist dictatorship, and just as possible without special parties as with them, according to circumstance).

But this candidacy mess, and Starmer’s ultra-opportunist backpedalling confusion on Abbott, (and cosmetic retreats from disgusting outright support for the Zionist Gaza collective punishment siege slaughter) underlines just how fearful the establishment is now, desperate to restrict any working class debate and divert attention from the dire international and domestic crisis.

It further exposes the giant lie that is bourgeois “democracy” in Britain and internationally, (ignoring the gross Western hypocrisy over Zionism’s genocidal atrocities, which shoots the whole “world justice and freedom”, “rule of law” “human rights justice” United Nations international court pretence full of holes, to coin a tragic phrase).

And this is precisely what Abbott et al do not say and have never said in decades of left opportunist posturing.

Other opportunism in the election might serve useful anti-Labour disruptive purposes, notably George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain, pro-Palestinian and hostile to the Ukraine nazis.

But again any tactical voting should be done with not a scrap of confidence in such “left” parliamentarianism actually achieving anything itself, since it will also be propping up the system as a whole.

The WPB heads workers away from revolution and particularly dangerously so given its saturation with “British jobs” chauvinism (symbolised by its Spitfire roundel logo!), Churchill worship and even worse Brexit nostalgia for some mythical “golden age” of “British industry” which is on a track straight into the gross jingoism that the ruling class wants to whip up for its warmongering purposes (but has trouble doing as such a moth-eaten has-been bourgeoisie).

Galloway is an anti-communist and anti-communism remains the bourgeoisie’s most potent weapon.

Virtually the whole “left” keeps workers quiescent with delusions about peaceful road “democratic” paths (impossible within capitalism as Marxism has long understood and as hundreds of post-WW2 coups, overturns, and wars have demonstrated, from the infamous 2-3 million-strong butchery of Indonesian left independence under Sukarno in 1965, and the General Pinochet coup against Salvador Allende’s “democratic socialist coalition” in Chile 1973, to street slaughter toppling of newly elected President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt’s “Arab Spring” democracy in 2013, and the violent swastika-toting CIA “colour revolution” Maidan coup in Ukraine 2014).

That enough remnants of the parliamentary democracy racket persist at all to keep the working class in confusion is barely credible.

The “Mother of Parliamentary democracy” in Britain is already at its most threadbare in history after centuries of keeping workers fooled (albeit sometimes willingly during the British Empire’s heyday in petty bourgeois-apeing “better off” layers, when there were crumbs aplenty from the colonial superprofits table for class bribery).

It was unchallenged by the great class collaboration tradition of reformist trade unionism and the Labour party it spawned, including its allegedly “leftest” government under Clement Attlee which actually ran the British empire post-WW2 in all its brutality – notably in the napalm testing Greek civil war, the concentration camp scorched earth suppression of Malayan communist revolution, the barbarities of African colonialism like Kenya, Nigeria and apartheid South Africa; and in the creation of NATO to encircle the Soviet Union – as well setting up the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the “partition” of 1947-8 to create the landtheft occupation of its people’s country and the ethnic cleansing genocidal oppression which has continued for 75 years since.

And on top of that Labour ran the most vicious colonialism of all in the ripped out “Northern Ireland” occupation, which became an all-out nazi-dictatorship in the heart of Europe complete with torture barracks (using all kinds of new techniques – see Cruel Britannia by Ian Cobain eg), H-block concentration camps, Diplock no-jury courts, arbitrary detentions, mass roundup internment, deathsquad shootings, sectarian killing and massacres, mass surveillance and nighttime raid intimidation of local communities etc etc.)

But the relentless relative decline of the British empire has steadily undermined all that and not least through the staggering national liberation struggle of the IRA/Sinn Féin defeat of the colonialist occupation (EPSR Books on Ireland 1-7).

After a century of disappointment, treachery and lies, the working class has long become completely cynical about the hollow promises and public relations gimmickry of hoodwinking Parliament and particularly the Labourites’ pretences of “changing things for the better”.

“Left” leadership now lags behind workers’ own spontaneous distrust of the sick and slick TUC/Labour establishment.

Voter turnouts have constantly declined, and where there was any interest it was purely negative, as the just-held local and regional elections demonstrated.

Turnouts in May were some of the lowest ever, reaching no more than 40% and usually less, with actual votes reaching no more than 16-17% even for the “winners”; the great disillusioned majority electorate just shrugged, and the few still participating were simply hostile to the incumbents; despite being a supposed “fresh alternative” the Labourites picked up far less than the Tories lost and even then unenthusiastically, as simply being “not the Tories”.

Scattershot votes for assorted independents, greens, and pro-Palestinians underlined the class contempt for all the main party mountebanks and twisters.

Nothing will change in a national vote, not least because the Labourites have virtually abandoned even the pretence of looking out for the working class – and even laud “economic responsibility” (ie grovelling servitude to the interests of the fatcats, international bankers, oligarchs and hedge funds) and abandoning any “promises” that they are told will “not be liked” such as their green energy programme.

Only the disgusting opportunism of the 50-shades-of-“left” (endlessly mutating) which has ridden along with the class collaborating “Labour movement” (TUC, Labour) for the last century and more, and nowhere more than in imperialist corrupted Britain (save possibly the US itself) now sustains the illusion.

Their continuing mindrot uselessness – saturated in philistine consumerist complacency, opportunism and the “peace struggle” retreat of Stalinist-seeded Moscow revisionism – means the working class continues to sleep walk into the crisis.

So the parliament racket continues to some extent, still with all the traditional and modern stitching-up done in a host of ways by monied interests using gerrymandered boundaries, brainwashed opinion, media lies, social media manipulation, advertising hype, and just plain exclusion from the process for anyone without resources for deposits, meeting hall hire, leaflet printing etc, etc.

Even so the emptiness and pointlessness has reached such a new low that it is touch and go how long its “democratic” effect can be spun out and even whether it will outlast the election day by much at all.

What happens, when nothing at all changes??

Worse - what happens when the post-2008 “austerity”, which has already driven more than ten million of the poorest into poverty, is hugely intensified???

Agonised reports from the likes of reformist past PM Gordon Brown already declare that more than one million children in Britain go to sleep each night without a bed to sleep in; mould fills what insecure rented housing there is; food banks and street sleeping are now “normal”, dentistry impossible for the majority, and doctors almost so, and the transport system an overpriced and incompetent mess.

(To all of which the question must be put – why George did you run the whole stinking profit system which is responsible for all this privatised penury??? After all the disintegration was already clear long before the “14 years of Tory incompetence” being cynically sloganised now.)

The ossified British bourgeoisie nowadays survives only by money laundering (drugs, tinpot dictators, oligarchs etc), tax evasion and similar finance dirty business in the City, (whose vital Stock Exchange is rapidly losing ground to Frankfurt, New York, Paris and Singapore etc) while hawking everything not nailed down to international hedge funds and overseas monopolies (the main reason for Brexit which dropped all kinds of regulation to give worldwide monopolies, and especially the Americans, greater access for their plundering).

To stay upright in the hurricane of ever intensifying international trade war it resorted long ago to “selling the family silver” from the Thatcherite period onwards (as pompous old Empire “grandee”, former PM Harold Macmillan complained in the early 1980s).

The economy was steadily opened up to firesale privatisation plundering by the world monopoly investors, pension funds, billionaires and most rapacious of all, the hedge fund system.

Even nailed down stuff is going now:

One was Admiralty Arch, the imposing ceremonial portal that leads from Trafalgar Square to the Mall and Buckingham Palace, commissioned by Edward VII as a memorial to his mother, Queen Victoria. The arch was sold in 2015 for £65.5m to Prime Investors Capital, which in 2022 sold it on to the property billionaire Reuben brothers. It is to open as a hotel in 2025, after some delays, with the usual luxury trimmings of spa, underground ballroom, roof terrace and top-of-the-range interiors, as the Admiralty Arch Waldorf Astoria. “How exquisite,” gushed the Tatler.

Outside the Box is a cafe in the scenic spa town of Ilkley, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. [Its] building belongs to Bradford council, which recently announced that this and 154 other assets were being considered for sale, in order to plug a gap in the local authority’s finances by raising a hoped-for £60m.

The OWO is a five-star hotel in Whitehall, London, an Edwardian baroque palazzo that was formerly the old War Office – run by the Raffles hotel chain, following a six-year “definitive transformation” by the transnational conglomerate Hinduja Group and the investment management firm Onex Holding, for a total project cost of $1.5bn (£1.2bn). Here guests can stay in ornate spaces touched by association with figures such as Winston Churchill, TE Lawrence and Ian Fleming, who all used to work in the building. Prices start at £1,000 a night for rooms and £20,000 a night for “heritage” suites.

[The] ‘magnificent community asset’, the Municipal Buildings in Liverpool were sold in 2017 for £10.2m to the Singaporean Fragrance Group and are now the Municipal Hotel and Spa. Other examples include Nottingham city council, which declared itself in effect bankrupt last November, and does “not rule out” sale of the city’s castle – with its Robin Hood associations – and the astonishing Elizabethan Wollaton Hall.

Almost all of the country’s local cultural infrastructure, which we have taken for granted since Victorian times, is up for grabs.

The OWO opulence, impressive if a touch joyless, is a world away from Bradford’s financial troubles. The council faces a shortfall of £72m this year, which, according to its leader, Susan Hinchcliffe, is because of cuts in government funding – a 60% cut in real terms since 2010, or £350m a year – and escalating costs of children’s and adults’ social care, which now account for 87% of its budget, the result of greater demand arising from increasing hardship and the growing costs of privately run care services.

It is thinking of selling: farmland, car parks, care homes and office buildings as well as the handsome Georgian building that was formerly Bingley’s town hall and still contains council offices. The Picture House in Keighley, a playful 1913 building that houses an independent cinema, is on the list. So is the 17th-century Old Manor House in Manningham, a Grade II-listed structure acquired by the council in 2020 to save it from terminal decay.

Councils up and down the country are struggling with similar crises. “All councils will go bust over the next two years,” said a Local Government Association spokesperson, “it’s just a matter of when.”

Out of desperation to not “offend” foreign investors and scare off “inward investment”, and to “save money” (while arrogant bosses cream off ever bigger “compensation packages”(!), emoluments (!!) and “bonuses” (!!!)), also come the great inhuman scandals and decades of callous ruination of lives and sleazy corruption, increasingly revealed – from the disdainfully victimised subpostmasters to the NHS Hepatitis and Aids contaminated blood; the crony corruption of hugely overpriced and often substandard Covid supply contracts (which killed many); the Grenfell fire horror from bent-regulation profiteering and cost cutting; the police state (and press) contempt for the Hillsborough football victims; decades of racist persecution for the Windrush workers, and on and on.

Rules are knowingly bent or ignored to keep companies “onside”, like Japan’s Fujitsu, America’s medical corporations or French cladding companies.

Filthy rivers and sewage-filled beaches tell the same story as water companies ruthlessly and cynically plunder capital value, not only “sweating” unrepaired assets to the point of breakdown to pay outrageously high dividends, but borrowing vast sums more to pay out to the fatcats, counting on monopoly exploitation customer payment increases to guarantee even more (ie a tax increase effectively).

Regulations and inspections are ignored for American hedge-funded farm combines running the huge chicken farms on the Wye in Wales, one of the most beautiful rivers in Britain and now a stinking open sewer from their effluent.

And staggeringly, after poisoning several towns in Devon:

The owner of South West Water has said normal service has been restored for 85% of its customers after unsafe drinking water led to more than 100 cases of a waterborne disease in Devon, as it raised its dividend payout to shareholders.

After cryptosporidium, a disease that can cause unpleasant symptoms such as diarrhoea and vomiting, was detected in the water supply in the Brixham area of Devon, 16,000 households and businesses were told by South West Water not to use their tap water for drinking without boiling and cooling it first.

Pennon Group, the owner of South West Water, said it had offered all customers issued with a notice to boil water compensation of £215 a household via a bank payment or bill credit, costing it £3.5m.

The company blamed a problem with its digital map system for the error and said it offered an extra £75 compensation to people given the wrong advice.

Susan Davy, the chief executive...added that Pennon had cut its final dividend by £2.4m, equivalent to South West Water’s record court fine last year, “signalling that we are listening”. However, the total dividend payout is still up from last year, at 44.37p a share or £126.9m – compared with £111.7m a year earlier.

Britain is the weakest of all the major powers, barely holding on in the increasingly rapacious trade war vortex of the world crisis, and that only by playing “bitch” to the dominant imperialist power of the US and its nuclear warmongering plans.

But the whole international capitalist order is teetering on the edge of utter Catastrophe.

Hyper-credit, during George W Bush’s time for tax cuts and then to pay for Iraq’s invasion and subsequent attempted control, and then to rescue the banks in 2008-9, was supposed let Washington carry through the Empire’s shock and awe plans for a “New American Century”, before the massive inflationary effects worked their way through the huge complexities of the world trade system.

Using terror blitzing and destruction of selected victims like Iraq “pour encourager les autres”, the aim was intimidate the whole world into continued subservience, supplying the ever more rapacious needs of America’s ever more concentrated but uncompetitive monopolies (see Boeing eg) and reining in any trade war competition, political or above all military, challenges from rivals for the topdog position.

Bush made it explicit, warning “that if you are not with us you are against us” and that anyone thinking of challenging US dominance, attempting a major economic, let alone, military confrontation, or even developing the means to do so, would be dealt with as savagely as needed (as even the powerful Germans found out in 2022 just months into the escalated phase of the “Ukraine war” when the very expensive NordStream Two gas pipeline was sabotaged, blocking the cheap energy which is a key foundation of its industrial and financial competitiveness with America).

But while plenty of countries have been destroyed, directly or indirectly, from little Serbia by the whole of NATO in 1999 (after a decade of low level war interference and inter-imperialist jostling between Washington and Europe) to Afghanistan; Iraq; Libya; Syria; and the Yemen, as well as the Palestinian nation, the world has not been subdued.

Instead masses have been stirred into ever deepening hatred, hostility and contempt for imperialist exploitation and most of all for America itself (and its sad little has-been British sidekick), though also for the rest of imperialism too, and currently particularly the French, across Africa and as far away as the New Caledonia Pacific islands.

Insurgency and anti-Western uprising have exploded – in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Yemen, and increasingly worldwide.

Haïti is out of control from “gang” war (despite its proximity to the US which once was able to keep it in line with coup after coup, and now is forced to rely on Kenya, the only volunteer to send in some police).

In the wake of the great credit implosion all this revolt jumped a further notch, exploding into the mass street revolts of the Arab Spring in 2011, spreading on into the Persian Gulf and stirring huge discontent throughout the Arab world, containable only by the imposition of brutal coups and wars, including Obama’s region-wide droning attacks on “insurgents” (taking out villages and wedding parties repeatedly), the NATO invasion of Libya (behind a bogus further expression of the Arab Spring set going by Western-paid anti-Gaddafi “demonstrators”); the full on war by the Saudi tribal killer-thug-royals on Yemen (controlled and operated by US and British military and their backup technicians (servicing planes, loading bombs etc)); the 2013 street butchery of hundreds to establish the fascist General Sisi “democratic” regime in Egypt, and the provocation of deadly sectarian civil war in Syria (with more paid demonstrators).

Twenty years of bombings, blitzings, drone slaughter, outright invasions and non-stop butchery, torture, massacres and provoked civil wars, special-ops skulduggery and deathsquad operations, counter-revolutionary uprisings (CIA “colour revolts”) and pysops finger-pointing big lie hatemongering and blame-targeting has have already killed maimed or starved millions from Serbia to Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya and Yemen without beginning to solve imperialism’s problems.

All this is the stirring of world anti-imperialism, despite sometimes backward and even reactionary philosophical notions held by the disparate upheavals and however much they are denounced as just “jihadism” and “terrorism” by the West and “condemned” by the whole spectrum of the fake-“left” whose petty bourgeois sensibilities recoil at the explosive crudeness of the growing hatred, and often suicidal self-sacrificing methods,(whatever the red ink and “revolutionary” sentiment they plaster across their newspaper banners).

Some of the “lefts” over years have even gone so far as to denounce the Hamas revolt itself as “reactionary” or “just another set up by the CIA and Mossad”, and were even doing so in the immediate wake of the October 7th Gaza breakout as in the revisionist-Trot-Kautskyite Weekly Worker CPGB-PCC paper, to name just one among many, (though as the Zionist atrocities have mounted and the genocidal horrors sicken most of the world’s masses, driving millions towards boiling point protest against the Zionist monsters and their imperialist backers, and potentially revolutionary sentiment, that political line has gone rather quiet.)

Certainly the Hamas ideology leading the struggle is not Marxism, and its religious Muslimism and fundamentalist puritanism ultimately could be an obstacle to the scientific Leninist revolutionary understanding that is vital to carry the world’s mass struggle to completion by ending not just Zionism but the entire imperialist order it is entwined with, which provides its major backing and which it serves the interests of.

But all these eruptions are the beginnings of the greatest revolutionary turmoil ever, and like Hamas can only become far more coherent, organised and determined, as the struggle continues – eventually either finding their way to build Marxist-Leninist revolutionary scientific leadership themselves or being overtaken by a leadership which is.

Either way it will be part of overturning the whole stinking, rotten and foul war system that is monopoly imperialism.

In writing about “terrorism” Lenin declared it shameful to “condemn” such struggles, and said only that if they were inadequate in their outlook or methods, then it was up to the Bolsheviks to work harder to win the leadership (see eg EPSR No1147 06-08-03 or No1234 25-05-04).

The Palestinian fight exemplifies this understanding completely with the heroic determination and sacrifice of the Gazan Palestinians shaking the whole of imperialism and exposing every lying nonsense it has ever produced about standing up for “freedom” “democracy” and international justice against alleged “totalitarianism” and “disruptive terrorism which just wants to destroy our way of life”.

Against the most incredible barbarity and unspeakable atrocities it has developed an astonishing level of fighting capacity through two intifadas (in the 1980s, the 2000s and now the explosive “Flood” breakout which have each time seen qualitative jumps in sophistication, technical, military and political capacity, and qualitative jumps in the blows struck against once seemingly all powerful Zionism and its crucial imperialist backing.

Staggeringly, considering the dreadful human cost, it has retained mass support among the persecuted population despite the most appalling privations, famine, suffering and bereavements; in fact increasing its backing both in Gaza and on the West Bank and also winning massive international sympathy and solidarity, sharpening the class struggle locally and particularly in the Arab world (with the corrupt bourgeois regimes all sitting on a volcano of potential rebellion), and all the way through the Global South.

For the minute it is Hamas’ determined and self-sacrificing militancy compared to the quisling compromises of the Palestinian Authority, (now virtually an all-out agent for the Zionist occupation, with its security forces trained and massively subsidised by Jerusalem and the CIA, and used to suppress anti-Zionist militancy) which wins it backing locally and from the international struggle against the whole imperialist system.

Its core understanding is its refusal to accept that “Israel” has the “right to exist”, the central question forever ignored, or rather deliberately suppressed by imperialism, but around which the entire conflict pivots and without which there can never be a “solution” (be it one-state, two-state or assorted “federalisms” proposed by the idealist fantasies of the liberals, nervous bourgeoisies, the “moderate” Zionist wing and fake-“left” social-pacifism).

And the answer can only be “not here, not on someone else’s land”, namely the whole territory of Palestine, inhabited continuously and completely for at least 1500 years by mainly the Palestinian Arab people and a few small minority groups like Christians and indigenous Jews, a longer established population than in many other countries and particularly England for example, which only became an established nation in feudal times (around the point of Geoffrey Chaucer using the English language, it could be argued).

That has nothing to do with any “racist anti-semitic” threats to the existence of the Jews themselves as the Zionists pretend; they should be free to return to their original countries be it eastern or western Europe, Africa or above all America.

Or free to stay on if they request it, in a future Palestinian state.

But Palestine was stolen by 1947-48 imperialist “partition” diktat at the US dominated “United Nations” and enforced and immediately expanded by brute force, using whole village massacres, torture, intimidation and non-stop terrorising butchery to drive out hundreds of thousands from their own homes, farms, olive groves, villages and towns (mostly occupied by incoming Jews or razed and obliterated).

And without recognising that origin of “Israel” as a completely artificial settler state, set up to “recompense” the Jews for the capitalist-imperialist horrors of Nazism and even more so to be a permanent instrument for imperialist domination in the critical Middle East region, forever smiting and smashing down potential mass struggle against Western exploitation tyranny, there can be no recognition of the causes of the conflict in Palestine, let alone any resolution.

The result is a permanently festering contradiction as the EPSR has long explained (No1212 09-12-03):

And every single slander of “anti-semitism” now works itself up into a lather via unstated reference to this assumedly “untouchable” question of “Why should Israel exist at all?”.

Every argument which strays in that direction immediately gets the “anti-semitism” boot right in the face, just as all Palestinian and Arab resistance since 1948 to that armed colonisation of the Palestinian homeland has been getting a boot in the face (and much worse besides).

Notice how, despite all the new flood, now, of unprecedented anti-Zionist criticism in the Western bourgeois media, there is still never any addressing of the only serious question worth asking if there is ever to be any resolution to this never-ending horror story of genocidal warmongering “Israeli” tyranny, — namely, why has this armed colonisation been planted in the midst of the Palestinian Arab homeland at all??? And why does it go on receiving Western imperialist protection, the highest per-capita aid-rate of any country on Earth, and generous licence to have access to any weaponry, including nuclear weapons, uniquely among all countries which are outside the magic circle of the major Western imperialist powers??

The question never gets debated in the media because the whole of the Western world knows that there is not a single shred of historical justification for the armed establishment of “Israel” in the Palestinian Arabs’ very midst, either then or now.

To any materialist rational-thinking historical judgement, the whole notion of planting a Western armed colony in 1948 right in the heart of the Arab Middle East is simply an utterly insane idea which will become one thing only in due course, — a festering sore of unendable warmongering conflict in the region.

And so it is now proving, exactly as the EPSR has always explained was bound to happen.

And the brainwashing nightmare to try to ensure that this questioning of the very existence of “Israel” should never get debated by a zombiefied world, — was also predictable too.

But like all propaganda stunts which go against the grain of history, this one too will in time crash in flames.

The postwar world HAD TO include some genuine elements of retreat from empire, otherwise the mythical nonsense of the “victorious allies” who would “respect peaceful coexistence” could never have been sold to a naïve trusting world by Stalinist Revisionism (to get all-out war-revolutionary struggle put on the back burner, giving the delusions of “good imperialists” (as opposed to “bad, fascist imperialists”) the chance to fall apart peacefully under their own “going nowhere” steam, etc, etc)

And this physical empire-dismantling (as opposed to the financial continuation of Western monopoly capitalist global empires) was what the armed colonial establishment of the “state of Israel” went right against the grain of.

It was, then, (and can only be, now), purely a matter of time before this armed colonisation implantation of Western Jewish monopoly-imperialist — (for that is the reality) — interests right in the heart of the Arab Middle East, (itself in inevitable all-out conflict with the West eventually, — out of the natural progression of incurable periodic capitalist-world “overproduction” crisis and warmongering sort-out), — became nothing but an endless explosion point in world politics.

As also said, the Palestinian people can never stop the struggle to get their land back – all of it – and the Zionist/imperialist occupation can never stop its smiting, inevitably concluding with a “kill them all” end point, (or drive them all away “transfer” ethnic cleansing) exactly as is now being attempted.

So horrific is this outcome, and so devastating for the whole of imperialism’s lying “democracy and freedom” racket, which it uses to fix public opinion for nearly all of its warmongering suppression of the rest of the world (like the NATO war on Russia) that it is now splitting the even the imperialist world.

Norway, Ireland, Slovenia, and Spain have just recognised Palestine as a nation, and even France indicates that it will “consider it”.

Majority vote after vote in the United Nations now calls for ceasefire, blocked only by the US itself, Zionism, its American backers and a few stooges like Britain, who are now increasingly politically and morally isolated in their continuing support for the Zionists and the astonishing assertion that the butchery of tens of thousands is simply “self-defence” even denying that it can be declared “genocide” when it has obviously been so, a total crime against humanity, since the first collective punishment days, consciously and clearly setting out to kill the civilian population by thirst and famine or drive them out as subhuman “animals” and wiping out their inadequate enough infrastructure, culture, homes and all means of life.

A deluge of deliberate fascist inhumanity, daily reported, confirms the picture of which only a tiny part can be quoted:

Just a few days after arriving at a hospital outside Rafah in the Gaza Strip, Dr Omar El-Taji – a urologist who usually works in Manchester – was woken up at 2am to operate on an urgent case. “A man in his 30s was brought in after his entire building was bombed,” he says. “He had an open wound to his abdomen, his hand was falling off, and his ankles were completely mangled.”

The man was quickly taken into the operating room. “The shrapnel had completely sliced through him – I had never seen anything like it,” says El-Taji.

The patient survived the surgery, but died two days later after he went into renal failure due to sepsis as there was no dialysis available. “This would not have happened in a healthcare system that was adequately resourced,” he says.

El-Taji was part of a group of international doctors who spent three weeks in Gaza, operating under the umbrella of the World Health Organization. It has given them a first-hand look at a health system that has been shattered by Israel’s continuing offensive in Gaza, where two dozen hospitals are no longer operating.

The team of medical workers arrived at the European hospital near Khan Younis at the beginning of May with suitcases filled with essential items, including medication, surgical instruments, and boxes of Quality Street. “For the kids,” says El-Taji.

“I thought I was mentally prepared,” he says. “But what we witnessed in Gaza was beyond anything I could have imagined.”

About 36,000 Palestinians in Gaza have died since Israel started its military offensive last October, according to the health ministry in the Hamas-run territory. There have also been more than 400 reported attacks on healthcare facilities and personnel and, according to the ministry, at least 340 healthcare workers have been killed.

As the doctors made their way into the hospital for the first time they say they found thousands of desperate Palestinian families packed into tents and cardboard shelters. Inside, they say they saw displaced families occupying corridors and stairs, making it difficult for them to even get in.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies what we have witnessed here,” says Dr Mohammed Tahir, an orthopaedic surgeon from London. “People bring in their children, who are dead on arrival, and want us to try to resuscitate them – even though their bodies show no sign of life. They then leave carrying the limbs of their dead children in cardboard boxes.”

The foreign doctors worked alongside Palestinian doctors, many of whom were themselves displaced and living in tents outside the hospital. A key part of the mission is to teach and train local medical staff and students.

“The Palestinian medical students are the real heroes,” says Tahir. “They have had their universities destroyed and flock to us for any knowledge we can impart that may help them, help others. They are young volunteers, who aren’t getting paid, but turn up to work every day, trying desperately to prop up a failing health system because the world has failed them.”

One day, the doctors say they visited the sites of the destroyed Nasser and al-Shifa hospitals, where the mass graves of hundreds of Palestinians were recently discovered, many stripped naked with their hands tied, according to reports published by the UN human rights office.

“It was apocalyptic,” says Dr Laura Swoboda, a wound care specialist from Wisconsin. “The sheer destruction was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Decomposing bodies still stuck beneath the rubble. All around us, we could smell death.”

As she walked among the debris, Swoboda says she saw overturned ambulances and a burned-out dialysis centre; medical supplies scattered everywhere and the sound of black body bags flapping in the wind. “There were notes scribbled on the walls of theatre rooms by doctors who had been hiding there,” says Swoboda. “And then in the rubble, I came across a human finger. It was like a horror movie.”


Prisoners held at an Israeli detention camp in the Negev desert are being subjected to widespread physical and mental abuses, with at least one reported case of a man having his limb amputated as a result of injuries sustained from constant handcuffing, according to two whistleblowers who worked at the site.

The sources described harrowing treatment of detainees at the Israeli Sde Teiman camp, which holds Palestinians from Gaza and suspected Hamas militants, including inmates regularly being kept shackled to hospital beds, blindfolded and forced to wear nappies.

According to the two sources, the facility, located approximately 18 miles from the Gaza border, consists of two distinct sections: an enclosure where up to 200 Palestinian detainees from Gaza are confined under severe physical restrictions inside cages, and a field hospital where dozens of patients with war injuries are handcuffed to their beds and often deprived of pain relief.

One whistleblower, who has worked in the facility as a prison guard, said detainees were forced to stand up for hours, or to sit on their knees. The source, who spoke out at risk of reprisals, said several detainees were beaten with truncheons and not able to move their heads or to speak at the facility.

“The prisoners are detained in a sort of cages, all blindfolded and handcuffed,” the source said. “If someone speaks or moves, they are immediately silenced or they are forced to stand with their hands raised above their head and handcuffed for up to one hour.

“If they are unable to keep their hands raised, the soldiers attach the handcuffs to the bars of the cage. Many of the detainees had infected wounds that were not being properly treated.”

He added: “The floor is very dirty, and it smells so bad that we were forced to wear face masks. You could hear sometimes the sound of beating and them screaming, and [a] banging sound like against the metal wall.”

The whistleblower said prisoners were given one cucumber, a few slices of bread and a cup of cheese, and that some of them were visibly malnourished.

The source claimed the military had no proof that detainees were all members of Hamas, with some inmates repeatedly asking why they were there. According to the whistleblower, most were considered suspects and some were released. “But they had not been formally charged. It was a kind of filtering camp, a provisional detention,” he said.

According to a report by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), which demanded the closure of the camp, “since the start of the war, all Gazan residents detained are classified as ‘unlawful combatants’, a classification which deprives them of prisoner of war status, enabling Israel to prohibit lawyers’ visits for prolonged periods, leading to a lack of critical oversight during a time of heightened risk of severe incarceration conditions and torture.”

The source described the field hospital in the detention camp as consisting of tents with an emergency room where patients underwent surgery on a stretcher as there was no operating table. The patients were handcuffed to the beds, they all had nappies and were blindfolded.

He claimed he was told that some patients had come from hospitals in Gaza. “These were patients who had been captured by the Israeli army while being treated in Gaza hospitals and brought here. They had limbs and infected wounds. They were moaning in pain.”

In one case, he said, he learned that a detainee’s hand had been amputated “because the wrists had become gangrenous due to handcuffing wounds.”

The source said he witnessed a patient undergoing painful medical procedures without any painkillers.


Fayiz Abu Ataya was born into war and knew nothing else. Over his first and only spring, in a town stalked by hunger, he wasted away to a shadow of a child, skin stretched painfully over jutting bones.

In seven months of life, he had little time to make a mark beyond the family who loved him. But when his death from malnutrition was reported last week, it sounded a warning around the world about a rapidly deepening crisis in central and southern Gaza, triggered by the Israeli military operation in the southern town of Rafah.

At least 30 child victims of malnutrition have been recorded in Gaza, but almost all died in the north, until recently the area with the most extreme shortages of food and medical care, where a top US aid official said famine had taken hold in some areas.

The arrival of Israeli troops in Rafah in May shifted the grim calculus of threat in the strip.

“The ongoing situation in Rafah is a disaster for children,” said Jonathan Crick, chief of communication for Unicef in Palestine. “If nutrition supplies, especially ready-to-use therapeutic food, used to address malnutrition among children, cannot be distributed, the treatment of more than 3,000 children with acute malnutrition will be interrupted.”

For months, northern Gaza, cut off by an Israeli military cordon, had been hungrier than the south. Aid mostly trickled into the strip through the Rafah crossing with Egypt, and the Kerem Shalom gateway from Israel.

Now the border with Egypt is controlled by Israeli troops, the Rafah crossing is closed, and fighting has choked shipments of humanitarian aid through Kerem Shalom. The supply of humanitarian aid into Gaza overall has dropped by two-thirds since 7 May, when the operation began, UN figures showed last week.

Much of the food still getting into Gaza is shipped to the north through new crossings, meaning the crisis there has eased, but people in the south are running out of supplies, the World Food Programme chief for Palestine said.

“We’ve got a week or so before people will genuinely run out of all assistance they were able to receive through April and the start of May.”

A floating pier built by the US and able to funnel shipments either north or south was damaged by bad weather and is expected to be out of operation for several more days at least.

An Israeli missile strike that sparked a blaze among crowded refugee tents last weekend, killing at least 45 people, was a grim demonstration of the urgent threat to civilians from bombs and bullets during the operation in Gaza.

Collapsing access to food and medical care may be a slower-motion tragedy, but one that threatens almost everyone in the south of the enclave now. Twenty international aid agencies warned last week that “the unpredictable trickle of aid into Gaza has created a mirage of improved access while the humanitarian response is in reality on the verge of collapse”.

They now fear “an acceleration in deaths from starvation, disease and denied medical assistance”, the groups, including Médecins Sans Frontières, Oxfam and Save the Children said in a joint statement.


Palestinian lorry drivers delivering aid to Gaza have described “barbaric” scenes after their vehicles were blocked and vandalised by Israeli settlers, preventing humanitarian supplies reaching the territory where much of the population face imminent starvation.

Drivers and contractors who were targeted on Monday at the Tarqumiya checkpoint in the occupied West Bank also said Israeli soldiers escorting the convoy did nothing to stop the attack.

The incident sparked international condemnation after videos emerged on social media that appeared to show Israeli settlers throwing boxes of much-needed supplies on the ground and at least one vehicle being set ablaze.

Yazid al-Zoubi, 26, said between 50 and 60 lorries had set out in the convoy.

“We were carrying oil, sugar and other things and driving from the Tarqumiya crossing,” he said. “We left in a convoy with an army vehicle in front of us and an army vehicle behind us, and we took a special army road that civilians could not cross. Suddenly, after 20 minutes on the road, near the crossing, we were surprised by at least 400 settlers. They attacked us. The rest of the drivers and I escaped from the vehicles after the settlers starting throwing stones at us.’’

Zoubi said the situation escalated when the settlers started breaking the windscreens of the lorries and piercing the tyres, then climbed on to the vehicles and threw packages of food into the road.

Aid agencies have described famine conditions in parts of Gazathat they have said have been caused by Israeli restrictions on aid entering the Palestinian territory. Humanitarian officials say the population of Gaza needs at least 500 daily lorryloads of food, fuel and other essentials but have received a fraction of that amount.

Zoubi said that during Monday’s attack the Israeli soldiers escorting the convoy stood back and watched as the settlers rampaged.

“We are shocked and surprised that the army did not provide us with any kind of protection,” he said. “Even though they were present and watching what was happening. The army was at the service of the settlers."

Zoubi said the drivers fled the scene but that when they returned later to retrieve their belongings, they were attacked by the settlers, some of whom were armed.

"At that point the army gathered us and ordered us to raise our hands on the walls,” he said. “The settlers were free to terrorise us. I have never been attacked so brutally before.

The violence has prompted dozens of Palestinian drivers to refuse to transport supplies to Gaza. Adel Amer, a member of a hauliers’ union based in the West Bank, told Reuters about 15 lorries had been damaged in the attack and that the total damage amounted to about £1.6m.

It was not the first time that Israeli settlers have tried to stop the flow of aid to Gaza. Last week, demonstrators blocked a road near the desert town of Mitzpe Ramon to protest against the delivery of aid lorries into Gaza.

This year, there were frequent demonstrations at crossings from Israel into Gaza, which hindered aid shipments into the territory. In March, the international court of justice ordered Israel to allow unimpeded access of food aid into Gaza.

Monday’s attack sparked strong condemnation from Israel’s allies. The US national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, described the incident as a “total outrage” while the UK foreign secretary, David Cameron, said it was “appalling”.

But obviously none of them, nor their Labour clones, are going to do anything about it; in fact they continue the arms supplies, as well as intelligence, political and military support that alone makes this possible.

And the butchery goes on in the West Bank too with the non-stop process of terrorising land theft now even accelerating.

And the absurd “defence” is still advanced that to raise any of this constitutes “anti-semitism”. Even the pro-European imperialist Observer has finally cracked on that one with its reactionary “liberal” foreign editor Simon Tisdall, (staunch defender of Ukraine/NATO warmongering against Russia, Serbia, Libya, and upholder of “warcrime” hypocritical sanctimony), derided Netanyahu’s use of the “anti-semitism” card against the International Criminal Court’s judgement:

Indignant protests by Israeli and US leaders over last week’s decision by the prosecutor of the international criminal court (ICC) to seek Benjamin Netanyahu’s arrest for alleged war crimes shone new light on an old reality: for those at the top who wield decisive political power, all people are equal – but some are more equal than others.

At the heart of objections to Karim Khan’s gutsy move is the unspoken implication that violence against Palestinians, a dispossessed, marginalised and largely voiceless people, is less wrong, or somehow more acceptable, than violence against Israelis, the privileged, protected citizens of an established nation state. To demur is to be accused, inanely yet inevitably, of antisemitism.

The self-reverencing fury of US and Israeli politicians, and some in Europe, is revealing – and dismaying. Hamas’s massacre of about 1,200 people last October was appalling, criminal and unforgivable – and must and will be punished. It does not justify Israel’s disproportionate, illegal and indiscriminately lethal response in Gaza. But they just don’t get it.

Palestinian lives matter as much as anyone else’s. How is it that western politicians so easily tolerate, ignore or defend the killing of about 35,000 people, at least 12,000 of whom were women and children (based on revised UN figures), through the bombing of homes and hospitals and the blocking and hijacking of aid?

Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, and the US president, Joe Biden, insist that arraigning Israeli and Hamas leaders at the same time implies “moral equivalence”. This is nonsense. There are “reasonable grounds to believe,” as Khan and his expert advisers state, that both sides have committed grave criminal offences. All those responsible must answer equally, whoever and whatever they may be.

Netanyahu and his co-defendant, the defence minister, Yoav Gallant, may think they are above the law, especially international law, which they contemptuously flout. Perhaps they believe, while enforcing the occupation of Palestinian areas, that Israel is, too. That is certainly the impression given by their army’s reckless conduct in Gaza.

This seeming “balance” against the arrogant Jewish assertion of exceptionalism is in itself outrageous arrogance of course with its world imperialist/colonialist high-handed judgementalism.

The Palestinians are the oppressed, fighting back against 75 years of non-stop persecution and genocidal barbarity (actually more like a century) and completely justified in doing so using whatever methods they are able; the Israeli (and Western) tyranny is 100% responsible and culpable for all the horrors being inflicted, including the tragic deaths on its own side (where there are no “innocent civilians” in point of fact but only colonialist occupiers until the day there is a new Palestine, to which all Palestinians are able not just to return from generations of refugeehood, but able to see the reinstatement of their property and land in full as far as possible).

And what then of the Jews in Israel? Let them remain if wished where they hold no colonially acquired land or give it back, let them return to their countries of origin (as some 500,000 did in the wake of October 7) and as many more have prepared themselves – as indicated for example by a flood of applications to Warsaw by those from Poland for dual passports).

No Israeli apartheid Zionist will ever agree this voluntarily and neither will imperialism, which needs this dagger in the Middle East to sustain its world exploitation control.

It is unavoidably a revolutionary issue therefore, and one intertwined with the world revolution against the American Empire and monopoly capitalism.

But that is not covered by any of the liberal or fake-“left” and their desperate efforts to revive the failed and always unworkable “two state” solution (which sees the Palestinians obliged to accept just 22% of their own land) or a dozen idealist fantasy variations of a single state in all of which they would still be second class citizens, permanently deprived.

Meanwhile, even pro-Palestinian petty bourgeois opini0n continues to be stampeded behind imperialism’s Ukraine war drive, fronted by the same bourgeois leaders as the Zionist onslaught.

The world desperately needs clarity and building of the revolutionary party to develop the Leninist science to provide it.

Brendan Jameston


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World Socialist Review

(edited extracts from a variety of anti-imperialist struggles)


Bourgeois censorship and lies about “free speech”

There is a noticeable lack of interest in the case of journalist Graham Philips and his egregious persecution by the British state. The silence from all those on the self-identifying ‘left’ who claim to be on the side of free speech, truth and justice is deafening indeed.

When speaking with those in Britain who still get their news and entertainment from mainstream media sources, discussions about government censorship of the media and persecution of journalists can often be met by bemused looks and perhaps a snide remark along the lines of: “This isn’t China.”

Such attitudes irresistibly remind one of a penned animal that doesn’t even realise it is living in a cage and believes it is free, simply because it has never cared to venture anywhere near the fence.

Take the persecution of Julian Assange, undoubtedly the most famous prisoner of conscience in Britain today, whose case has attracted widespread support from across the political and social spectrum, including from many individuals and groups who are otherwise respectable and faithful believers in the superiority of the western bourgeois system. Even amongst his staunch supporters, Assange’s case is typically viewed as an aberration, a shocking exception to an otherwise great legacy of the British ‘tolerance’ and ‘pluralism’.

The reality is that Assange is not an exception to the rule. Rather, his case is simply the most blatant and poorly disguised instance of a system of state persecution that aims a gun at the head of any truly fearless independent journalist who dares to lift the lid on imperialist crimes that the British regime – in tandem with its fellow imperialist regimes in the European Union and the usa – is trying hard to cover up.

The case of Graham Philips is hardly less egregious than that of Assange. Philips is an independent British reporter who reports about the Russian military operation in Ukraine directly from the frontline areas in the Donbass region. These areas are rarely visited by the mainstream media’s war correspondents, who tend to congregate in Kiev and Lvov, far away from the battles they claim to be reporting on.

It would be easy to dismiss this as simple cowardice, but there is in fact a more sinister reason: the frontline areas enduring the brunt of the war are precisely the areas where public sentiment is overwhelmingly pro-Moscow. This hardly fits with the west’s official narrative that Ukrainian civilians are supposedly being battered by Russian bombs.

Graham Philips is one of only a handful of western journalists who give a voice to the voiceless: the targeted but resistant people of Donbass who generally support the Russian military presence and see in Moscow a protector against a fanatical ultranationalist regime in Kiev that is armed to the hilt with western weapons and wants to mercilessly wipe out all resistance to its nazi-inspired policies of eradicating any trace of Russian language and culture.

Facts on the ground paint a picture that is the exact opposite of the ‘Putin is the new Hitler’ propaganda that the imperialist media and politicians have been hysterically bellowing for the past two years. Hence, the British regime’s attempt to silence Philips by slapping him with sanctions such as an “asset freeze” (imperialist code for hijacking your bank account and stealing all your money).

Philips is now virtually penniless and effectively stranded in Russia, where he largely relies on financial help from local friends. The London borough where he lives is attempting to take him to court for unpaid council tax, despite the fact that he no longer has any [way] to pay, having been banned from holding a bank account in Britain.

The government insists that it has not stripped Philips of his citizenship and that he is permitted to return to the country anytime he likes. Nonetheless, assuming that he somehow managed to obtain the airfare, government lawyers have suggested that he may face arrest upon his return for “breaching sanctions”: ie, for setting up a Russian bank account so that he could pay for food and other necessities!

In effect, under the guise of ‘sanctions’, the government has declared it a criminal offence for Philips to continue being alive.

As of January 2024, Philips’ situation does not appear to be improving. The administrative court has ruled against his attempt to get the sanctions overturned, although it is unclear whether he has the right to appeal.

In a 42-page judgement issued in January, the judge effectively declared that “promoting policies that destabilise Ukraine or undermine its territorial integrity or sovereignty” is now illegal under an obscure 2019 anti-Russian bill – the Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 – which seems to have been inherited from EU legislation.

In addition, the court claimed that because it deems Philips’ coverage to be “one-sided”, he cannot be protected under any free-speech or journalism laws.

Needless to say, the above arguments could all equally be directed at the western media outlets whose consistently one-sided coverage of the Maidan fascist coup of 2014 and the ensuing conversion of neutral Ukraine into a US puppet regime most certainly did destabilise Ukraine and undermined its sovereignty.

Ironically, the first several pages of the judgement are simply a rehash of anti-Russian, pro-Nato propaganda lines, presented as impartial background ‘facts’ to give ‘context’ to the case.

Naturally, the reaction from mainstream media to Philips’ plight has been one of gloating jubilation that makes their treatment of Assange look positively adoring by comparison. The logic goes somewhat like this: Philips’ coverage is pro-Russian, therefore he is pure evil and has no human rights.

This, from the people who lecture us daily about fighting Russia in the name of promoting human rights!

Philips himself has noted that although he continues to fight his case in court, the vast majority of so-called ‘human rights lawyers’ have refused to have any association with him.

Notably, the sole dissenting media voice opposing the attempts to portray Philips as the moral equivalent of a child rapist is the conservative Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens, demonstrating the utter bankruptcy and servility to imperialism among what passes for ‘the left’ in western countries today. Once again, we are seeing that a staunchly capitalist right-wing libertarian has a better understanding of the nature of the state and of imperialism than do most self-identifying ‘socialists’.

Philips is far from the only journalist to have been effectively banished from his supposedly ‘free’ home country. Currently reporting from Donbass like Philips, Alina Lipp is an independent journalist from Germany. She too has been threatened by the German regime with prison time for her reporting if she returns home.

Both are referred to in mainstream media as “Youtubers”, “bloggers” or “social media influencers”, as if someone is only allowed to be called a journalist if they support imperialist foreign policy and are paid by an imperialist media corporation.

As far back as the 1950s, the Australian journalist and committed internationalist Wilfred Burchett was banned from returning to his home country for almost 20 years following to his merciless exposure of imperialist crimes in Hiroshima and the Korean liberation struggle. The same was true of several British journalists in the same period, including Michael Shapiro, who spent the rest of his life in China.

From the Lalkar/Proletarian website



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