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Only he is a Marxist who extends the recognition of the class struggle to the recognition of the dictatorship of the proletariat. This is the touchstone on which the real understanding and recognition of Marxism is to be tested.--- V. I. Lenin

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No 1638 27th January 2024

Western blitz on long-blasted Houthis underlines imperialist desperation as its Zionist cohorts extend their degenerate, disgusting but demoralised genocidal carnage in Gaza. Whole world bar US/UK axis hesitant or turned against this frenzy of racist destruction. Anti-Western hostility rises ever further in the Arab street, the muslim world, the exploited Third World and even the metropolitan heartlands (also hammered like Port Talbot steel). Frantic imperialism, facing economic meltdown leans on fanatical Zionists to keep its WWIII “solution” going after 20 years of invasion and blitzing has failed miserably to solve unsolvable crisis Catastrophe. But backing vicious Zionist entity, unable to beat Hamas resistance, is a losing bet. Neither can put their world back together. Warmongering “answer” bought at huge cost exposing grotesque hypocrisy and glaring fraud of post-war “democracy”, “rule of law” “United Nations” and “freedom” still propped up by fake “leftism”. Revived “two state” solution even is more gross hypocrisy. Collapse into war horror will stop only when conscious revolution ends capitalism.

Washington’s further missile and bombing runs against the “rebellious” Houthis in Yemen are a hair-raising escalation of the Zionist’s horrific and continuing genocidal war butchery in Gaza but also a sign of imperialism’s desperate weakness as crisis-driven international revolt widens.

The hugely expensive naval interventions obviously are not neutrally “protecting the sea lanes” but escalate the Empire’s support for the Zionist holocaust against the Palestinians, not least since the Houthi missile and drone warnings are explicitly stated to be against shipping with a connection to Zionland.

As every halfway rational commentator has said, they would stop in an instant if there were a ceasefire.

But Washington and its nasty but has-been British sidekicks, don’t want to stop.

Like the Jewish occupiers of Palestine they want warmongering, to terrorise an end to the rising worldwide revolt caused by the Catastrophic breakdown of the capitalist economic and political order.

And they need warmongering secondly, as a general distraction from and “solution” (!) to the great breakdown of their entire system into the deepest and most shattering Depression in all history (as the Port Talbot workers are finding out).

What workers need urgently is to grasp this crucial Marxist perspective of total economic collapse if they are not to be pushed back in the great class war struggles that are coming as the capitalist system fails completely.

The horrifying genocide unfolding in Palestine (and incidentally in Yemen for seven years previously under US/UK guided Saudi blitzing, where even more were killed, and much of the population remains on the edge of famine) is just a part of the far greater destruction to come in full-on world war which is the only answer capitalism has to the intractable contradictions of its profit-based “free market” system.

As Marx first spelled out in the Communist Manifesto and analysed in detail in Capital more than 150 years ago, under capitalism there is no other way out of the over-production and profit-collapse crises, which are an inherent part of the “free market” system as it developed in Europe over the last 800 years.

Wipeout and destruction of constantly built-up “surplus” capital must follow every “boom” as the competitive struggle forces bankruptcies, closures and mass unemployment in ever worsening slumps.

In the epoch of imperialism (twentieth century on) it is not enough to simply shut down rivals even by the dirty dealing and mafia-style thuggery that becomes ever more prevalent; the giant scale of ever more concentratedly owned but globalised production in vast national and international corporations and parasitic finance networks, demands mass destruction to resolve inevitable “overproduction” with too much “stuff” being made and too little saleable (at the extortionate prices required for profit-making - see economics box)).

Lenin’s Bolsheviks showed that in the monopoly phase of capitalism, when there is nowhere left for colonial expansion to relieve the crisis pressure (by exporting capital), the result is gigantic wars for domination between the great imperialist blocs (after devastating slump has already shattered lives by tens of millions, as in WW1 and the much more devastating WW2).

While capitalism lasts, only full-on war destruction will wipe out enough “surplus” and leave the “slate clean” to allow the process to start all over (for whichever capitalists are left standing – Americans, Washington hopes).

The alternative, taking production into common ownership so that it can be planned rationally, in harmony with nature for the needs of all, (not for the irrational pursuit solely of profit for its own sake) would resolve the intractable contradictions.

But since that means ending forever the “ownership” and power of the ruling class, that will hardly be accepted.

In fact it is resisted with utmost ruthless suppression and brutality as everyone can see now as police state repression is stepped up (by both Tories and Labour).

Only through conscious party-led class war revolution, will the plunge into war be stopped.

The credit-fed long-boom has deferred the full World War Three “solution” for decades further muddling reformist and revisionist minds decrying the need for revolution “any more”.

But it has been clearly underway since the anti-communist inter-imperialist battles over the break up of socialist Yugoslavia finished in a NATO blitz on Serbia 1999 and then on into the nonsensical “war on terror” after the 9/11 shock and a string of countries destroyed and blitzed since.

Country after country has been torn apart, pulverised and reduced to rubble and penury from Afghanistan and Iraq to Libya, Syria and Somalia and most pertinently the Yemen itself.

Things have not gone much better for the latest diversionary war stunt in the Ukraine, carefully and deliberately set up against Russia for two decades through non-stop CIA/MI6 subversion and manipulation like the Kiev “Orange” protests in 2004 and again in 2014 with outright violence provoked in the Maidan to stampede the current fascist orientated regime into power as a war stooge for the West.

War on the Russian speaking eastern provinces began virtually immediately killing thousands (of civilians) before 2022 at which point further NATO buildup succeeded in provoking a pre-emptive Russian response, presented in best topsy-turvy Goebbels style as if it were an out-of-the-blue “invasion” (with the craven class-collaboration of the TUCites, reactionary Labourism and assorted fake-“lefts” helping this total fascist lie go down in the petty bourgeoisie and less thoughtful or more opportunist layers of the working class).

Despite complications around Putin’s own oligarch bonapartist nationalism this is a Western created war, engineered to damage not just Russia but the German dominated European Union too, whose ever growing trade competition has been wiping out ossified US commerce for decades.

It remains simmering on the back burner.

But America’s top-dog authority and dominance in the world has not been restored.

In fact the path into World War Three has proved a disaster, costing vast unrepayable amounts in military spending while failing to rebuild any nations at all in the promised “democratic” image, or to re-establish the kind of easy US imperial dominance that was envied and emulated across the non-communist world in the long post-WW2 boomtime (ignoring the fascist stooge reality in country after country).

It cannot be restored. The contradiction ridden imperialist exploitation system is historically out of time and bankrupt.

Economic and political trade war crises have been unravelling for decades but emerged with full ferocity in the great global bank credit failures of 2008-9, with at one point the world only hours away from a “financial nuclear winter” as the then Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling admitted just afterwards.

That unprecedented historic implosion – the greatest confirmation yet of Marxist understanding of capitalism as a system of unstoppable crisis failure – has been papered-over ever since with ever more insane “printing” of dollars and creation of credit which will simply make the denouement a hundred times worse.

Every kind of bourgeois “analyst” has been wheeled out since 2009 to pretend that things continue as “normal” (albeit with a “touch of” austerity, and despite all kinds of free market lurches blamed on “the pandemic” or on “the war in Ukraine” (a result not a cause of breakdown)).

But the turn to more overt fascism gives the game away as in these “tweets” for example:

Former President Donald Trump took to his Truth Social platform on Friday to proclaim in an all-caps rant that, if he is not elected in 2024, America will see a catastrophic financial collapse and a new “Great Depression.”



This is not the first time Trump has made such a prediction. At a South Dakota rally in September, Trump said, “We’re probably heading into a Great Depression, something I’ve never said before publicly. I hate to say that this is the state I have to say it in.”

Last year, many economists and financial companies were bearish on America’s short-term prospects, believing that the credit-tightening policies the Federal Reserve was forced to enact to ease inflation would contract the labor market and cause a recession. This didn’t happen; in fact, jobs growth has remained strong even as inflation has come back down.

Actually Trump is right on his doom perspective (though not his remedy).

He wants to pretend it is just “Democrat liberals” to blame, who rely on even more money printing to solve things, with measures like the ironically named Inflation Reduction Act pumping tens of billions more valueless dollars into an already “supersaturated” system.

His populist fascist hate bluster, jingoist isolationism and “new broomism” can no more solve the issue than can the “Washington swamp” billionaire class backing the Democrats (who are just a different set of billionaires to the ultra-right ones, just as many, who back Trump) but it indicates the direction the ruling class is going, and its fearfulness of rational Marxist science catching on, whipping up anti-communist hatred alongside the racist scapegoating and chauvinism (just as Hitler’s Nazis did).

As with Humpty-Dumpty not all the kings horses, and all the king’s men or in this case, aircraft carrier groups and expensive missiles, can restore capitalist stability.

The string of war failures so far by supposedly all powerful US imperialism and its sycophantic stoogery like the British imperialist ruling class clinging to its coat tails (despite being given a contemptuous brush-off by the disgusting Bidenites over its risible hopes for a “post-Brexit US trade deal”) perhaps gives some explanation for the extraordinary one-sidedness of Washington’s backing for the staggering brutality and sickening non-stop slaughter in Gaza (now to be escalated with massive new arms supplies).

Its grotesque blind-eye hypocrisies and abandoning of every pretence of “international rules based order” even as the crimes against humanity in Gaza rock the world back on its heels, (barring such stinking inhuman opportunism as displayed by the Starmerite Labour Party) come at a huge cost in collapsing the whole post-war “United Nations” pretence (see below).

But so desperate is the need to keep war going it seems to be a price the bourgeoisie is willing to pay.

Who better than the Zionist freemasonry fanatics with their own demented ideological plans, but completely intertwined with imperialist interests too, (and just as subject to its crisis collapse contradictions) to keep the war momentum going?

The particular “logic” of this colonialist implantation, a sore thumb exception in the epoch of post-war de-colonisation, pushes it towards permanent conflict until the “problem” has gone away.

The dispossessed masses driven from their own lands (where they have been for nearly 2000 years) can never stop the fight to get them back.

They have nowhere else to go, unlike the disparate Zionist influx from the four corners of the earth (but mostly America).

Even more the Zionist usurpers can never stop the brutal suppression of the Palestinian people and the “transfer” expulsion plans as repeatedly admitted by the more “straightforward” of the reactionaries (and crudely and fascistically stated by the most extreme “settler” elements of the Zionist cabinet).

The Zionists were “granted” the “right” to a state on nearly 60% of Palestinian land by United Nations partition decision in 1947-8 (meaning effectively a US decision since its overwhelming financial power has always bullied, dominated and paid for (blackmailed) the whole UN pretence in the first place) – and one shamefully and stupidly given the nod by Moscow revisionism, still fully controlled by Stalin himself) – precisely because it suited imperialism to have a permanent smiting force plunged into the heart of this most strategically and economically vital region to keep its increasingly rebellious Arab and other peoples under control, to dominate crucial trade routes like the Suez canal, to intimidate nearby Soviet territory and to safeguard its minerals, with oil obviously the most important.

Throughout all the past pretences of “fairness around a two-state solution” Zionism has been relentlessly continuing the steady expulsion of the entire 8 million strong people from the few fragments of their own land still remaining in their possession (where they cling on despite non-stop harassment, persecutions, well poisonings, farm destruction and the bantustanisation of the West Bank, violent destruction of whole villages, the ban on using most roads, and endless beatings, arrests, torture and outright killings).

Or to quote what was clear to Marxist science 20 years ago (EPSR No1257 16-11-04):

Arafat’s huge compromising influence has been dying for years, in total confusion on ALL sides, – except in the cynical NAZI minds of the long-term American Empire warmongering neo-cons and their utterly dedicated Jewish-Zionist co-conspirators, – who always knew that there would NEVER be any kind of “justice” for Palestine, and who ALWAYS knew that the Palestinian nation would have to be kept under repression-prison conditions ENDLESSLY, – (if not genocidally where killing them all would be the only “final solution”.)

Only occasional clarity, around militant-combative groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad and other confused “Islamic revolutionary nationalists”, – has broken away in recent years from the compromising petty-bourgeois chaos to realise at last that Jewish NAZI-Zionism, backed by the American-Empire, had always known, and dementedly and gleefully WILLED, – that there could NEVER be any justice, democracy, or independence for the Palestinian nation, EVER in history, and that only conditions of PERMANENT murderous imprisonment (and possibly genocidal too) could be imposed on the Palestinian people, – effectively wiping them out as a nation, (just as the American Empire did to nearly 200 native American-Indian nations to create US imperialism in the first place (and other imperialisms did too, all round the world)).

At enormous and heroic sacrifice, such “Islamic terrorist” influences have tried to bring the world to its senses and at last realise what imperialist NAZI-terrorist permanent warmongering tyranny had been imposed by the West on the Middle East (and hence onto the whole planet, – permanently).

Who better now to sustain imperialism’s faltering “shock and awe” world bullying as crisis heads to total collapse, than the most ruthless and driven of all imperialist groupings?

Except the demented settler fanatics, filled with fascist contempt for the 2.3 million “animals” they have penned into the Gaza open prison for decades, are not winning either despite the devastating price they have extracted (see trial box below) from at least 30,000 deaths of men, women and children and many many more bereaved,maimed and traumatised forever.

Of course such an endlessly persecuted people was going to explode with resistance using whatever desperate measures it could, though the real shock for zionist-imperialism is the extent to which it has learned to fight and become militarily organised, going well beyond the desperate suicide bomb and knife measures of the past intifadas.

After three months it is nowhere near defeated.

Hamas religious ideology is not Marxism and will not eventually be sufficient for the completion of the world struggle to end the rotting and foul capitalist system, but its willingness to sacrifice everything, and fight to the death, has shaken the imperialist order to the core.

The ultra-right Zionists now backing Netanyahu have been driven into an ever greater frenzy and are even stepping up the deliberate collective “punishment” and contemptuous mass brutality imposed on the Gazan population, which has already seen a scale and horrifying quality of public butchery which goes far beyond even the “routine” fascist savagery of regular Zionist massacres and settlement intimidation of the last 70 years (see EPSR Book Vol 16 on Zionism and the lie of “left-anti-semitism”)– and exceeds even the initial Nakba ethnic cleansing terror and war expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their own lands in 1948 and certainly easily exceeds the frequent regular “haircut” bomb and shell raids which have killed hundreds of civilians and terrorised the whole population over decades.

But this will only intensify the impact of this sickening onslaught on the Palestinians and intensify the hatred of the masses.

The world is not any longer in the period of rising imperialist colonial expansion but the collapse and crisis of its overblown system, despite its intensifying viciousness and unprecedented military power.

As numerous bourgeois commentaries have pointed out, it will be impossible to eliminate the Hamas forces which are embedded in the Palestinian nation which will survive even if the existing military sections, deep within the tunnel network beneath Gaza, are eventually “degraded” or “eliminated” as the fascist-level terminology always puts it.

And even if Hamas does not continue in its present form, there will be newer and more ideologically advanced resistance forces developing, potentially drawing in all kinds of elements who are not Hamas supporters or Islamic Jihad, including secular fighters, as was already in train in the West Bank areas last year where much of the Palestinian youth has broken with the utterly corrupt stooge Palestinian Authority to form anti-Zionist fighting units.

The current barbarities could well have the effect of force-growing these developments, potentially cutting across or merging sectarian differences, pushing the Palestinian resistance to a different level, both inside the occupied Palestine as well as spilling across borders, as has long happened with the Lebanese Hezbollah movement at the north end of “Israel”, in Iraq and other Arab and Middle East countries.

Splits are growing within the Zionist occupation, and increasingly between the Zionist occupation and the American backers (cosmetically for the moment) not out of compassion or humanity for the Palestinians but from the impact of the initial outbreak and its continuation.

That shattered Zionist-imperialist complacency and its plotting to entangle the treacherous and corrupt local Arab bourgeois nationalist and tribal-feudal regimes with Jerusalem, abandoning the Palestinian cause and entrenching the Zionist Greater Israel plans.

Defeat and military setback for the Jewish Zionist occupation is growing with major physical and psychological battle casualties, and military service objections, escalating on a far larger scale than admitted by the carefully censored and manipulated Zionist propaganda machine (as social media, the Arab press and even a few bourgeois press accounts have shown).

Economic difficulties are also increasing.

Meanwhile the impact of the Hamas struggle, and of the imperialist savagery against the civilian population is also further transforming the mass consciousness all around the Middle East, creating a ferment of street pressure underneath the feeble class collaboration of the regimes, which will find expression in various forms.

As the US learned after its barbaric pounding and torture of Afghanistan to avenge the 9/11 World Trade Centre bombings in 2001 and the great invasion of Iraq in 2003, when it pulverised anything resembling civilisation and infrastructure (and hundreds of thousands of civilians in them) to subdue a “maverick” population, tens of thousands poured into the anti-American insurgency and “jihadist” movements, multiplying a hundredfold like the dragon’s teeth of classical literature.

Rebellion, despite all kinds of confusions, backwardnesses and some reactionary notions, has escalated ever since in “jihadism”, “terrorism” and in 2011 the great mass street eruptions of the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia and Bahrain and (as it happens) also Yemen where the upheavals produced the organised Houthi revolt in the first place.

Additionally, obviously bogus Arab Spring demonstrations, and CIA/Zionist induced jihadism, provoked in Syria and Libya to head off the revolutionary movement, then further “blew back” as the largescale ISIS movement with its own fanatical agenda, turning against imperialism, and eventually in 2016 almost toppling the corrupt Shia government set up by the US in Iraq.

Raging anti-imperialist sentiment was seemingly contained ultimately by brute force – not least by the NATO invasion of Libya to topple the anti-imperialist Gaddafi and the street massacres of the General Sisi counter-revolutionary coup in Cairo in 2013, and then through the turmoil of the Syrian civil war and Western aided Shia-Iraq blitzings of the ISIS upheaval, where a confused mixture of American, Russian, Syrian and Iranian interventions, destroyed tens of thousands of both “jihadists” and civilians.

The razing of entire cities like Mosul, Raqqa, and Tikrit was so horrific that arch-Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu has cited them as positive examples for his own offensive.

But the “terrorist” wave has not abated.

In fact it has spread across Africa and elsewhere in the Middle East leading to further coups and wars, not least those expelling French imperialist forces in the Sahel (though the military coups themselves are not part of the “jihadist” wave but only responding to it, to “keep order”).

Whatever the form in which anti-imperialist hostile sentiment emerges, the masses of the Middle East have now been irreversibly stirred as is apparent in the wake of the British and US bombing and missile raids against the Houthi revolution.

None of them buy for one instant the Zionist (and US-British) “justification” that Hamas is some bizarre new phenomenon in world history of a deliberately backward turn to primitivist “terrorism” founded “in hatred for our values” which has to be smashed for “humanity’s good”.

They know such Western values are nothing but the domineering arrogance and tyrannical control of imperialism maintaining its “might is right” world colonial or neo-colonial exploitation, just as it has for centuries, driving them down into endless humiliation and relative poverty, and often enough near absolute poverty and the degradation of slavery or near-slavery for centuries.

The world is changing and what were once “ignorant natives” have everywhere been transformed necessarily by capitalism into the savvy and sophisticated workers needed for modern production and increasingly unwilling to accept the humiliation and subjugation of the past.

The bourgeoisie creates its own gravediggers as Karl Marx declared.

And this is visible in Washington’s efforts to assemble a “coalition” for “guarding the Red Sea” and international shipping which has fallen flat as was clear from the first major bombing raid, with only sidekick Britain prepared to participate while other European governments hung back.

Both “moderate” Arab bourgeoisies, and the reactionary tribal/feudal regimes have been even more unwilling, acutely aware they are sitting on a pro-Palestinian volcano.

Notably, the Saudi feudal-thug regime refused to back the US-UK Houthi intervention despite having been the main protagonist in the long Yemen war (with Washington and British military aid and “targeting advice”).

Even reactionary Oman is reluctant, the bourgeois press said after the first attacks:

Many in the Middle East, including some U.S. allies, condemned the American-led airstrikes against Houthi targets in Yemen on Friday and warned that they risked causing a broader conflict in the region.

The strikes came after a series of Houthi attacks against ships in the Red Sea. The Houthis have said they are targeting Israeli ships and vessels headed to Israel in an effort to support Palestinians in Gaza, who have been under relentless Israeli bombardment for nearly 100 days, although some Houthi targets have had no clear connection to Israel.

A Houthi spokesman, Mohammed Abdul Salam, said on social media that the group would remain by Gaza’s side. He said there was no justification for the strikes on Yemen because its actions do not threaten international shipping, and vowed that the group would continue to target Israeli ships and those heading to Israel.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Mr. Abdul Salam signaled that Houthi forces would retaliate for the U.S. strikes, saying, “Now, the response no doubt is going to be wider.”

Hamas and Hezbollah, which like the Houthis are backed by Iran, also condemned the strikes. Hamas called them an “act of terrorism,” a violation of Yemen’s sovereignty and “a threat to the security of the region.”

Nasser Kanani, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, denounced the strikes as “a violation of international laws” and said they “will have no result other than fueling insecurity and instability in the region.”

Even close U.S. ally Oman, which often mediates between the Houthis and international parties, expressed concern, a reflection of the fear that the American-led action would not deter the Houthis but would only inflame regional conflict.

“It is impossible not to denounce that an allied country resorted to this military action, while meanwhile, Israel is continuing to exceed all bounds in its bombardment, brutal war and siege on Gaza without any consequence,” Oman’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.


In Bahrain, another U.S. ally, people took to the streets on Friday to protest their country’s involvement in the military coalition, according to Bahraini activists who shared pictures of the demonstrations. Amid popular anger over its participation in the coalition, the Bahraini government has not independently acknowledged its role, but was named in the joint statement announcing the strikes.

The biggest volcano of all is giant Egypt, whose movement dominates the Arab world and where the revolutionary sentiment of the 2011 Tahrir Square still seethes just under the surface in the huge 110 million population, as a suitably cynical Private Eye report indicates:

Last month Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi secured a third term with 89.6 percent of the vote. He has ruled with an iron fist since 2013, when he massacred more than 800 of his predecessor’s protesting supporters live on TV.

As his popularity dived with his economic failings, el-Sisi only tightened the grip. Thousands of critics, journalists and human rights defenders are in jail.

Relatives of exiled dissidents are harassed and detained. Torture and enforced disappearance are committed with impunity.

If December’s election had been fair, he would have lost. But in the run-up, dozens of activists were detained and charged with terrorism offences, independent news websites were blocked and independent journalists were referred to the public prosecutor for publishing “false news”.

One wonders why el-Sisi bothered to have an election at all - he has, after all, legislated once already to extend his own term of office. Yet for election 2023 it was initially possible for proper opponents to stand. Two stepped forward - Gameela Ismail, head of the al-Dostour Party and a human rights advocate; and Ahmed Tantawy, former head of the al-Karama Party. Ismail stood down in October after her own party succumbed to nerves and refused to let her run. Tantawy, who had significant public support, hung on despite the arrests of his family and friends, but then failed to qualify for the ballot. Candidates required endorsement by 20 MPs or 25,000 voters, but MPs support el-Sisi and voters trying to visit notaries to endorse Tantawy were harassed and arrested (more than 1,000 remain detained).

Tantawy stood down and in November he, his campaign director and 21 supporters were referred to trial. (He must be worried. Mohammed Morsi, whom el-Sisi deposed in 2013, was immediately charged with various crimes for which he was sentenced to death. That conviction was overturned, but he died in court during his 2019 retrial.) El-Sisi’s 89.6 percent share of the vote was in fact a positive collapse compared to his, er, 97 percent in 2018. But on that occasion the only opposition candidate entered the race at the last minute and repeatedly declared his support for el-Sisi throughout, making the election risible.

This time el-Sisi is currying favour with the EU and presumably wanted it to look convincing. So, after blocking any real opposition, he permitted three yes-men to run: Abdel Sanad Yamama, head of the Wafd Party (a clique of businessmen who compete for el-Sisi favours); Hazem Omar, head of the Republican People’s Party (an el-Sisi supporter who has never publicly disagreed with him); and Farid Zahran (who avoided mentioning him in interviews at all).

It’s as convincing as a glass hammer, but...three days after the election, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen announced a plan to bung tens of millions to el-Sisi to help manage irregular migration. Isn’t democracy marvellous?

The 800 figure is probably an underestimate but the point is clear.

Elsewhere imperialism faces continuing anti-imperialist turmoil in a Latin America heading for economic breakdown and riven with drug cartel criminality and corruption.

Worldwide the glaring hypocrisies of totally ignored daily warcrimes and fascist barbarities, by the Zionist occupation and elsewhere, are exacting a huge price for the bourgeois pretence of a “rules based system” and “an international community of freedom and democracy”, particularly as this sanctimonious humbug continues to be deployed against Russia, China, and endless other imperialist targeted “rogue states” for mostly specious, exaggerated or and mostly outright big lie allegations.

And particularly even more as domestically the bourgeoisie imposes increasingly vicious police state crackdowns on every kind of protest, starting with all the eco- and environmental groups but now on support for Palestine too, using its catch-all “anti-terrorism” legislation to harass and intimidate (see Socialist Review item on the outrageously victimised Proletarian CPGB-ML group).

But that has not stopped the Palestinian struggle stirring major street marches and demonstrations.

That will add to growing discontent and rebelliousness everywhere as the crisis finally tips into the abyss.

But what is still missing is any kind of Marxist-Leninist understanding in the great vacuum left by long decades of Moscow revisionist complacency and mistakes, from the 1930s all the way up to its ultimate end point in the Gorbachevite liquidation of the Soviet workers state (dictatorship of the proletariat), still leaving all kinds of revisionist “left pressure” retreats from revolutionary understanding and even worse Trotskyist petty bourgeois idealism and anti-communist hostility to workers states.

All of them are currently bending in the wind of the hurricane economic crisis with vociferous lip-service to Marxism and revolution – and much renaming of papers to put the word “communist” to the fore - but without coming close to giving workers any such content.

The ineffectual pacifism of demonstrations and marches against the barbaric slaughter in Gaza, makes the point and so too now the revisionist-led reliance on “international justice” at the Hague.

Public assertion of growing pro-Palestinian sentiment on the street is a start (and has temporarily exposed the gross initial craven Zionist backing from Keir Starmer and other opportunism) – and mass demonstrations growing across the world against imperialist support for Zionism are useful indicators of disquiet and the isolation of the US empire.

But their anyway limited impact is virtually neutered by calls for “ceasefire”, or for “restraint” or “withdrawal” or even for a “free Palestine” from the slew of social-pacifist “left” groups and protest activists organising marches.

None of them call for the defeat of the monstrous blitzkrieging Zionist entity and the desperately collapsing imperialism standing behind it nor make any attempt to explain to workers the staggering significance of this monstrous belligerence and killing as the next stage of imperialism’s desperate plunge into World War Three.

No more do majority votes in the United Nations draw out the vital revolutionary lessons to be taken from the demented and vengeful response of Zionism/imperialism to the guerrilla war blow struck against it in Gaza.

It is the stunning resistance to seven decades of barbaric oppression and tyranny which has shaken the world and which for all its religious puritanical limitations, and even reactionary notions about the shape of future society, has a better grasp of the class-war necessities facing mankind than any one of the 50-shades of fake-“leftism”.

Leninism does not advocate the religious ideology of Hamas and other terrorism but neither does it condemn such valid national liberation movement. If its ideology is flawed then do better is all that Lenin ever argued (see his Guerrilla War article in issue No1155 08-10-03).

The “left” groups are still poisoned with Trotskyist anti-Sovietism or saturated in the decades of revisionist retreat originated by Soviet bureaucratism, on a downhill defeatist path from Lenin’s death onwards, spreading the notion that the world could be held back from war by permanent “peaceful coexistence” and moral pressure until capitalism was “outcompeted”.

An entire defeatist philosophical framework was evolved from the late 1920s, which continues to confuse and muddy world understanding.

Popular Front compromise with bourgeois republicanism and illusions in cross party “democratic” anti-imperialism or anti-fascism, which avoided “revolutionary adventurism” and eventually degenerated post-war into “parliamentary roads” in various CPs around the world, abandoning the core understanding of Leninist understanding of class war to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, needed to build communism.

Under Gorbachevism, this revisionist retreat degenerated so far that the still powerful Soviet workers state and its brilliant achievements were liquidated, leaving the USSR wide open to Western counter-revolution and carpet-bagging oligarch plundering that followed (EPSR Book 13 Gorbachevism and Book 21 Unanswered Polemics against Stalinism).

The hangover of this Stalinist perspective is still manifest in the latest move by South Africa’s ANC bourgeois nationalist government and the revisionist SACP within it, to bring a genocide charge against the Zionists in the International Court of Justice, part of the stooge United Nations.

What is this move – supported by a slew of increasingly anti-Western Global South countries (feeling the rising anger pressure from their populations) – supposed to achieve?

Publicity in the world for mass understanding of just what a monstrous crime against humanity is being waged by the US backed Zionists to counter the lying Western propaganda against the resistance movement, is one answer of course.

And certainly an eloquent and harrowing case was usefully presented (see boxed transcript below) in opening sections of the deposition, collating some of the worst nightmare atrocities perpetrated by the Zionists so far and expressing the disquiet, turmoil and rising hatred of billions in the Third World/Global South.

But a million illusions were simultaneously reinforced in the whole stinking racket of “international justice”, United Nations, the “rule of law”, “warcrimes” and, beyond that, the lying notions of “freedom and democracy” which have been the core of the entire imperialist world brainwashing propaganda against communist “totalitarianism” (meaning the dictatorship of the proletariat discipline and organisation for building socialism) ever since the Soviet state was established and particularly since World War Two.

The “voting for change” democracy lie was already the ruling class’ main weapon in the class war for centuries, the great hoodwinking notion that progress could be achieved through “representation and persuasion” elections, to cover up the hidden reality that society is run by total bourgeois class dictatorship.

A thousand and one tricks of lies, propaganda twists, miseducation and manipulation (always being refined as with modern social media and advertising trickery etc – and now AI) make sure of the “result” to ensure only the interests of capital are served on any important issue.

Where any supposed workers gains are “allowed” they are always minimal, reversible (see NHS privatisation eg) and in fact part of the whole racket anyway by keeping workers away from the revolutionary struggle that is the only path forwards for mankind.

And if things go too far then the election will be torn up and open fascist rule established (as Trump is preparing for, the maniac Milei already in Argentina, Bolsonaro readying a return in Brazil and Boris Johnson likewise in Britain and likewise a slew of fascist parties in Europe from the Netherlands to Italy, already practising their Mussolini salutes in Rome and above all in Germany as the Alternative für Deutschland gathers momentum).

Not for nothing did the Bolsheviks make the understanding of the state a central aspect of the theoretical developments after Marx, with Lenin writing an entire book (The State & Revolution) and multiple other polemics (The Renegade Kautsky eg) to explain and advance Marx’s grasp that there could be no path forwards for mankind without overturning the class rule of the bourgeoisie and establishing that of the working class.

Only the firmest proletarian dictatorship could keep all bourgeois subversion and counter-revolutionary brutality firmly suppressed allowing the new society to develop, drawing in more and more of the proletariat to achieve the first real democracy there can be.

Either the dictatorship of the proletariat will rule or that of the bourgeoisie with no “third way” except as a feint to fool the masses a little bit longer and keep them trussed up, theoretically disarmed against the more brutal measures the bourgeois will need if the whole racket should fail to hold back mass discontent (as is obviously stirring in Britain with police state Palestine censorship and with domestic breakdown and contemptuous failure, from the Post Office and Grenfell, Hillsborough to the NHS, foodbanks and bankrupted local authorities to shit-filled waterways and now the insane shutdown of what is left of the steel industry at Port Talbot).

World War Two victory of the US, establishing it as top-dog power, came with a massive extension of this giant fraud internationally, trading on the pretence that the West had been fighting “against fascism for freedom” (in reality to wipe out trade war competitors) – getting away with this lying nonsense because of its acceptance by the disastrous revisionist bureaucratic retreats in Moscow and crap ideas about “aggressive and non-aggressive” imperialism.

These Stalinist complacent illusions were partly founded in the alliances that the older imperialisms (Britain, France, the US) were forced to make with the USSR temporarily once the primary inter-imperialist contradictions of the pre-war Depression and trade war crisis had exploded into World War, with Germany attacking its rival capitalist powers first, rather than the Soviet Union (as had been plotted by the West at Munich and before).

But this revisionist retreat and bureaucratic complacent faith in a new Cold War “balance with imperialism” (and Stalin’s assumption of gradually outcompeting imperialism set out in his 1952 Economic Problems book) hopelessly misled the world struggle.

Huge anti-colonialist advances and even communist revolutions were inspired by the Red Army’s WW2 victories (themselves at least as costly in Soviet lives as Palestine now) but the failure to learn that lesson has seen dozens of brutal coups and fascist setbacks to new socialist societies and anti-imperialist struggles especially post-war, including infamously the 1973 coup which overturned the “parliamentary” socialism of Salvador Allende in a welter of bloodshed; the suppression of Indonesian socialist orientated independence in 1965 killing possible as many as 3 million communists and suspected “fellow travellers” (aided by CIA/MI6 supplied lists and British dirty propaganda from Singapore); toppling of Iran’s Mossadeq anti-imperialism, the brutal invasion of Grenada’s socialist revolution and Reagan’s butchery of Panama’s independence struggle; the Korean and Vietnam wars and any number of barbarous fascist regimes installed from Haïti to the Philippines and most recently in Egypt with a violent coup to displace the Muslim Brotherhood presidency achieved in the “new democracy“ following the 2011 Arab Spring revolutionary toppling of pro-Zionist-imperialist stooge Hosni Mubarak.

Extending this fraud into the whole elaborate set up of supposed “world government” defending “our values” (bourgeois class exploitation) with its international forums, divisions and structures for a United Nations and various legal and court bodies and the finance institutions of the IMF and the World Bank has reflected and reinforced further revisionist confusion.

The past record of the International Court of Justice demonstrates precisely that such “impartial” pronouncements are always made in the interests of imperialism, denouncing and condemning the actions of all those “rogue states” or non-compliant nations and bodies that imperialism wants to “deal with” for their failure to toe the line.

It ignores far worse actions and crimes by “the West” and most obviously the US Empire’s constant wars, massacres and invasions which number more than 400 since 1945.

Like the International Criminal Court, and “special tribunals” set up for various bullied and invaded nations such as Serbia, the ICJ is a tool for the West’s warmongering and psyops propaganda, with unverified and demonising “findings” giving a cover of entirely specious “legality” to the bent and twisted accusations, fabrications, exaggerations and propaganda lies which pour out non-stop from the Western spy agencies and psyops divisions to stampede public opinion behind imperialist warmongering and tyranny.

Serbia was blitzed in 1999 precisely because of a lying “genocide” claim over Kosovo, later admitted to be a complete hoax (EPSR No1019 03-11-99).

Iraq’s regime was declared to have 300,000 buried in mass graves, none of which were found (like the WMD too) despite Saddam Hussein’s undoubted thuggish form previously.

Obviously Russia gets it non-stop and especially since the Ukraine war was deliberately provoked by installing and then building up the outright Nazis running Ukraine from 2014 onwards, along with NATO forces in all the nasty little post-Soviet fascist regimes created in East Europe.

Belarus gets it; Myanmar is “found against” for failing to capitulate to yet more Western provocations and sabotage. The Congo gets it, and half a dozen other African countries speciously accused.

On no evidence at all the Chinese workers state is condemned and denounced non-stop for the completely made-up CIA propaganda notion that it is “killing all the Uighurs”.

Virtually none of the West gets charged or arraigned however for Iraq, Serbia, Libya, Afghanistan, the Yemen etc where US led blitzings have killed millions in well documented view (despite trying to suppress the disclosures by persecuting the likes of Julian Assange with outright political police state imprisonment).

But the South African case cites these specious former indictments as precedents against “Israel” – thereby giving them credence and compounding its revisionist failure to expose this UN/ICJ democracy fraud.

Overall all this procedural nicety just leaves the deluded impression that these proceedings could even stop the carnage.

It is a complete joke.

The International Court of Justice has no powers of enforcement anyway, and is completely in the pocket of imperialist interests.

Explaining that to the world working class is what the South African project is not doing.

Certainly, revolutionary communists and anti-imperialists can and should make use of all aspects of the bourgeois “democracy” framework, as Lenin explained – but only as a tactical method by which to expose it as humbug using the platform it is obliged to offer only to set out revolutionary understanding.

Making this court case without explaining the entire hoodwinking fraud is to tie workers back to the bourgeois ideological straitjacket, and just at the point where the gross hypocrisies of imperialism are more threadbare and exposable than ever before (particularly around Zionism).

In fact the billions in the non-imperialist world already know it is genocide and they can see the glaring “super-hypocrisy” of the West in staying silent.

It is absolutely typical of revisionist retreat from Leninism, (long undermining further advance of the South African struggle itself via the dire influence of the South African Communist Party) that it is not only failing to explain the great Catastrophe plunging towards slump and world war but helps prop up the imperialist system through its class collaboration, just when capitalism has never been weaker.

Even some petty bourgeois scribblers see that a watershed moment has been reached ripe for revolutionary understanding to be fought for:

The west’s equivocation on Gaza exposes a global order facing mutiny over its domination of the international discourse.

Richard Haass, the distinguished global analyst, once wrote: “Consistency in foreign policy is a luxury policymakers cannot always afford.”

But, equally, glaring national hypocrisy can come with a high price tag, in terms of lost credibility, damaged global prestige and diminished self-respect.

So Joe Biden’s decision to defend Israel’s methods in Gaza so soon after, in a different context, condemning Russia’s in Ukraine, is not just an occasion for hand wringing from liberals and lawyers.

It is already having a real-world impact on relations between the global north and south, and west and east, creating consequences that could reverberate for decades.

The Biden administration, reluctant to change course, may say the parallels between Gaza and Ukraine are far from exact, but it also seems to know it is gradually losing diplomatic support.

When the US and Israel are joined at the UN general assembly by only eight other nations, including Micronesia and Nauru, as happened when they rejected a ceasefire resolution for Gaza this December, it is harder to argue that America remains the indispensable nation – a phrase from former secretary of state Madeleine Albright frequently referenced by Biden.

By contrast, Vladimir Putin, after a period of his own global isolation, “really feels everything at this point is trending in his favour”, according to Fiona Hill, the former US state department official specialising in Russia.

In a context in which many rising nations anyway viewed the “international rules based order” with scepticism, the script for Sergei Lavrov, the veteran Russian foreign minister, writes itself. Speaking at the Doha Forum in December, Lavrov complained: “The rules were never published, were never even announced by anyone to anyone, and they are being applied depending on what exactly the west needs at a particular moment of modern history.”

For Hill, Biden’s speech in October linking Ukraine and Israel together in his effort to persuade Congress to release funds for the former “may have been good congressional politics, but perhaps not good global politics”. The victim in all this, she fears, would be Ukraine’s president, Volodymr Zelenskiy. He was “going to have a hard time navigating this”.

But America’s selectivity, as perceived across much of the Global South, is likely to cause a wider reckoning. Quite often in the past Palestine has been treated as a special historical case in global politics, and as an accepted preserve of the US.

But now, according to the Israeli specialist Daniel Levy, the issue has hurtled “to the heart of what some people have called the poly crisis”.

Levy says: “A US monopolistic exercise [regarding the fate of Gaza] is out of sync with the world we live in today and with contemporary geopolitics. In that respect, something important and interesting has happened, and perhaps even a source of some hope, which is, we’ve seen that for so much of the so called Global South and in many cities in the west, Palestine now occupies this kind of symbolic space. It’s a kind of avatar of a rebellion against western hypocrisy, against this unacceptable global order, and against the post colonial order.”

At a time when multilateral institutions are fighting what António Guterres, the UN secretary-general, calls “the forces of fragmentation”, how the US handles Gaza matters, not just to Gaza, but to multilateralism.

If the US defence of Israel continues to go wrong, one or two outcomes are likely. The trend to shifting transactional non-ideological alliances will grow. Forum shopping by countries or strategic hedging, requiring active portfolio management like financial hedging, will become even more the norm. Alternatively, America could find itself confronting larger and more assertive alternative blocs, whether it is an expanded BRICS, led this year by Putin, or other Chinese-led alliances.

The Guardian would not be the poisonous nest of liberal anti-communism it is without this agonised “analysis” going on to try to recover pro-imperialist ground by pretending there is some “moral basis” to “justify” the war on Ukraine, and that the imperialist system, could give a damn about human suffering:

“This is a mutiny against what they see as the collective west dominating the international discourse and foisting its problems on everyone else, while brushing aside their priorities on climate change compensation, economic development, and debt relief. The rest feel constantly marginalised in world affairs.”

[...]Now with Gaza, the latent anti-American mood has been given boosters.

[...]once the bombed-out buildings of Gaza get juxtaposed on social media alongside those of Mariupol on social media, it gets more complex. The issue of proportionality comes into play. The Israeli response looks closer to the US post-9/11 revenge, which Biden had specifically counselled Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, against.

Yet, by and large, the west, with some exceptions, fell silent about Gaza when Israel’s assault began. Josep Borrell, the EU foreign affairs chief, was one who broke ranks, saying: “I think that to deprive a civilian population of the basic services – water, food, medicine, everything – is something that looks like being against international law.”

By contrast, the UK representatives at the UN in no less than 11 security council debates urged Israel to comply with humanitarian law yet never said whether the country had failed to do so.

Pressed for weeks to say if the loss of 18,000 mainly civilian lives could be in breach of international law, western leaders spoke only in conditional tense, adding they could not pass judgment since this was a matter for the courts.

And so long-windedly on, relying on the anti-communist confusion which has managed to stampede much petty bourgeois deluded “freedom” opinion behind the swastika and Nazi-regalia infested regime in Kiev (including all those pretending not to be “fascists” but who 100% support Ukraine’s degenerate “heroes” like Second World War Hitler-ally and Holocaust collaborator Stepan Bandera).

Capitalism will continue trying to use the “freedom” bullshit, and just last week Washington was congratulating the new Taiwanese president’s election as a “triumph of democracy” – a sick joke given that the voter turnout of around 70% meant a 40% vote represents just 28% of the population, in an election heavily manipulated by Western bribes, the usual deluge of brainwashing media and advertising and whipped up hysteria about Chinese “totalitarianism” – and even sicker given Taiwan’s counter-revolutionary history under imperialist occupation initially and then a US backed dictatorship for decades (EPSR No1599), propped up solely for the purpose of undermining and sabotaging the development of the mainland workers state (along with similar non-stop Western provocations in Hong Kong, Tibet etc).

But the point is made - the great tool of bourgeois “democracy” (as opposed to proletarian democracy developed under its firm rule) is almost dead, and would be buried but for continuing “left” muddle and revisionist soft-headedness.

All the non-stop provocations look completely hollow when every supposed “rule of law” and “democracy” principle is so obviously trampled all over when it comes to the Zionist occupation and every “judgement” so contemptuously ignored.

Only the revolutionary transformation of the world to socialism, overturning the entire billionaire bourgeois dominated and controlled monopoly capitalist order, could change anything and stop the plunge into World War Three which is the bourgeoisie’s answer to its disastrous and unstoppable failure.

For the great class war unfolding the working class crucially needs a constantly advanced world perspective of the class struggle and its ever changing balance of class forces, as developed in the Bolshevik party led by Lenin 100 years ago.

There is no other way to understand these terrifying developments and to guide the working class struggle which alone can end them, by ending the whole stinking mess of an ever more disgusting, unequal, unjust, vicious and degenerate bourgeois class rule, now turning increasing fascist as it falls apart - especially in the outcompeted Anglo-Saxon post-war dominance and particularly in the very weakest imperialist link of all, Britain.

Build Leninism

Alan Moss

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Quotes from the first part of South Africa’s summing up presentation on genocide at the ICJ in the Hague

“The UN Sec Gen and its chiefs describe the situation in Gaza variously as “a crisis of humanity”, “a living hell”, “a bloodbath” “a situation of utter deepening and unmatched horror where an entire population is besieged and under attack, denied access to the essentials for survivals on a massive scale”.

As UN Sec Gen for Humanitarian Affairs stated last Friday: -

“Gaza has become a place of death and despair. Families are sleeping in the open as temperatures plummet. Areas where families were told to relocate for their safety have come under relentless bombardment. Medical facilities are under relentless attack. The few hopsitals partially functional are overwhelmed with trauma cases, critically short of all supplies and inundated by desperate people seeking safety.

“A public health disaster is unfolding. Infectious dissases are spreading in overcrowded shelters as sewers spillover. Some 180 women are giving birth daily amidst this chaos. People are facing the highest levels of food insecurity ever recorded. Famine is around the corner.

“For children in particular the last 12 weeks have been traumatic; no food, no water, no school - nothing but the terrifying sounds of war day in day out. Gaza has simply become uninhabitable. Its people are witnessing daily threats to their very existence while the world watches on.”

The Court has heard of the horrific death toll and the more than 7000 men women and children reported missing, presumed dead or dying slow excruciating deaths trapped under the rubble. Reports of field executions and torture and mistreatment are mounting as are images of decomposing bodies of men, women and children left unburied where they were killed, some being picked upon by animals.

It is becoming ever clearer that huge swathes of Gaza, entire towns villages and refugee camps are being wiped from the map. As you have heard but it bears repeating according to the world Food Progamme 4 out 5 people in the world in famine or a catastrophic type of hunger are in Gaza right now. Indeed experts warn that deaths from starvation and disease is at risk of significantly outstripping deaths from bombings.

The daily statistics stand as clear evidence of the urgency and the irreparable prejudice:

On the basis of the current figures, on average 247 Palestinians are being killed and are at risk of being killed each day, many of them literally blown to pieces. They include 48 mothers each day, two every hour and over 117 children each day, leaving Unicef to call Israel’s actions a war on children.

On current rates, which show no sign of abating, each day over 3 medics, 2 teachers, more than one UN employee and more than one journalist will be killed, many while at work or in what appeared to be targeted attacks on their family homes or where they are sheltered.

The risk of famine will increase each day. Each day, an average of 629 people will be wounded, some multiple times over as they move from place to place desperately seeking sanctuary.

Each day over 10 Palestinian children will have one or both legs amputated, many without anaesthetic. Each day, on current rates, an average 3900 Palestinian homes will be damaged or destroyed, more mass graves will be dug, more cemeteries will be bulldozed and bombed, denying even the dead any dignity or peace.

Each day ambulances, hospitals and medics will continue to be attacked and killed. The first responders who have spent three months without international assistance trying to dig families out of the rubble with their bare hands will continue to be targeted. On current figures, one will be killed almost every second day, sometimes in attacks launched against those attending the scene to rescue the wounded.

Each day yet more desperate people will be forced to relocate from where they are sheltering or will be bombed in places they have been told to evacuate to. Entire multigenerational families will be obliterated.

Yet more Palestinian children will become WCNSF. Wounded Child, No Surviving Family. [This is] the terrible new acronym born out of Israel’s genocidal assault on the Palestinian population in Gaza.”

There is an urgent need for provisionsl measures to prevent immininent irreparable prejudice [Case law cited here]

Since these proceedings were initiated 29 December an estimated 1703 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza and 3252 injured, 100 000 forced from their homes. There is a massive shortage of food water and medecine. [ Case references to Georgia, Russia and Armenia, Azerbijan]

In Gaza people have been repeatedly forced to flee their homes or shelters not just once or twice but three four or more times over into shrinkuing slivers of land whre they continued to be bombed and killed. This a a population that Israel had already made vulnerable through 16 years of military blockade and crippling de-development. Today Israel’s hindrances to the import of food and essential items have brought Gaza to the brink of famine. with adults, mothers, fathers, grandparents regularly foregoing food for the day so that children can eat at least something. Medecine shortages and the lack of medical treatmebnt, clean water and electricity are so great that large numbers of Palestinians are dying or are at imminnent risk of dying preventable deaths. Cancer and other medical services have long shut down.

Women are undergoing Ceasarian sections without anaesthetic in barely functioning hospitals described as scenes from a horror movie, with many undergoing otherwise unnecessary hysterectomies in an attempt to save their lives

[Case reference Canada Syria to torture - serious risk of irreparable prejudice].

Videos of Palestinian boys and men rounded up, and stripped and degraded [have been] broadcast to the world alongside footage of serious bodily harm and accounts of serious mental harm and humiliation.

[Qatar-UAE case reference to 150 students prevented from taking exams as a basis for immediate prejudice statement].

In Gaza countless families have separated with some family members evacuated under Israel military orders and other left behind at extreme risk, to care for the wounded, elderly and infirm - husbands, fathers and sons are being rounded up and separated from their families and taken to unkown locations for indeterminate periods of time.

[Not 150 students at risk but] In Gaza 625,000 schoolchildren have not attended for 3 months with the UN Security council saying that the destruction of access to education has a dramatic effect on children and conflict lifelong effects on their physical and mental health.

Almost 90,000 universty students cannot attend. Over 60% of schools, almost all universites and countless bookshops and libraries have been damaged or destroyed and hundreds of teachers and academics have been killed including deans of universities and leading Palestinian scholars, obliterating the very prospects of futre education for Gaza’s children and young people.

[Cites court judgements previously for Gambia Myanmar (alleged “mass killings”) and Ukraine-Russia (Russia accused of military activities that resulted in numerous civilian deaths and injuries and caused significant material damage to buildings and infrastructure). Both cited in comparison to Gaza where] ---

Attacks are ongoing. Many persons have no access to the most basic foodstuffs, potable water, electricity, essential medecine. This is occuring in Gaza on a much more intensive scale to a besieged trapped terrified popluation that has nowhere safe to go.

Lest the contrary be suggested - a situation of armed conflict does not undermine much less preclude requests for provisional measures.

[Cites Congo- Costa Rico; Gambia Myanmar

[Case of Guyana Venezuela - a deemed risk of acquiring territory a basis for “provisional measures”]

Territorial ambitions and settlement plans have been raised by member of the Israel government.


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World Socialist Review

(edited extracts from a variety of anti-imperialist struggles)


Arrested, beaten, tortured and murdered - Free all Ukrainian Political Prisoners! (leaflet)

This protest is being held because we believe that the British people should know about crimes being committed on an enormous scale by the Zelensky regime in Ukraine, for which our government has spent billions on training and arms supplies.

The truth about what is happening in this so-called “democracy” has been carefully concealed by our government and mass media. Since February 2022 alone Thousands of Journalists, bloggers, politicians, elected representatives, activists, priests and sportspeople, have been arrested, and some tortured or murdered. Many simply disappeared after being arrested with no charges or trial after many months.

People have been arrested for opposing the war, organising ww2 commemorations, allegedly working with Russian forces by organising humanitarian supplies or corridors, or simply for posts on social media.

In March 2022 the famous peace blogger Gleb Lyashenko was jailed pending trial for treason, for claiming on his blog that Ukraine’s policies had led to the Russian military intervention. In a new item entitled “Fake: Ukraine fully supports freedom of speech”, the pro-Kiev War on Fakes website said this was “because of his pro-Russian statements... (and saying) that Ukraine is the one to blame”. So Lyashenko was arrested simply “because of his pro-Russian statements”, but for the Kiev regime that is not an attack on freedom of speech!

Alexander Matyuschenko, a left-wing campaigner, was arrested in Dnipro, central Ukraine, sbu (Ukrainian intelligence service) and Azov (the largest armed fascist battalion in Ukraine (members). He was tortured and forced to shout the far right salute, “Slava Ukraini!”, and his wife’s hair “was cut off with a knife”.

One of Ukraine’s most prominent human rights activists, Elena Berezhnaya, Director of the Institute of Legal Policy and Social Protection, who has spoken before the UN Security Council, was arrested in March 2022 in Kiev.

One of Ukraine’s leading politicians, Viktor Medvedchuk of the Opposition Platform - For Life party was arrested in April 2022, and photos released by the SBU clearly indicate that he was beaten. He was released in prisoner swap in September 2022.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky, 70 year old Yuri Pokrass from Kiev, was sentenced to one and a half years in prison with all of his property confiscated, after sending greetings for on Komsomol Day and the anniversary of the ussr on Facebook. Hundreds if not thousands have received similar sentences for similar “crimes”.

For most of those arrested there has been no news whatsoever, and no announcement of a trial. This is in line with the corrupt and lawless nature of Ukraine since 2014, including the failure to hold any investigation into the killing of over 40 peaceful anti-fascist protesters when the Trade Unions House in Odessa was surrounded and petrol bombed by a fascist and nationalist mob on May 2 2014.

But these arrests are only one part of the picture. After the Russian intervention in February 2022, areas recaptured by Ukrainian forces were “cleansed” by Kiev’s forces and armed far right units, and many local officials and ordinary citizens were brutally murdered.

On 3 March 2022 the Daily Mail reported that “The pro-Russian mayor of a city in eastern Ukraine who welcomed President Vladimir Putin’s invasion was ‘shot dead’ after being kidnapped from his home. Several mayors and other Ukrainian officials have been killed since the outbreak of war, many reportedly by Ukrainian state agents after engaging in de-escalation talks with Russia”.

Interior Minister adviser Anton Gerashchenko claimed on Facebook that Struk was had “actively pursued a ‘pro-Russian position’ “.

Four days later the mayor of Gostomel, Yuri Prylipko, was found murdered after negotiating with Russian forces for a civilian evacuation corridor, and in April 2022 investigative website The Grayzone claimed that “eleven mayors from various towns in Ukraine are missing”.

Mainstream media reports reveal that many people in eastern and southern Ukraine welcomed the Russian troops and their Donbas militia allies. As Russian speakers, with widespread positive views of Russian and Soviet history, they had experienced eight years of abuse from organisations from Kiev and Western Ukraine: the SBU, Azov Battalion and the Hitler-admiring Right Sector.

An itv News report from Mariupol during fighting in 2022, after the uprising against the coup in Kiev in east Ukraine shows one man saying “Our government is killing us, it’s very scary”, while a woman tells the itv reporter: “We won’t ever be under this fascist government”.

itv reporter James Mates reported: “We found Ukrainian forces at the central police station being jeered and abused by crowds of furious locals. When the crowd got too close, the soldiers opened fire above their heads”. After the fighting, “the city was seething with anger, barricades going up. It is a curious way to persuade ordinary people that they have a future in Ukraine.”

Similar views were described by bbc defence correspondent Jonathan Beale, reporting from the Donbas near Mariupol on Radio 4’s Today programme on 6 April 2022:

“The extraordinary thing was that most people did not blame president Putin for the bombs... they thought it was as much Ukraine’s fault... this is very different from Kiev, there’s lots of people here who are pro-Russian, who have a very different viewpoint”.

The whole world knows that after the 2014 Western-backed “Maidan” coup the new regime in Kiev embarked on a campaign to push Russian out of all areas of life. In March 2022 a poll by Sociological Group Rating said that around 20% of Ukrainians considered Russian to be their native language, although perhaps 60% also speak and read Russian. The reality is that when Ukraine was first defined as a republic in 1921, it included large areas of the south and east which were completely Russian.

Last year Ukraine’s State Language Protection Commissioner Taras Kremin said that Ukrainians who speak Russian should not be called “Russian-speaking,” claiming that this term was simply “Russian propaganda”. He also insisted there were only Ukrainians in Ukraine, some of whom had been “Russianised.”

International Ukraine Anti Fascist Solidarity (iusafs) has been campaigning for six years in solidarity with anti-fascists in Ukraine, thousands of whom have paid with their lives, torture or prison for resisting the regime installed in 2014 with the support of Britain, the US and EU.

iusafs members have participate in every protest since October 7 in solidarity with the people of Palestine and the Gaza Strip. In our view the same Western governments who have supported the Ukraine regime with billions in weapons and money, including Britain, have done nothing to stop Israel committing open genocide in Gaza, with hospitals and civilians deliberately targeted and so far 9,000 children killed.

In fact Britain and the US are continuing to send weapons to Israel, and after they and the EU condemned recent Russian missile strikes in Ukraine, they have failed to declare that Israel is committing genocide or to demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

The entire world is witness to Israel’s war crimes, and to the hypocrisy of the Western governments who support, arm and finance both Ukraine and Israel.

(More details and sources email: ukraineantifascist@gmail.com).



Message from the Union of Political Emigrants & Political Prisoners of Ukraine Wednesday 17 January 2024

Dear comrades, we sincerely greet You on behalf of the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine (sppu)!

Let us express our deep gratitude to you for the attention you have paid to the topic of repression in Ukraine!

Who better than us, the members of the sppu, communists and anti-fascists who fled this country after 2014, not to know what the Kiev regime really is.

The topic of political persecution in Ukraine is one of the most hushed up and little-known in our time, a kind of figure of silence in the political and media field of the West.

They don’t talk about it, they don’t write about it – hundreds of Ukrainian anti-fascists and dissidents risk dying in the dungeons of the Kiev regime, remaining completely unknown!

All the more valuable are your efforts in this field!

We strongly support your progressive endeavour!

It is in our power to break the information blockade, save the lives of thousands of people, and free Europe from the brown spot called “Banderites’ rule in Ukraine”!

Forward to progress, to the brotherhood of the working people, to justice!




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World Socialist Review

(edited extracts from a variety of anti-imperialist struggles)


Curious report on continuing Haïti turmoil and sudden arrival of US released “no arms revolutionary” outsider - but no mention of the G9 slum “gangs” anti-government federation (see EPSR No1596 28-07-21)

Responding to Guy Philippe’s Call, Civil Disobedience Protests Erupt Across Haiti Kim Ives - January 17, 2024 Liberté Haïti

On Mon., Jan. 15 and Tue., Jan. 16, in towns nationwide – Jérémie, Aux Cayes, Ouanaminthe, Miragoâne, Petit-Goâve, and Jacmel, among others – angry crowds blocked major thoroughfares with demonstrations, burning tire barricades, and trucks, while government offices, banks, stores, and schools closed their doors.

The actions were just the beginning of a response to a call for a “revolution without arms,” as outlined by former “rebel” leader and Senator-elect for the Southern Department Guy Philippe on his newly launched website “Toward the New Haiti” and in speeches to thousands in towns across Haiti over the past month since he returned from almost seven years of imprisonment in the U.S..

Philippe had intended to make a speech in Léogâne on Jan. 14 on his way to Port-au-Prince. But, according to a well-placed source close to the Haitian National Police (pnh), lawyer André Michel, the number one strong-man of de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henri’s besieged government, paid 5 million gourdes (about $38,000) to mobilize about 100 demonstrators to march through Léogâne chanting “Down with Guy Philippe,” who was on his way to the town but aborted his plans.

Philippe now intends to enter Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, on Wed., Jan. 17, the source said. But the reception there may be dicey.

Four Haitian government vehicles with official license plates were intercepted by police leaving the Belair neighborhood controlled by criminal gang leader Kempès Sanon, a convicted kidnapper who escaped a life-sentence in prison in 2021. According to local activists, the vehicles were delivering money and weapons for Sanon’s troops to do battle, presumably with people supporting Philippe’s movement. In recent weeks, Belair has waged a deadly war on the neighborhoods of Solino, home to many police officers, and Fort National, where there is a fortified police base. The two poor quarters had been neutral during much of the recent years of inter-neighborhood violence.

This showdown happens just as the Multinational Security Support (mss) mission, deputized by the UN Security Council on Oct. 2, is due to begin deploying in Haiti. The mainstay of this possible fourth foreign military intervention into Haiti in a century is supposed to be 1,000 Kenyan police officers, but their deployment has been delayed by Kenya’s Supreme Court, which is ruling on a suit that contends the cops cannot be deployed abroad. The court has given itself until Jan. 26 to issue a ruling.

“The prime minister recognizes that he cannot rule so he has appealed to foreigners for help, even though he has no legal authority to do so,” Philippe explained in a viral 12-minute video message just published on his website, Whatsapp, Youtube, and Vimeo.

“Everywhere I have gone the masses agree that there has to be radical change in how the country runs,” he continued. “The system has gathered itself together to crush the people’s movement, this battle to get Haiti out of the ditch it is in. They all have united: the guys in power, the part of the oligarchy which always wants to continue with the policy of squeezing and sucking, a big part of the political class, all the small functionaries whom they have illegally named to the head mayors’ offices around the country, they have all put their heads together. The embassies are behind them. The foreigners [i.e. the U.S., France, and Canada] are with them. We only have ourselves. That’s why I’ve said from the beginning that the people are my only ally.”

Philippe used the example of Sri Lanka, where, in 2022, a popular uprising chased the government from power in four months.

“Everybody saw how thousands and thousands of people entered into the residences of the leaders who were badly governing,” he continued, then turning to Haiti.

On Jan. 16, adherents to Guy Philippe’s call for a civil disobedience campaign blocked a road with a disable truck in Ouanaminthe.

“The revolution will happen. The revolution of 2024 is a reality. It will be done with the support of the Haitian people. We can’t be afraid.

“That’s why I’m asking you today to do civil disobedience. We won’t pay anything to this government. Everything that represents the government, we’ll close it. All the departmental offices, except for that which is essential for the country like hospitals and the police, we’ll close them. We’ll take the keys and give them to the police. All the guys in state vehicles, who aren’t useful for anything, we’ll take their car keys. We won’t destroy anything, because our money bought them, because those cars are there to serve the country. Those offices are there to serve the country. We won’t burn or destroy anything. But we will take them. We will neutralize all the agents that Ariel Henry puts in the streets to repress people.”

“National police, you have an obligation to accompany the people,” he continued. “You are there to serve and protect. I know you want to serve and protect. But you have refused to do your job whether it’s in Carrefour Feuilles, Martissant, Mariani, or Pernier,” he said, referring to localities plagued by criminal gangs.

“Accompany the people, for us to enter into the businesses and offices of these people, into all the places where these guys are comfortable, on the backs of the people. We have to enter, the same way the Sri Lankan people did, entering the national palace, the Sri Lankan prime minister’s home, we have to do the same. We have to enter. Don’t be afraid.

High school students demonstrating in Jacmel on Jan. 16, 2024 as part of Philippe’s call for civil disobedience.

“Don’t listen to people trying to lead you astray by saying that you don’t announce a revolution. Look at the Cuban revolution. How long did Fidel Castro talk about it? Since 1954, with the attack on the Moncada, he was talking about the revolution.”

Philippe also stressed that he was aiming for something much more radical than simply a change of face at the top.

“You don’t make a revolution with a coup d’état,” he said. “We are not making a coup d’état to take power. We’re here to tell the people that they are the motor of their own change. They have to understand that they have to participate and that it is their work.”

Meanwhile, Edwin Paraison, Haiti’s former consul general to the Dominican Republic and now the Zile Foundation’s director, expressed his mistrust of Guy Philippe’s “revolution” in a statement to the Dominican press.

“Since Guy Philippe returned to the country, he has maintained a clear and very strange political activism, because if he did not have the support of an outside hand, it would be difficult for him to return and… devote himself to this type of political activism,” Paraison said, without specifying the “hand.”

Despite such nay-saying, which comes from only scattered sectors of Haiti’s mostly silent political class, Philippe is clearly riding a wave of anger, hunger, fatigue, and desperation after two and a half years of interminable, fruitless negotiations in luxury hotels between politicians along with Washington’s assorted emissaries to find a path to a government to replace that of President Jovenel Moïse, assassinated Jul. 7, 2021.

Although Philippe proposes a peaceful revolution, Jean Hilaire Lundi Roday, the spokesman for the National Awakening for Haiti’s Sovereignty, a political front led by Philippe’s chief lieutenant Jeantel Joseph (who also commands the 15,000-strong Brigade for the Surveillance of Protected Areas or bsap), said that “no options are ruled out, including the taking of power by arms to overthrow Ariel Henry.”

Through the movement of people in the streets, Philippe clearly hopes to win over the police and army’s rank and file, so that they join with the bsap, over which he already has effective control.

In his Jan. 15 video, Philippe said that in his speaking tour in Jérémie, Petit Goâve, Gonaïves, Cap Haïtien, Ouanaminthe, Belladère, Lascahobas, Hinche, and other towns, the masses that turned out were in agreement with his call.

“I know in Port-au-Prince, you are waiting and can’t wait anymore,” he concluded. “It is time for us to show them that we are determined and want to make a revolution.”



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(edited extracts from a variety of anti-imperialist struggles)


Desperate British capitalism moves to police-state persecution of protest and leftism – next step into outright fascism

[From the Proletarian (CPGB-ML website]


British terrorist state persecutes communists on ‘anti-terror’ pretext

It is the effectiveness of our message that has made our party the particular target of the zionist lobby and British state machinery. Proletarian 19 January 2024

The campaign of persecution of prominent and effective anti-zionist campaigners in Britain appears to be stepping up a gear – a sure sign of the government’s panic over their loss of control over the narrative regarding events in Gaza, and its consequent exposure as a backer and facilitator of genocide.

Back on 25 November, four comrades of the CPGB-ML had been arrested at the national Palestine solidarity demo for manning a stall containing a book about the history of zionism (published nine years ago and well known to the police). They were told that the book (or possibly just its cover) might constitute an ‘incitement to racial hatred’, for which reason they were held in isolation for 24 hours before being released on bail pending further investigation.

While imprisoned, their families were subjected to 3.00am raids, during which police seized phones, laptops and party literature. When they were set free the following day, it was on the condition that they should not sell or distribute leaflets or pamphlets, deviate from the main routes of any march or “carry swastikas” (!) The cases are pending until February.

Then, on Saturday 13 January, while proceedings were being brought against Israel in the International Court of Justice on charges of genocide, and while British bombers attacked Yemen to try to subdue its active support for people of Gaza under attack, another huge London demonstration in solidarity with Palestine was again targeted – this time not in a hunt for ‘antisemites’ but for ‘terrorist sympathisers’.

Comrades from the CPGB-ML were in attendance, along with around hundreds of thousands of British workers. The march, spirited and militant, was another determined demonstration of solidarity and support for the Palestinian people, and an expression of disgust at the complicity of the shameless and rapacious British government and ruling class.

Given the particular role of British imperialism in the present massacre, as well as in perpetrating and facilitating a century of colonial crimes in Palestine (which created and continues to use zionism in order to subdue the people of the region and maintain imperialist control over its resources, especially oil), our comrades felt a moral obligation and duty to join the protest, despite previous persecution.

Addressing the crowd (see video above), Comrade Ranjeet explained that while his bail conditions prevented him from handing out leaflets or other materials, he was nevertheless not going to stop showing his solidarity with Palestine. He pointed out that the powerful information that is contained in our party’s analysis is the reason for our being singled out in the way we have been, and is what is needed to bring the solidarity movement to an understanding of its true role and potential.

Ranjeet explained that “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is not a message of hatred, but of peace. It sums up the viewpoint of all those who defend the universal human and national rights of the Palestinians, looking forward to the day when they are liberated from decades of illegal occupation, apartheid supremacism and genocidal butchery. It calls, not for the death of individuals, but for the death of the present Israeli system of institutionalised racism, ethnic cleansing and colonial terror.

Zionists working hand in hand with the British state

Our message and our comrades were very well received by the marchers, but, unbeknown to us, a rabid zionist organisation, hiding behind an innocuous sounding website called ‘Harry’s Place’ had ‘spotters’ at the event who were hand in glove with the government in wanting to fuel the false narrative that marching for Palestine is ‘antisemitic’ and ‘pro terror’.

As with so many words in the political lexicon, these are terms that have been weaponised by western governments over the last two decades in an attempt to silence, de-platform and criminalise opposition to zionism and to the settler-colonial zionist state of Israel.

The connection between the British state and its zionist proxies in the middle east was clearly highlighted by the events of last Saturday, since the rabid zionists at Harry’s Place clearly have a hotline to the Metropolitan police. Having located our party stall and seen the effectiveness of our intervention, they reported to the Met using Twitter – posting a picture of our leaflet, posting pictures of our comrades handing them out … and even posting a map showing where our stall was to be found.

Their Twitter feed (@hurryupharry) is instructive as it reads like a set of orders – orders that were obediently carried out just as soon as the demonstration had finished passing along the Embankment and our party comrades were left alone to pack up their stall.

Once there was no one around to witness or interfere, some fifty officers descended on our comrades, surrounding them and confiscating their literature. The three chosen for arrest from amongst those present were the same three whose photos had been posted by Harry’s Place on the Met’s Twitter feed. The leaflet that was seized (which we have given out at every Palestine demonstration since October) was the one objected to by Harry’s Place. And the justification for our comrades’ arrest was on the grounds that Harry’s Place had indicated: that our leaflet was “supporting Hamas, a banned organisation” and we were therefore in breach of the Terrorism Act.

Three comrades were arrested, taken to Hammersmith police station and held for 28 hours, during which time their homes were raided by large squads of anti-terror police. The legislation used to justify our comrades’ arrest (an extension of the ‘anti-terror’ law that was first enacted at the time of the Irish liberation war in the 1970s) gives the government very wide ranging and draconian powers to act against its own citizens – if we allow them to establish the precedent of using it freely against us.

Disproportionate and unreasonable state force used to quell dissent

A group of our party comrades and friends, including family members, gathered outside Hammersmith police station the next day (Sunday) to demand the release of those detained. Standing peacefully outside the station with his young son, Comrade Ranjeet was identified by another zionist spotter, who promptly informed the police that someone they should be talking to was outside.

So although Ranjeet had done nothing wrong the first time he was arrested (on grounds of ‘inciting racial hatred’ by standing near a book about zionism), and although he had not breached any of his bail conditions following that first arrest, after he had been pointed out to the police as a person of interest, a group of around ten officers swooped down the steps from the station and violently grabbed him – as if in fear of what he was about to do – arresting and detaining him for another 24 hours, this time on terror charges.

Not only did they not allow him even to make sure his five-year-old son was away from the roadside and safely in the charge of one of his comrades, but when he objected to this inhumanity, the police response was to refer him to social services for putting his children at risk. Thus are the workers intimidated with implied threats: the state has many means at its disposal to force its critics into silence; they can lock you up, close down your bank accounts, deprive you of housing; they might even confiscate your children!

While he was detained at Hammersmith, police once more raided Ranjeet’s house, sending between ten and 20 armed officers, who insisted on all the occupants (his wife, three children and a friend) standing outside for an hour while the house was ‘made safe’. (By locating and demobilising the bomb factory that he, as a terrorist, was probably keeping there?)

In the end, they confiscated more leaflets and a printer. Presumably as evidence of complicity in the terrible crime of producing a leaflet aimed at educating the public. Printers were confiscated from all the addresses raided by these brilliant detectives, who didn’t seem to have noticed that the leaflet in question was printed in colour while all the printers they carted off were black and white.

Let us reiterate that, to date, although seven of our comrades have been arrested on spurious grounds of the need to investigate hate speech and support for terrorism, no charges of any sort have been brought. What’s more there are no reasonable grounds for such charges. We are neither ‘terrorism supporters’ nor ‘antisemites’. Quite the reverse.

We oppose the state terrorism of our rulers (and their proxies in Israel, Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere); and we oppose the antisemitism, islamophobia and every other type of racism that the British ruling class intentionally creates and stirs in order to divide the people and manipulate them into fighting one other. We oppose the barbaric crimes against the people that are daily being committed by the lords of finance capital, based in New York, London, Paris and Berlin. We want to replace their hellish rule with a world freed from exploitation, racism and war; one in which the masses of the people can live as complete and dignified human beings.

There are no grounds for charging us with any crime, either legally or morally. Our leaflet does not support ‘Hamas terrorism’ but the right of the Palestinian people to resistance (a right explicitly recognised half a century ago by the United Nations). We do not choose the organisations through which the Palestinian people direct this resistance; that is not our job. Our job is to explain to the British people why resistance to colonial rule is both inevitable and necessary.

If a case is brought, it will not be because the gifted sleuths of His Majesty’s constabulary have unearthed a smoking gun, but because of political decisions that are being taken regarding use of the law to feed a failing narrative. It will be further proof that the government is desperately seeking for ways to demobilise the Palestine solidarity movement, and in particular to separate the masses who are taking part in that movement from those who are trying to bring to it the knowledge that would give it direction and real power.

If a decision to prosecute is taken, we will prepare a vigorous defence on all fronts: legally, morally and politically – and we have no doubt that the mass of the Palestine solidarity movement will be with us.

Even without any charges being brought, we can see very clearly a pattern of state harassment against our party, no doubt dictated at the governmental level in accordance with the messages of the (sacked) former home secretary Suella Braverman, who sought from the outset sought to label the protests in support of Palestine and against the ongoing genocide as “hate marches”, demanding that the police should be directed to crack down on them with a heavy hand.

We will not back down

For the present, the four comrades arrested last Saturday have been released on bail ‘pending investigation’. They will be informed at the end of March whether the Crown intends to bring any prosecution. Their bail conditions are that they should not attend or organise any demonstration, “planned or unplanned”, and that they should not step foot in the borough of Westminster. Our solicitors will be seeking to have these sweeping and disproportionate conditions overturned, since they have no connection to any potential crime but are merely aimed at stopping us fulfilling our primary function of engaging with the movement and speaking in public.

While our comrades have been arrested merely for expressing their solidarity with a people under barbaric and criminal attack, they have been arrested by a state that is fully complicit in these crimes: in the founding and ongoing genocide for 75 years of the Palestinian people; in creating the mythology of zionism; and in continually waging war against all the peoples of the middle east, the most recent of these being their illegal and barbaric attack on resistance Yemen.

So who are the real criminals here? Who are the real terrorists???

We invite all those who claim to be on the side of free speech in Britain and in support of the rights of Palestine, to make their voices heard. It is quite evident that this targeting of our message that “Palestine has the right to exist – and therefore the right to resist” is at the centre of the attempted criminalisation and dissipation of our mighty movement.



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